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$10M to Live in Pittsburgh

For $10,000,000.00 I'd live nearly anywhere for life. I've long said that if I had a million dollars, I'd be set for life. Live off the $50,000/year that the interest would get you, don't spend the rest at all, and work odd jobs to keep yourself busy and have some sp money. $10M? Why, that's […]

Writing a Book

Today I was offered the opportunity (or at least the chance to explore the possibility) of writing a book. Writing a book is on my list of things to do in my life. It's a busy time in my life, and I'm not 100% sure I possess the skill or knowledge1 to write adequately about […]

Systemizing Empathy

I recently took the empathy quotient and systemizing quotient tests. I scored a 40 and a 39, respectively. On the systemizing quotient, I fit within the 20-39 group, which says that I have an average ability for analyzing and exploring a system (though obviously at the very top end of "average"). Most people with Asperger […]

You know you're a nurb when a friend asks you to do something in an hour, so you set a cron job to play an MP3 to remind you… … and then you blog about it.


If there's one thing I don't like about people, it's that they can be awfully two faced. Not everyone, and certainly not even most people, but occasionally you just run across one person who's two-faced enough to ruin your day. These people act fine in person, but when they have a problem with you, they […]

Four Movies with Jen

For a so-called movie fan, I sure as hell don't seem to know much about the movies. For example, Jen asked me which of the following four I want to see with her tonight> Bend it Like Beckham Lilya 4-Ever Better Luck Tomorrow The Young Unknowns God help me but I've never heard of any […]

Rain Arousal

Okay so the title of this one is a bit provocative, but arousal is often a provocative subject. Funny thing is, "arousal" could mean "of the senses" or "of the mind" but if you walk up to someone and say "I'm aroused" you're likely to get beat up (or, in a few cases, maybe laid). […]

Job Number Three

I accepted another job offer today. I'll relinquish one of my smaller jobs in favor of this job. I'm really looking forward to it (but can't say what it is). This will be my third job: the first two are of course my freelance Web/software consulting business and Freshly Squeezed Software. It's all part of […]

Email Signature Quotes

I include a quote in my email signature, and this is the collection. It's fairly big, I suppose, so I used an AppleScript and a quick find/replace in BBEdit to grab the list. The script I used is: tell application "Microsoft Entourage" set blah to content of every signature set bar to "" repeat with […]

My iFly was Down

7:00 - I wake up 7:30 - I finish breakfast 8:00 - I finish a shower 8:30 - I take Flint out again and drive to the Apple store for the iMovie class 10:00 - I begin the iMovie class 11:00 - I break for five minutes 11:30 - I notice that my fly is […]

Possibilities Again

The first two times I wrote about the girl I'm seeing1 were here and here. Upon re-reading those entries, it seems as though my subconscious was sneaking out to express some desire to indeed forge more than a friendship with this gal, though in such a way that my conscious mind would let it pass […]

Feeling Ugly

Need to feel better about yourself? Put yourself in this "poor" woman's shoes: I have met a twenty-six-year-old male who has many things going for him: absolutely amazing in bed (quite cunnilingually gifted!), intelligent, and possessed of a razor-sharp wit. Of course, the reason I'm writing to you is because he is, to put it […]

Off They Go: Taxes 2002

Today I took my prepared tax return to the post office and deposited the bastard in the mail. The envelope looked like this: It had about ten sheets of paper in there, so I stuck on four $0.34 stamps and two $0.37 stamps. That should do it. The amount of the check inside was considerably […]

Book Trade

Jamie and I went to Barnes & Noble last night to burn off some energy. She grabbed some sort of coffee, and I had an absolutely wonderful drink from Jones Soda called Bada Bing: black cherry and logbanberry. Where can I buy this stuff (locally, so as not to pay $9 S&H)? At any rate, […]

Meeting the Parents

Today I "meet the parents" of a girl I adore. Beyond that, the rest of this post is a speculative sort of "thought experiment" in stream of consciousness. Imagine that I like a girl named Amy (chosen primarily because it's short, and I don't know anyone named Amy right now). Amy's a bit younger than […]