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Running can Help Your Knees?

From the NY Times in 2009: An important 2008 study, this one from Stanford University, followed middle-aged, longtime distance runners (not necessarily marathoners) for nearly 20 years, beginning in 1984, when most were in their 50s or 60s. At that time, 6.7 percent of the runners had creaky, mildly arthritic knees, while none of an […]

Running Form and 100 Up Training

A mini brain dump on running form, something that I've found fairly interesting as of late… 1. Good article on 100 Up training. It sounds like something I can do on my off days from Couch to 5K. 2. An article from Running Times on stride length, the "pawback" move, and running form in general. […]

Finished Born to Run

First, I'd like to thank Tim for mentioning "Born to Run" in the comments of my first "Couch to 5K" post. I read the book and found it interesting. I powered through the book in about four different sessions ((Reading for pleasure is a privilege I don't get as often as I'd like.)). Though reviews […]

Current Running Pace

I tracked my run yesterday with RunKeeper. It appears that I walk at about a 13 minute mile pace. I run - or jog, at least - at about 8:15 or so. I'm a bit disappointed, but frankly, I could run faster and will run faster when my cardiovascular system gets kicked up a bit. […]

Beginning Couch to 5K

Today I ran my first "Couch to 5K" segment. Between five minutes of warm-up and cool-down, you alternate running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds for 20 minutes. I set out without a route in mind, but had an idea where to go. It turns out my guess was pretty good - I […]

Couch to 5K? Or 10K?

I've long said that I really don't like running. I still don't - it's hard on the knees, sucks during the winter in Erie, and is pretty boring. I'd opt for inline skating - easier on the knees and more interesting because you can go farther - but if you can't run in Erie you […]

iPhone Springboard Exposé

Yes, please! P.S. Isn't this more like "Spaces" than "Exposé," though? P.P.S. I also agree with this and disagree with Tog.

Registering the Kayaks

A woman from the PA Fish and Boat Commission called me Friday regarding my two applications for kayak registration. You know, the kayaks (here and here) that I bought in Florida while I was living in Florida. She told me that because the boats were relatively new (March, 2004 being the newer of the two), […]


No, but the only one we got that day, so by default, yes.

Fishing Tomorrow

After a long absence from the scene, I'm finally going fishing tomorrow. I've always found that I tend to function better and get more done when I have a very busy schedule. For example, when working five days a week, there was barely a week I didn't go fishing once or even twice. Since moving […]

Public Storage

I didn't think renting storage space was so costly. $83/month gets me a 5 x 15 non-A/C storage space for my kayaks. $83/month! My last year of college that's almost what I spent on food each month. Jeepers! The bum of it all is that, as I'm storing my kayaks, I won't need about eight […]

206 Bridge – St. Augustine

The last time I was in St. Augustine I spent a weekend laying around naked with a gorgeous blonde. This time I was after a different color: red. Specifically, Jeff and I were targetting redfish. I remembered the large fruit stand at the St. Augustine exit, and I remembered turning onto 206, and I remembered […]

Bee Sticker

I've named my new kayak "Killer Bee" (it's black and yellow, after all) and now I'm looking for a sticker of an angry looking bee. Does anyone know where I might find such a decal? I found one by a guy on eBay but it's 40", has the word "skidoo" on it, and is for […]

Please pardon what may be a fairly lengthy note. Since last July I've been paddling around in a dark green Tarpon 120. My first few trips included fishing my local "pond" (I grew up on Lake Erie, so "Lake Ida" is not much of a lake to me). I paddled around my apartment complex pond. […]

Mud Creek, Take Two

So, I went back to Mud Creek today. Caught nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Saw a redfish or two but couldn't cast to 'em. Paddled about three miles straight into a wind that was strong enough to troll simply by drifting. Yeah, fun stuff. 🙁 I'm going out tomorrow morning near Southern Boulevard in with Mike […]