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An American Crotch Rocket

tron.jpgWhy? you might ask, well apparently jumping out of planes at high altitudes, with only an umbrella for a parachute wasn't quite dangerous enough. Which is why Dodge has built the Tomahawk. A machine made of nothing more than four wheels, handle bar, gas tank, and a 8.3 liter V-10 engine capable of 500 horsepower. It does 0-60 in two point five seconds.

Anyone want to wager a bet on the price of this thing?

Apple’s Unique Position

Here is more crap about Apple and Mac OS X on Intel chips. I say "more crap" because I've yet to come across a really good reason why Apple should move to Intel chips (this article provides nothing new, either).

But one thing did occur to me: Apple is in a pretty unique position. How quickly could Windows be ported to another chip? Heck, even the Palm OS might take more effort to be ported to another architecture than Mac OS X. It puts Apple in a pretty unique position in the industry.

One Ring to Rule the USA

Frodo has FailedFrodo has failed to keep the ring away from Dubya. As can be seen in this inconceivably crisp picture, none other than George W. wearing the Ring! Eeek! (No, I still have not seen LoTR 2. I did see LoTR 2 times, though).

I seriously think I'm the anti-nerd geek. I don't really care for Star Wars (the action is fine, the effects are cool, but the dialog is shit). I've never seen a Star Trek movie (or even a whole episode). I don't care so much about LoTR and quit reading The Hobbit about 40 pages into the thing. And - gasp - I date women! Something no self-respecting "nerd" would ever do. So I'm a geek, not a nerd, and as we all know, geek is chic these days! B-)

YA Safari Post

Here's my "yet another Safari post" post. First, some interesting links.

This link shows an email sent by Don Melton, the engineering manager of Safari, to the KDE KHTML team (the rendering engine on which Safari is built). In it, he introduces his team, including David Hyatt, formerly of Netscape and Chimera but now of Apple (and, apparently, Safari).

MSN on the New PowerBooks

Leave it to MSN to say something as stupid as this:

Side by side, the two computers bear an uncanny resemblance to this year's hot cars, the Hummer 2 and the Mini.

Read the full article here.

TiVo to Use Rendezvous

TiVo talking to your Mac? Sure is... Chuq has snipped a part of a press release from TiVo or Apple or somebody (I forget, and can't be bothered to look). As an owner of a TiVo, I'm happy. As an owner of a TiVo 1, well, I guess this may affect my next TiVo, but not the current one. Oh well… 😛

Miscellaneous Pre-Macworld

I'm sitting here waiting for the keynote to begin, and I have some URL clippings on my desktop that I really need to get rid of. Hence, this:

  • This /. article asks a very good question: What is the origin of the cost of bandwidth?
  • The Lindows CEO is apparently funding an effort to hack the XBox so that Linux could be run on the console. Hey, fine by me... but what about running Linux on my iPod or eMate 300? 🙂
  • Microsoft acting up again? Yeah, you'd better believe it. This time they seem to have shrifted a UK mobile phone carrier.
  • There seems to be an (annoying) trend lately to label everything :adjective:web. The LazyWeb. The Semantic Web. The Disruptive Web.
  • eBay may not be listing guns, body parts, or children for sale anymore, but they are listing virtual products. Need some simoleons or spell points? Check out eBay. Need a new liver? Sorry, you'll have to wait (or visit China or something).

Paying to be Advertised At

I went to see Catch Me If You Can recently, and sat through not only movie previews but actual commercials. Coca-Cola, some allergy medicine, the Army, and I forget what else got advertising space during the previews. I'm used to ads - I see them on Web sites, I see them in magazines, I see them on television (though, increasingly less as I fast forward through them).

One of the Best Already

steelershelmet.jpgThe Pittsburgh Steelers today defeated the Cleveland Browns 36-33, their third three-point victory against the team from 132 miles northwest of them this season. That hardly gives you any indication what a great game this was.

It was one of the best games I've ever seen. The Steelers were down by 12 with just over 3 minutes remaining, yet pulled out for scores (two touchdowns, an extra point, and a two-point conversion) in about 100 seconds.

It was one of the greatest games I've ever seen played, and I'm a fan of smashmouth run-it-up-the-gut football. All this throwing, passing, fumbling, intercepting... That ain't old Steeler ball. But dammit if it's not the new, Super Bowl-bound Steeler ball. Pittsburgh heads off to Tennessee next week, and you can bet your booty I'll be watching that game from beginning to end. In the meantime, well, I've got a pretty good game on my TiVo to keep me entertained.

Macworld Expo and Switchers

As some people know, I work part time at an Apple store. It's a good way to keep a pulse on the "community" of Mac users (and believe me, if you bought as much Apple hardware as I did in a year, you too would work 5-10 hours a week for the discounts). A community that's been expanding, lately, due to an influx of PC switchers. A community that's having its pride restored, gradually, by the mass population's realization (again: gradually) that "yeah, you were right all along... Macs are pretty cool."


I've gotta blog this page before I forget it:

AOLBuddy is a screen name that interfaces with an AIM "bot." If you type "w 33445" you get the weather forecast for Delray Beach, FL. If you type "q aapl" you'll get Apple's current stock price. Looks interesting. Hopefully they'll add some more things to that list, because news, sports, weather, movies... short list. I guess I'll build myself a custom text-heavy page for getting directions to places and stuff for my HipTop... I should get it Monday! 🙂

Bug Bounty Ballyhoo

From this article on comes this quote:

Personally I don't know why Microsoft doesn't just offer a bounty for bugs. Say $10,000 for each one found, on the condition that Microsoft be notified with a week's warning. Even if 1000 bugs are found, that's only $10 million, which is spare change given what Microsoft spends developing Windows. Make the offer apply to its own employees too, and the eyeballs scanning the source code will be a lot more attentive than they are during enforced code reviews.

What developers would actually trust Microsoft to actually pay them? My guess is that Microsoft would send 80% of the people who sent in bugs a note saying "sorry, one of our employees actually found that first" or "Joe Schmoe found that one already." They'd disperse money to 20% of the real bug submitters so that people thought that maybe they were being fair. Their own developers submitting bugs might get similar treatment.

In other words, how many people would actually trust Microsoft, including their own developers? For the chance at $10k, perhaps more than less, but that's a pretty sad state of affairs…

OSU National Champs

OSU are the national champions in football. Great. I was rooting for them. When I was going to school in Ohio, of course, I rooted against them. But now I live an hour from Miami.

I like the "status quo" team to lose so that I can rib everyone else. Is that wrong of me? Is it too competitive? I dunno... OSU was the underdog. Most teams that played OSU were the underdog when I was in college... Whatever. How does this affect my life? It doesn't. I got to poke the ribs of Gabe last night after Miami lost, and now it's all done.

Quit Yer Bitchin’

"If gas prices followed the inflation rate, we'd be paying $4/gallon these days. So shut your piehole and stop yer bitchin'." I consider that some of the sagest advice I ever received (especially the piehole part). It's advice that pops into my head every time someone chooses to whine about the cost of owning a computer.

C|Not: $50 iApps

C|Net and (.com) are not really known for their "stellar reporting." The latest proof that they've got "great consultants" comes from this article, entitled "Apple Preparing New Upgrade Fees." Let's have a look at the first quote:

"Windows users are not making the switch as Apple had hoped, and now the company is pulling a Microsoft-like move by bundling popular applications and pasting a 'premium' price tag to them," said analyst Tim Deal of Technology Business Research.