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RoadTools PodiumPad

I'm bummed. The PodiumPad has been a great thing I've used for over a decade. I wanted to pick up one or two more, but the domain name is no longer responding or active.

The whois entry is still active, though.

The Dentist

So, I had my first trip to the dentist in, well, more than six months. More than seven, even… 😛

Predictably, things weren't as good as they should have been, but they weren't what I'd call bad. Internally, I'm telling myself that it's far worse than it was, too, as motivation to do a better job. I've always had a hard time caring about my teeth since the orthodontist screwed up when I was a kid. I followed his instructions to the letter (my parents were paying a good amount of money after all!), and my teeth migrated right back.

One of the lasting things… my last wisdom tooth (bottom left) is coming out. It's always tough to brush1, and it's always been crowding the other teeth. This will now make eight teeth I've had removed for crowding.

  1. I've resorted to using a child's toothbrush to reach the back teeth as much as possible - the smaller brush head makes this easier and makes me less likely to gag. []

Working on Lowest Score Wins Class

Dave Wedzik and I are putting the finishing touches on the Lowest Score Wins class and clinic. This will be a great way for instructors to quickly teach students how to shoot lower scores without changing much (or nothing) with their swings.

It is, of course, based on our best-selling book "Lowest Score Wins," and will be available to the instructors immediately after the class.

Each student will receive two books for the class: a "Playbook" and a "Decision Maps" book.

Driving to the PGA Merchandise Show

Once again we've decided to drive from Erie, PA to Orlando, FL for the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show. We (Dave and I) prefer this often over flying because we can stop and stretch when we want, we can talk and carry on, we can transport a heck of a lot more stuff, and it's more inexpensive.

Flying to Orlando consumes almost an entire day. Driving consumes more, yes, but not too much more when you consider the perks: again, stopping and eating and stretching where and when you want, ability to carry more stuff, and the ability to get actual work done (phone calls, Internet) relatively easily too.

Yeah, So I’m Terrible at This

I'm going to give it one more try. As I write this I have a bunch of half-finished posts but none have made it to the blog. I simply need to find five minutes a day to write something up.

SpamSieve Stats

I should probably do a better job of marking false positives and negatives, but I do maybe half of the time. I do have to look into why my Penn-State Behrend email always seems to go to spam, though. 🙂 Those are responsible for about 1-3 of the false positives each day.

Filtered Mail
454,700 Good Messages
612,743 Spam Messages (57%)
146 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
2,019 False Positives
4,615 False Negatives (70%)
99.4% Correct

18,834 Good Messages
23,138 Spam Messages (55%)
2,222,373 Total Words

34 Blocklist Rules
12 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
8/24/04, 8:00 PM

Finder Still Hides Minimized Windows on Restart

It's now been many, many years, and many, many OS X upgrades, and I still can't get past a problem that's plagued me: minimized Finder windows will appear in the Dock after a restart, but then "disappear" when I un-minimize them. Only killing the Finder (with them out of the Dock) works.

I've tried many, many things to fix this issue. I've cleared caches. I've removed .plist files. I've obviously installed and upgraded every copy of the OS, and even re-installed a few.

My previous post is from 2014, but notes that I've had the issue for years. I think it's going on at least six or seven years now, and it would not surprise me to learn that it's eight.

Kids are No Longer Computer Literate

Short one here today, but basically, as I watched my daughter struggle to use Pages on her (fairly old) MacBook, I realized that kids these days are actually less computer literate than their preceding generation.

Don't get me wrong - they're more technology-literate. They're just less capable of using devices they don't touch directly. They know how to use a mouse or a trackpad just fine, but they don't understand the concept of toolbars that have more than three or four items in them, or menu bars. The concept of saving your work doesn't make as much sense to them1.

It's interesting. I don't think iPads are going to take over. Apple still sells a lot of MacBooks. But kids are less prepared to "get real work done" on a computer than they have been for the last 20 years or so.

  1. And sometimes, as with Google Docs, they don't even have to save when they're using a computer. []

48 Hr. Books Pricing

At one point, ordering 100 books through and getting the 25 free was the best deal. There were, essentially, no incentives to buy 500 books at once (even if you still only got 25 books free).

This meant we often had to order 100 (or 125) books four or five at a time.

Somewhere between two Junes ago and today, though, this policy appears to have changed. There are cost savings now if you order 500 books (even though you still only get 25 free). I wonder when that changed, because we asked about it in May, 2014 as we were prepping LSW to print, and were told to submit multiple 100-book orders.

Unusual Twitter Problem – Slow or Broken when Signed in with Safari?

When I'm signed in to in Safari, there's a high likelihood that visiting or a link will fail.

80% of the time I do this, in Safari, the site fails to load, or sputters for a minute before finally loading.

When the site loads, or the redirect works, it's fast. If I delete the cookie, it's fast. Signing back in again, though, is slow.

It's just Safari. I can visit the same link while signed in to from Chrome, or Firefox, and it works fine.

What's going on?

Increased Spam Phone Calls

In the past three days I've received no less than 14 "spammy" phone calls.

I don't answer my cell phone. When I'm at my computer, I quickly search the Web for the number calling me, and lately, a whole lot of them have been showing "" or other similar sites as the first, second, third, and fourth links.

I block the caller immediately.

I registered for the Do Not Call Registry in 2003, but checked just now to make sure it hadn't expired or something. I saw they said records do not expire, and my registration is still valid, so I haven't fallen off that list.

I don't know what's going on, though. Did legislation or punishments change or soften?

Spring Break

As coach of the Penn-State Behrend men's and women's golf teams, I'm looking forward to making a trip to the Myrtle Beach area to play some golf with a few of the kids from the team.

I've played the Barefoot courses, but I'm looking forward to playing Caledonia and True Blue most of all.

Of course, if that doesn't pan out, I'm going to have to find a Plan B very quickly.


Man, I didn't mind when checkboxes said 30-39. I didn't even mind when they said 35-39.

But when they say 36-45, I feel old.

Fortunately, I think I still feel younger than I am, and I try to stay as active as possible.

Steelers, Penguins, Pirates

It's always been tough to rank my love for all of the teams. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, my first love was baseball, and the Pirates were doing well then. The Pens were doing well, too, but weren't on TV nearly as often as the Pirates, which made it more difficult to watch. The Steelers… were third.

Then the Steelers became prominent, and the Buccos entered their dark period. Ditto for the Pens. The Steelers were the dominant team for nearly over a decade, and they ranked first in my heart, but I still followed the Pens and Pirates, of course. During this time I was also in Ohio and Florida, so actually watching the games became nearly impossible. The Steelers I could often watch (I got NFL Sunday Ticket in Florida for that purpose), but the Pens and Pirates, not so much.1

Today, honestly, I split time between them, but the Pens have been the team I've supported the most. I was able to directly compare championships between the Steelers and Penguins pretty recently, and the Pens winning the Stanley Cup in 2009 felt about five times more rewarding (as a fan, believe me, I know I'm not a part of the team) than the Steelers winning their sixth Super Bowl a few months prior.

At various times I've been disillusioned with the NFL's rules2 and with the way Mike Tomlin does things. Baseball had the steroid stuff. But hockey's always just been hockey. Yeah, they had that stupid lockout, and had they gone an entire year without a season, as they did not long ago, I'm not sure how that would have affected me.

And hockey is not without its problems. A Pittsburgh area columnist will say "best sport, worst league" and that remains true to this day. The refereeing is atrocious. Players are routinely and illegally hit in the head, back, neck, etc. without any calls or suspensions. The NHL is being sued, too, but they don't seem to care.

But played right, hockey is exhilarating. It's fast-paced. There's constant flow, and the only stops (two 15-minute intermissions) fly by while you do other things, then it's back to nearly non-stop action, unlike football and baseball.

And I think, in the end, that's what seals the deal: the speed of hockey, not just in terms of the players skating, but the game: it requires constant attention. Like an Aaron Sorkin script. If you turn away briefly, you'll probably miss something.

  1. I remain a DirecTV customer to this day, largely because I wanted to watch the Steelers when I moved to Delray Beach, FL. []
  2. They've gotten better lately. []

Once Daily Blogging Returns

I'm going to blog again at least once per day in 2016. I may get behind, but I'll have notes that I want to shape into a blog post and will finish them out when I get the chance.

That's my only New Year's Resolution.