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Got My Kayak

I dropped off my mother and my grandmother at the airport today, their visit having come to an end. I then went to pick up my kayak. All three items arrived home safely. You can see the kayak on my .Mac homepage. As you can tell from the first three shots, I didn't even take […]

Bah to Kayak Storage

José came over today and spent quite a while here. We went to, in order, Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, a Peter Glenn outlet, Home Depot, Lowe's, and Home Depot. In the end, we mostly returned things we'd bought the other day and bought a few other small things. I don't even know if I'll […]


Today I picked up my mom and grandma at the airport. They're visiting southern Florida for a few days. José is coming over tomorrow to get the kayak box done, and I picked up a Stealth CS from Bending Branch yesterday. Progress! My boat is on its way from North Carolina and the expected delivery […]

Kayak: Now in Green

Two weeks ago my dealer told me that I'd have to wait 3-4 weeks to get the kayak I wanted (a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 in "Sunrise" coloring). Yesterday he told me that the estimate is still 3-4 weeks. Today he told me that the estimate was 8 weeks. I hopped online, called about ten […]

Kayak Storage

I'm trying to think of ways to store my kayak. So far, there are basically three competing possibilities: on the car, in the parking lot, and in my apartment. Each has its plusses and minuses, and in no particular order, they are as follows: On the Car Thinking: If I have to put it on […]

Lake Ida

I just took a bike ride over to Lake Ida (my scooter apparently has a dead battery - I'm going to try to start it up later tonight when it's cooler out and I can tolerate pushing down on the kick-start repeatedly). Man that lake is dirty! A few jetskis, a few waterskiiers, and a […]

Fishing License

Not really being one to wait, I purchased a Florida freshwater fishing license today. Say that five times fast. I say "not being one to wait" because you can check the timestamp of my post earlier today to see when I first began to give it serious thought. I've not yet even got a kayak, […]

The June, 1987 issue of Great Lakes Fisherman, documents my first "limit" of fish - brown trout caught in 20 Mile Creek (because it was twenty miles from somewhere - 12 Mile Creek was also popular). I used to be quite the little trooper in a lot of ways. I fell through ice while fishing, […]

Tarpon 120

Having previously considered a Riot and a Tarpon 100, I'm now looking at a Tarpon 120. Unfortunately, nobody has any. Anywhere. Florida is effectively "sold out" of Tarpon 120s. I could pick up a blue one if I wanted, but, well, I don't want it. I want the "sunset" color - an orange boat with […]

My Tampon Question

I've posted a question regarding which kayak I should get over at Confluence Water Sports, the forum linked to from Wilderness Systems. I'm curious to see what answers I get - the forums seem fairly, uhh, sparse. Hopefully I'll get a few good responses. And as for the Tampon joke, well, it's not mine.


I think I'm going to buy a kayak. Specifically, I think I'm going to buy the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 seen at right (though I think I'll get it in yellow). I had previously been looking at the Riot, but the Tarpon line is a bit more "professional." I hesitate to use that word - […]