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Whispering Woods has dropped their rates. That didn't take very long. 2007 memberships now run $1,000 or $1,800 for a couple. Two-year memberships (2007 and 2008) run $1,800 and $3,400 - the previous 2007 rates (all current members have been extended the extra year). Fees are now:

K.J. Choi Wins

Adam Scott, again, falters in the final round at The Memorial. That makes two years running, boy. Alan and I didn't get a chance to watch much. They started early and showed it on TV on tape delay.

Adam Scott shot an amazing 62 in the second round of this year's Memorial. Alan and I were there, and witnessed a bit of it, though we were mostly following other players around. We followed Tiger through the first and second holes, grabbed shots of him on the fifth, and then peeled back to get […]

Played Mystic Rock today. Shot 39 on the front nine with a double bogey at the ninth after a tap-in birdie at the previous hole. I was a bit distracted on the back nine and gave up keeping track of the score after I crunched a drive at the 11th only to lose the ball. […]

Two Days in Columbus

I spent two days in Columbus and am now back in Erie overnight. I picked up The Sand Trap staff member Alan Olson. Tomorrow we'll leave early (again) to play Nemacolin Woodlands (Mystic Rock course, previous site of the 84 Lumber Classic) and then we'll make our way to Columbus, OH to cover The Memorial […]

Got up early today (4am) and was on the road by about 4:30. Destination: Dublin, OH, site of this year's Memorial Tournament, hosted by Jack Nicklaus. Dublin is a small suburb in the northwest corner of Columbus, OH, and is a hoot to attend. Hopefully we can avoid the weather (heat, humidity, and thunderstorms) that […]

Shrek the Third

Third time's a charm, they say. Good things come in threes, they say. Not Shrek. Ugh, was the third version terrible. Absolutely freaking terrible. Bad all around. Far too much (bad) adult humor for kids to get, almost no kid humor, and with a storyline I couldn't have cared less about. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Heroes Season Finale

Sucked. So much so that I don't think I'll watch the next year. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was something better than that, for sure.

I have a few Whispering Woods notes for the people I know have been reading my site for updates. 🙂 Because I've been asked several times, yes, I've joined. I've still got my Lake View membership, too, but am looking forward to trying out Whispering Woods. The one advantage it has over Lake View is […]

Yesterday I played a course called Eagle Sticks. I came away very impressed. If you live near Zanesville, OH, the course is definitely one to check out. The fact that I "seemingly" hit 320-yard drives all day didn't hurt matters, either. 😉

Whispering Woods will have a website sooner or later, but I wanted to post their green fees and cart rental fees so interested golfers could get some information now. Seniors are 62 and over. Prices are for 18/9 holes. Weekday Adult: $55 / $30 Weekday Senior: $45 / $25 Weekend/Holiday Adult: $60 / $35 Weekend/Holiday […]

I just found out. As of February 17, 2007, Studio 60 had been pulled from NBC's lineup to be replaced with The Black Donnellys starting February 26. NBC said that they will place it back in the lineup later this season. However, on April 2nd, NBC announced that Studio 60 would not reclaim its Monday […]

Pens Win 6-3

This is one of the better shots from the evening. Going back to a point-and-shoot after spending so much time with a 5D really sucks. I couldn't even keep the flash from turning on every time I turned the camera on and off, let alone control ISO and aperture. I had to take what it […]

Tiger Woods for the Wii

I eagerly awaited the arrival of Tiger Woods for the Wii. Today, using my mom's christmas present (a Gamestop gift card), I picked up my copy. Suffice to say I agree with IGN's 7.0 rating. They say: The real question is whether or not the Wii remote perfectly simulates a golf club. The answer is […]

Pens to Stay in Pittsburgh

Carey and I are attending a Penguins game this Friday. I booked the tickets when the whole "Pens might be leaving Pittsburgh" talk started to get serious. However, I'm very happy to see that this probably won't happen: the Pens reached a 30-year agreement with state and local officials. Fuck Ed Rendell, though. It's rare […]