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South Mosquito Lagoon

Met up with Thong Boy Bung just before 7am and were in the waters of the southwest corner of the Mosquito Lagoon by 7:02. Around 2:30 we exited the water and loaded our kayaks onto our vehicles. That's about all there is to it. 🙂

My New Boat

I have been wanting a Tarpon 140 for awhile now, and Friday I was finally able to snag one. These boats weren't introduced when I bought my Tarpon 120, but the 140 has a bit more room (obviously) and I was able to get it in a very nice shade of yellow: Yellow will help […]

Mud Creek

Today I went to Mud Creek near the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant for a little fishin'. I found the place after about 90 minutes of driving, parked, and put in at Little Mud Creek. Mud? What mud? The bottom is hard, packed sand. I paddled out and headed south, fishing the shoreline. It was […]

BBC Fishing Show

My friend Rob has told me a few times about a fishing show on the BBC, and I'm hoping that readers of my blog can help me figure out the name. The show airs on BBC here in the U.S. and is a competitive one that pits one man against another. They each fish a […]

Addictive Fishing: WMPy!

Okay, so my opinion of Addictive Fishing dropped a few notches when I tried to view some of their tips. Grrrrrrrr.

Fishing Vero Beach

José and I went to Vero Beach today for some fishing. Several areas on the Top Spot map said "Z R* S*." Z = Snook, R = Redfish, and S = Speckled Trout. The "*" means "excellent month." I caught a snook, two jack crevalle, and about eight ladyfish. José caught a ladyfish, all but […]

Blackened Redfish

I've never said "it tastes like chicken" in seriousness before. Until yesterday, anyway: I had a bite of redfish. Mom cooked up the redfish according to two recipes: one using a "Cajun Magic" type of seasonings-in-a-shaker; the other using a mix of seasonings and spices. The latter tasted a lot like barbecued chicken, the former […]

Lake Worth Lagoon

Today the old man (yes, I do call him that sometimes) went to Lake Worth Lagoon. The Top Spot map marked a few places as being very, very good for snook (and a few others nearby for jacks and ladyfish). We couldn't launch at our original spot (Lake Park Marina) because it is still under […]

Flamingo Fishin’

Pops and I (and no, I don't call him that) headed down to Flamingo today. I wanted to get in some ocean fishing and the weather was supposed to be spotty, so Flamingo left us several inshore (lakes) choices if the weather was bad upon arrival. It ended up being dead calm, and we paddled […]

No Christmas Fish

I had planned to hit the Lake Worth Lagoon today. Turns out the marina - which seems to be behind an apartment complex - is closed today. Peh. I thought Jewish folk don't celebrate Christmas? Or maybe there aren't many Jewish folk in Lake Park, FL. Anyway… I guess it was good to be up […]

PeTA vs. Angling

PeTA is hosting a little video on the cruel sport of fishing. Their QuickTime link doesn't work, but you can view the source and grab the rtsp://….mov link. The usual bad filmmaking typical of PeTA videos applies here. When talking about fish lying on the bottom after being released by an angler, they show pictures […]

Crane Creek Snook

Today was supposed to be the day that three green Tarpon 120 owners got together to show the world how to fish from a kayak, but alas, Mother Nature was having none of that! The area we had arranged to fish (it's a secret!) was forecast to have 15-20 MPH winds and a 40% chance […]

Lake Wyman

José and I ventured out into a bit of rain and an entirely overcast day today to get in some fishing near the Boca Inlet at a widening of the intercoastal known as "Lake Wyman" (it's not a lake, dammit, it's just a wider part of the intercoastal!). I had no idea what we'd catch, […]

Lake Wyman

So, I'm going to head on over to Lake Wyman tomorrow for some fishing. I've really got no idea whether there are any fish in there, but what the heck, right? It's about two or three miles from the Boca Inlet, and it's worth a shot. The wind is really whipping around outside right now. […]

Kayak Shots

Here are a few kayak fishing shots I wanted to post - with a bit of quick commentary - before I forget that they're there. In order… Squinting is what I do best when staring into the sun. I think I look like a bug. Shark on in this one. This is the first shark […]