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Gluten Intolerance

It's everywhere… and always has been. Gluten Free!

Whatever, man.

Location Sharing

xkcd: Location Sharing

Location Sharing

Memory Palaces

Window Magnet for OS X

Has anyone used Window Magnet for OS X?

$4.99 seems like a good price. I kind of like my window management without it, but… you never know, maybe this is better?

Too bad there's no demo. 😛

Tweets Go Missing

I sent that Tweet November 21, 2014.

Yet if I visit and hit the "end" key until November 21, 2014 should come into view… I do not see that tweet. I see a tweet from the day before, the same day, and the next day… but not that tweet on November 21, 2014.

If I download my Analytics from Twitter, the tweet is listed.

So what's up with that? Where's the tweet? Why isn't it showing on my personal timeline?

Pittsburgh, PA

26 Ways Pittsburgh Ruins You For Life

I'm sure you could concoct similar lists for just about anywhere (though one for Erie, PA would not be anywhere near as long or contain such good items), but Pittsburgh is a fairly special place.

It's too bad we/they have such crappy winters sometime. But then again, I think that's part of what makes the people there so generally well grounded.

Ring (Doorbell)

I wonder how well the thing holds up to the elements, namely, cold and rain. I could pretty easily foresee replacing two doorbells, and one of them is not beneath a roof on the patio, it's on the exposed side of the house. Plus, Erie, PA gets awfully cold.

Any discounts out there…?

Edit: Reviews are not terribly flattering.

Pro Mini Golf

Dropbox Needs a “dropbox”

You want to send a file to a friend. They have Dropbox. You have Dropbox. Cool, right?

Dropbox is not entirely well named, because unfortunately, you can't easily "drop" something on someone else's Dropbox.

Instead, you have to upload the file to your Dropbox, give your friend the URL, await confirmation that your friend got it, and then delete it from your Dropbox.

Why not allow me to set aside 200 MB or 2 GB or whatever size I want to act as an actual "dropbox" for people to share files with me (or for me to share with them)?

There aren't even any real good solutions to allow this. Search for "uploading to a friend's Dropbox" or "allow uploads to my Dropbox" and the best you'll get are some third-party hacks (and some cost money).

Lame. C'mon, Dropbox. You can do this…

Direct Download Facebook Videos

Step 1: Get direct download link for the videos uploaded in facebook
Step 2: Get Facebook Video Direct Download Link

You can skip step 1 if you don't care about the "why" part. 🙂

Siri Still Can’t Spell My Name (Or My Wife’s)

Still waiting…. My name is Erik. My wife's name is Carey.

I don't even have a "Carrie" in my phone's contacts, yet… that's how Siri insists on spelling it.

So much for the "contextual" suggestions and autocorrections. I can't remember the last time I wanted to type "Erik" or "Carrie."

TT Like a Boss


Ping Pong Balls and Pepsi Commercial

Pepsi still sucks though. 🙂 Haven't had one in well over a decade now…

Beginning Some Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell - Simple & Sinister eBook: Pavel Tsatsouline on Kindle.

Since I rarely find the time to run anymore (or frankly the motivation), this could be a handy way to go about doing a bit more than I manage to do now.

My Rogue Kettlebells arrived yesterday. I think they'll be warm by Monday. 🙂