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Super Bowl XLIV

Carey and I watched the Super Bowl. It was on in the background while we did other things, but I was glad that Peyton choked like the girly man that he is. I think Indianapolis and Peyton (and Eli) and Tom Brady have gotten far more hype than they deserve, and frankly, I'm sick of […]

Making Time for Reading

I've been busy lately so I haven't made time for reading like I normally do. I considered setting aside time specifically for reading - say, 10pm to 11pm every night - but somehow I don't see that lasting too long. I lose track of time later at night when I'm working and I doubt I […]

Science and Golf

For decades, the PGA manual of instruction said that a golf ball, when struck, started "on the line of the swing path and then curved back to where the clubface was pointed." Common sense tells you this makes little sense: how could a ball rebound off a clubface anything but square? Sure, the ball is […]

Netflix and the 28-Day Wait

So apparently Netflix is going to wait 28 days before making Warner Brothers movies available to its subscribers: Netflix's 11 million subscribers will have to wait nearly an extra month to rent the latest movies by Warner Bros. Under an agreement announced today, Netflix's DVD-by-mail service won't send out Warner Bros.' latest DVD and Blu-ray […]

Today I got an email from DirecTV telling me that their prices were going up. Yippee? I've been a DirecTV user since 2001 in Florida. At the time, I even subscribed to the NFL package (which, then, was $199 and which now costs roughly ten times as much) because I didn't want to watch Dolphins […]

Netflix Streaming on Computers

I'm not sure when Netflix removed the "Install Silverlight or streaming won't work on Macs," but I noticed last night that it now works in both Firefox and Safari. Yippee! It is installed, even though I never installed it. It's bundled with Office, though, and I'm guessing something else installed it along the way. Which […]

Bruce Arians Likely Gone?

File this under duh.

Why the NHL Sucks

No Suspension: Two-Game Suspension: I'm fine with the Cooke suspension. I'm not fine with the double standard. Richards' hit is later, higher, and resulted in a far worse injury.

Steelers Season Done?

6-4 after a lousy, crappy loss to KC. The Steelers are likely done this year. Polamalu out 3-4 more weeks. Aaron Smith out for season. Kirschke out indefinately. Kemoeatu out with MCL sprain. Big Ben out with concussion. Baltimore on the schedule next week. Steelers give up a kick return TD to start. You knew […]

Pens aren't making the playoffs. Trade Staal for a winger for Sid. MAF can't win the big game. It's so cold in the D. And some of the O. And if you don't get those references, well, they're not real. The Pens injury list is huge. Gonchar and Talbot came back last night, but the […]

Scrubs is Back

December 1 on ABC?! It's true. I just saw a commercial. Carla was missing, as was Elliot. JD, Turk, and Perry were in the preview. The Scrubs site lists Kelso, Elliot, Janitor, and three new people as well, so perhaps they're back too. I wonder how accurate the cast list is, though, as The Middle […]

Salary Cap in Baseball

Zzzzzzzzzzz. The recurring joke about the inability of the Yankees to win a World Series while paying one player more than the entire Pirates payroll has come to an end, but the argument remains the same: baseball needs a salary cap. Doesn't mean we'll see one in the next 10 or 20 years, but it's […]

Oglebay Resort

Palmer course has fairways that are too narrow with elevation changes that are too severe. How does water not drain off these slopes? It doesn't. Got sick and tired of swinging at golf balls at belt or knee level. Jones course has dumb greens starting at about the eighth hole. At least SOME of the […]

Is it normal for the Kindle edition of a book to be pricier than the hardcover version? That doesn't make any sense. I'd pre-order, but I don't want to spend more to get a DRMed book. I imagine this will be fixed, but November 12 is soon.

Pro Baseball Post-Scandals?

How's pro baseball holding up after the scandals? As a "fan" of the Pittsburgh Pirates I stopped watching baseball a long time ago. P.S. Good idea.