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Coming to America

Tomas Jogin has some thoughts on his first trip the US of A (about twenty minutes south of me, actually). It's 95 degrees as I write this, and so that wall of heat and humidity he's talking about? It's real. Want my air conditioning bill, buddy? Cars are huge and gas costs 1/3 what it […]

American Idon’t

I'm not sure what in the hell Simon was thinking letting Carmen through to the next round. Her post-announcement rendition of Can't Fight the Moonlight was atrocious. Holy cow. Incredibly, incredibly bad. I'm stunned. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Go Clay

This year on American Idol, I'm going to go with the geeky looking guy. Go Clay! His performance was one of the best I think I can remember, and though Nick disagrees somewhat, I think that may be due to the fact that he missed Clay's first performance. Clay's a bit odd looking, and like […]

I've long joked that I wanted to start an organization named "PETA" for "People Eating Tasty Animals." After all, if you're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat? I'm not opposed to vegetarians - I'm just not one of 'em. I am, however, against PeTA. They are so blatantly aggressive, and […]

I was thinking of making some additions to my DVD collection, and I figured I'd check out the current offers offers at Columbia House. Turns out I can get five DVDs for $0.49 if I buy four in the next two years at regular pricing. Great! Sign me up. But first, let's do the math…

The Florida heat has claimed another victim: my rearview mirror. I went to deposit some checks and pick up some McDonald's for lunch (they didn't get my order right again - I'm done with Mickey D's) and it was hanging by the electrical cords used to power the lights. Driving without a rearview mirror is […]

Happy Three-Threes Day

Happy 03/03/03. I've always liked days like this. They're fun, they're quirky, they only happen once per year at the most (though 01/02/03 happened this year too), and often only every 11 years (3/3/33).

Pressure From Within

Our current Dubyament, errr, government doesn't seem to care what the population thinks, or what the rest of the world thinks, so maybe they'll respond to some pressure from within. From John Brady Kiesling's letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell: I am writing you to submit my resignation from the Foreign […]

Winning WTC Design

The winning design for the rebuilt World Trade Center towers has been announced. The plans look impressive, and the gardens and things are nice. Part of me thinks building an even bigger set of towers in place of the destroyed ones is a bit arrogant, and the other part of me likes that arrogance. Libeskind […]


Dave sent me this link to an article, and I'll just give you his words on the topic: For your consideration: A funny, sad, and thought-provoking editorial about personal rights (from a creative arts point of view). Somewhat cynical, but hey… how can it not be that? And no, this isn't about Iraq or Osama […]

My Big Fat Greek Suckiness

The movie wasn't bad. Heck, it was in theaters here for about eight months. Now it's a TV show. The downside? What worked as a movie simply doesn't work as a television show. Nia (the main gal) showed no comedic timing and some of the other actors - fine actors normally - simply failed to […]


I'll try to make this as simple as it gets: any and all information on this site reflects my thoughts and my thoughts alone. They should never be construed as the thoughts or opinions or stances of anyone but me. The list of people who are "not me" includes my employers, family, friends, pets, neighbors, […]

The U.S.

I'm not terribly political, and so I tend not to blog on things political. Iraq, 9/11, whatever. I tend to have my own opinions based on very little information, and thus not ready to be shared. That having been said, my dad took a pretty nifty picture recently that I'd like to share. And that's […]

Here's one for the conspiracy folks. A former manager at Microsoft unexpectedly died at a hospital due to multiple organ failure. The conspiracy part? He was out on bail when he died. His alleged crime was stealing 9 * 10 ^ 6 dollars worth of software from Microsoft and reselling it. Perhaps this is Microsoft's […]

Identity Theft

Today I was delivered a piece of paper by the folks that service my student loans (interest is tax deductible, or something like that). It came on a little postcard with a perforated side that I had to open to get at the inside. The inside, like most 1099s or other tax forms, listed my […]