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1BandID Arrived

The 1BandID I ordered after learning my blood type and first talked about on December 26 has arrived. It's just about exactly as I imagined, and it fits comfortably on my watch band, so I'm likely never to run without it - even indoors at the Y where my ID is likely to be in […]

Running Streaks

I don't know how but I stumbled upon this post which talks about how a woman's accidental slip ended a period of time during which she'd run at least one mile for 21,212 (hey, nice palindrome number!) consecutively. That article also mentioned that if you make it to a year running a mile a day […]

U.S. Olympic Marathon Qualifying

Predictably, Meb Keflezighi won in 2:09:08, with Ryan Hall at 2:09:30 and Abdi Abdirahman at 2:09:47. Their ages are 36, 29, and 33. The runners from Team USA Minnesota finished as follows: Andrew Carlson took 6th at 2:11:24. Jason Lehmkule in 18th at 2:14:35. Matt Gabrielson and Josh Moen either quit or didn't start. Just […]

Don’t Pants Your Poop

Quite funny. As is this from Mark Remy at RW Daily. Oh, and check out this entry on Merrell's first running shoe in the "Barefoot" line.

I've ordered my 1BandID now that I know my blood type: O+. In the United States, 0+ is the most prevalent blood type, with 37.4% of the population, narrowly edging out A+ at 35.7%. I wonder if the blood bank is going to pester me to donate frequently. I'll snap some pictures and post again […]

There's a running trail beside the Bayfront Connector that may be a good, wide place to run. I've been doing a fair amount of running at Presque Isle, but the trail there is surprisingly narrow given how much use it gets. Still, at least it's a nature-heavy trail. The Bayfront Connector goes past, uh, warehouses, […]

1BandID vs. Road ID

As I've mentioned here on the blog, I look forward to the day I can leave my iPhone in my car or at my house when I go running. And though I'm reasonably healthy, far too many "reasonably healthy" people are hit by cars or suffer some sort of other medical emergency. It's not common, […]

Western States 100

Yeah, some people run 100 miles in a row. And there are some people out there who run farther than that. Not really something I'm ever looking to do, and I think I look at people who run more than 26.2 miles with equal parts admiration, curiosity, and wondering just how insane they have to […]

Garmin Forerunner 610

I've managed to pick up a Garmin Forerunner 610 with Heart Rate Monitor and a Foot Pod. Oh, and I grabbed the cloth strap as well for $19 because I've heard a few horror stories about the pins in the normal plastic watch band falling out. I may just pick up some LocTite or something […]

Couch to 5K App Changed

Recently I noticed that the Couch to 5K app I've been using was updated. The name was changed to "Run 5K" and the week I was in - week 5 - changed. Thanks for your email. Sorry for any confusion. You're correct that the Couch to 5k name is trademarked by The Active Network, and […]

Running Break

For the past few weeks, my left calf muscle - right at the bottom of the calf and several inches above my ankle - has felt "off." It's been noticeably sore (but not painful) between runs. After a run it has felt pretty good, but when I've focused on more fore-foot to mid-foot form it's […]

Frustration with Running

If I spend 15 minutes working on my putting stroke, I can begin to see changes immediately. If I spend 15 minutes working on my full swing, the proof is readily available, right there on the camera. But 15 minutes - even 15 days - spent running won't get you anywhere. Not noticeably, that is. […]

How Serious am I About Running?

Carey asked me how serious I am about running. I'd been thinking about this a fair amount lately, so I had a ready answer. My primary goals are to have fun and to be healthier. At this point, having just finished Week 4 Day 1 of C25K, I still think running on the road is […]

GPS Software for Mac OS X

While SportTracks is king in Windows land, there seem to be two available for Mac OS X: Ascent looks pretty nifty but also doesn't seem to be updated frequently. Though if you look at the release notes, 1.11.8 was updated on October 11, 2011, which isn't that long ago. Their forum really doesn't give any […]

Running Form Videos

Skip to 5:44 if you want the basics: