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How to Find Fish

Here are the top ways to find fish: Look for them on the surface or just under the surface of the water. Look for them on your depth finder. Go to "known good spots" and "fishy structure." Listen for fish farts. Uhmmm… But wait! It gets better! So a more likely cause was air escaping […]

Flying Ties

My dad used to tie flies, and often, a slip of the tongue would produce the phrase "flying ties" instead of "tying flies." After a few such slips, it became "the way it was." So, tonight, I went to the Bass Pro shop (mega-store) in Ft. Lauderdale to "fly some ties." Seen at right are […]

Baitcasting for Sharks

I went to the local (well, 35 minutes away) Bass Pro super-store today to pick up some tippet and leader material for the flyrod and a cheap rod and reel for the sharks. I settled on an Abu Garcia 6500C4 (the reel) and some Bass Pro collapsing (only the butt section collapses a foot) 7'6" […]

Fly Fishing

Last week I purchased a fly rod, some line, and whatnot. The down and dirty: Flyrod: St. Croix Legend Ultra, 9', 8wt. Reel: A Bass Pro Gold Cup III (it has a solid disc drag, and no link) Backing: standard 20lb micro backing Line: Cortland 444 Tropic Plus Lazer Line, rocket taper (weight-forward), 8wt., floating, […]

A Flamingo Slam

Headed down to Snake Bight (that's a word, look it up) off of Flamingo, FL today with Charlie. Back on "home turf" so to speak (if 3 hours of driving is my home turn). We weren't sure what we were gonna catch, but we were sure to catch something! The wind was at 5-10 knots […]

Fish I’ve Caught in FL

Saltwater - Ladyfish - Sea Trout - Pinfish - Lizard Fish - Tarpon - Catfish - Jack Cravalle - Barracuda - Redfish (added 10/28/03) - Shark (added 10/28/03) - Snook (added 12/09/03) - Pufferfish (added 12/09/03) Freshwater - Mayan Cichlid - White Bass - White Crappie - (Peacock Bass) - (Largemouth Bass) I'll update this […]

New Guides

I took my dad's (now mine) old fiberglass rods in to be serviced today. They're great rods - very whippy (at eight feet and with a fairly small butt, the rod guy thought they were fly rods) and I wanted to treat them to some new guides. Especially since one fell out. 🙂 Technology in […]

Black Point

I went with Charlie today to fish near Black Point Park in southern Miami. I rose at 4am (2 hours after I went to bed), and we grabbed some bait down there. Once we arrived at the park, we had a hell of a time finding the proper yak/canoe ramp. Turns out it's just a […]

Bonefish On

Goin' Bonefishin' tomorrow. Here's a bonefish: Yep. Gonna catch some with Charlie, I think. And if not, maybe some shark or something. Yes, this is Florida fishing! Every time I've gone saltwater fishing I've targeted a different species. Reds, bonefish, tarpon, jacks, snook, trout, barracuda, sharks… they're all here! I haven't even mentioned kings, mackerel, […]

Flamingo to Daytona

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I embarked on a trek. Rising each day at 4:00am, and on the road by 4:30am each day for a 7:00am launch time, I drove 280 and 380 miles (round trip totals) to Flamingo and Daytona, FL. I fished the first day in Everglades National Park with Charlie, and […]

Lots of Driving

Tomorrow I'm driving about 2 1/2 hours to Flamingo, FL to get in some tarpon fishing. Wednesday I'm driving about 2 1/2 hours north to Daytona Beach and Mosquito Lagoon to get in some redfish fishing. That's about 600 miles in two days. I'll wake up at 4:30am and get back home around 10pm. And […]

Mayan Cichlids

I went to bed around 3 this morning, with the alarm set for 6:00. Around 7:45, I woke up. I vaguely recalled shutting off the alarm. So much for being on the lake at the crack of dawn. Around noon I got my stuff together and headed over to Lake Ida, where I've previously fished […]


Last week I bought a Smartcast watch and an extra radar beacon. José and I tested it in my apartment complex pond, and it worked pretty well. Early tests in saltwater were simply frustrating, and didn't work as expected. The thing will get another test on Lake Ida tomorrow morning when I try to catch […]

New River

Went to New River today. Launched at high tide (8am), returned in the middle of the incoming tide. Yeah, that's a bit backwards as far as travel goes, but oh well - exercise is good for ya right? Paddled up New River to that S bend and the fork. Talked to a groundskeeper on the […]

Un-Beaching a Manatee

Last week I went to Jupiter because I had no other place to go. This week, I couldn't decide where to go, so I went to Jupiter again. This time I went the proper direction - I didn't paddle 8 miles out of my way. Stupid me. I'm still kicking myself over that one last […]