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Tomlin is Impressive

I've not yet seen anything about Mike Tomlin that disappoints. Here's his full interview with KDKA.

Arians Throws out the Playbook

Woohoo! Bruce Arians, the Steelers' new offensive coordinator, knows how to keep warm in his new office these frigid February days. He has thrown the thick, old, patchwork playbook on the fire. He promises the new model to be sleek, trimmed down and easy to understand for his players, particularly quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Yet he […]

Nelly Furtado

For those noticing something odd with my iTunes status (namely the near-constant presence of a Nelly Furtado song), yeah, I'm on a bit of a binge. She was on CSI:NY on Wednesday, and the show played "Maneater" and a few other songs. They've embedded themselves in my skull, so I'm hoping to beat them out […]

Free MP3 curl Shortcut

Copy and paste this into your Terminal. You may want to cd into a new folder for the occasion. curl -O '{DDTS,BarLa_Eas_GGLive,cracker-low,Smile,bottomoftheworld,copeland_whenyouthought_hi,PIP_fallingbythewayside,ani-difranco-millenium-theater,brian-eno-david-byrne-regiment,spoon-mountain-to-sound,sufjan-the-henney-buggy-band,belle_another,aimee-mann-ill-be-home-christmas,mobylive,bloodbros,postalservice_district2,walkingwithaghost2,knowyouronion,braziliangirls_lazylover,james-kochalka-superstar-silver-can,Goodbye,For_The_Truth_In_You-Dntel_mix,lonelyastronaut(live),IceCream,BreakfastBytheMattressEPVersion,girl_ritter,fatalist_robbers,brother_annuals,darkermylove_summerishere,Nice_Boys_-_Johnny_Guitar,vannuys_los,everybody_guccimane,benjy_country,breakingthrough_figgs,JUSTSAYTHEWORDacu1}.mp3' Thanks, Zune! Unfortunately, the ID3 tags are rather poorly done.

The Colts proved the AFC was again the incredibly dominant team last night. The only points the anemic Bears offense scored were essentially handed to them - three tries to get in from the five-yard line (after a nice 52-yard run) and a field goal after being given the ball deep in the Colts' end. […]

In news that will likely sadden fans of Fox's House, M.D., the Pittsburgh Steelers will today announce that they've hired Omar Epps as their new head coach. Actually, of course, they hired Mike Tomlin, as I hoped they would. You can mouse over the picture for the real Mike Tomlin. Tomlin is 34 - the […]

Gosh I hope so. He's the best candidate and has what appears to be a brilliant mind for football. Ron Rivera? Russ Grimm? Ugh. Update: 01/22/2007: Yay!!!!

NetFlix vs. Blockbuster

An article on TechCrunch has me re-evaluating my NetFlix subscription. I've never switched to Blockbuster's online delivery service because, frankly, we've never had reason to. We're happy with NetFlix. Still, the quest for a better bargain has forced us to at least ask the question from time to time. Carey and I pay $17.99/month (which […]

I'm torn: while I want the Steelers to beat the Bengals next week to knock them out of the playoffs, I'm fairly convinced that a 7-9 season will prompt Bill Cowher to retire early while an 8-8 season would probably bring him back for another year. Cowher's expression all year - even while receiving ass-beatings […]

Wii Weather

I woke up and saw that my Wii was flashing. Turns out Nintendo released a system update that enables the Weather channel. Carey and I had a grand old time grabbing the globe and whipping it around. We zoomed in on the North Pole to see if we could see Santa (he was napping, we […]

Backwards Guide Data

Guide data on televisions (be it on the TiVo, DirecTV, the TV Guide channel, your local Comcast, Adelphia, Time Warner, etc.) puts lower-numbered channels at the top and higher-numbered channels at the bottom. In other words, the typical guide looks like you see to the right: 501 at the top, 512 at the bottom. In […]

(Not) Cancelling TV Service

Scott Stevenson has cancelled his TV service. Through the years I've read a number of blog entries or emails from people who have given up their TV viewing. Many of these posts seem to come from some assumed moral high ground or sense of superiority the author grants himself for casting aside the treachery of […]

Ever since I got the DirecTV HD-DVR, I've had the old DirecTiVo hooked up in the bedroom to Carey's old 19" TV. It's so old it just has a cable jack - no red/white/yellow composite input, let alone an s-video. So, I'm looking for a good deal on a 27" or so TV for the […]

3 Lbs

Though I doubt it will last, I'm really enjoying the show "3 Lbs" on CBS. The show has enough science to keep me interested and force me, a day later, to look up things like "face blindness" (prosopagnosia). A week or two ago, while refreshing my memory on what exactly a grand mal seizure is, […]

Wii Game Saves allows you to download Wii game saves (including game saves for some Virtual Console games). I remember the DexDrive allowing PC users to do something like this for their PSX, but with the Wii's SD card support, it's now available for everyone with an SD card and reader.