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Florida Blogs

I've got a bit of time and the necessary skills: I want to start a "Florida Blogs" directory site. I've seen some others - I think Texas has one, New York has one, etc. I'd like to start a Florida blog. You could find people nearby with zip or area codes, by name, by interest, […]

My Blog, My Rules

This is about right: My blog, my rules. Same here. I try to be fair, and I have no problems with opposing viewpoints, but if you're a jackass and abuse privileges, I might yank your comment or block your IP (or whatever).

Blogging at the Dohi

Hi. I am blogging from the Dohi (IHOP spun 180 degrees). I'm blogging from my HipTop. Just seeing how long this took. About five minutes, start to finish. Not bad.

Puma Pete Phoned Home

A Puma representative named Pete (I won't post his last name) from Boston phoned me this morning and asked me to take down the image I formerly had posted to my entry entitled "More on that Vodka Ad." Pete denied that the ad was an official Puma ad or that it was running in Maxim […]

On Using Macros to Blog

Ben Hammersley notes here that he's trying to get some macros (Update: see first comment from Ben) working for his blog. Ignoring the fact that his blog is in UTF-8 and his page specifies "content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1," I must question the usefulness of macros when blogging.

I'm reading Mark Pilgrim's 30 Days to a More Accessible Weblog and so far tonight I've implemented Day 10's tip, which consists of putting your main content first. I've done this via CSS now (could have sworn it was this way before, but it wasn't). I switched a float:left to a float:right and all was […]

February 2003 Zeitgeist

I just peeked at my site's "search terms" section to see what people were using to get to my site in February, the first month I enabled statistics (around February 16th). Every month I plan to post these stats because, frankly, they're kind of amusing. Here's February's…

Ethical Blogging, Part 2

I promised Tom Coates and Christian Claiborn a response to their comments left on my Ethical Blogging entry yesterday. Before I do so, I'd like to point out three other articles that I've read (via TrackBack). The first is Matt's fairly long piece, mostly in response to Rebecca Blood's article. The second more closely covers […]

You know that nifty feature in MovableType that allows you to choose "Yes" to "Remember Personal Info?" It's braindead. It only remembers your information for that article. Safari had over 500 cookies in its cookie cache… for 12 blogs. I've posted a query in the MT support forum. Let's see what happens.


I will not be adding MTThreadedComments to this blog because: It looks like a whole lot of work that I'd have to do with every new version of MT. It's quite new (version 0.1.1?). I don't think threading provides much gain. If you can't figure out how to quote someone using text between a pair […]

Ethical Blogging

I read four articles yesterday (1, 2, 3, 4) about the "ethics of blogging." I'll be blunt: I think it's a bunch of hooey. If you're an ethical person, your ethics leave their mark on everything you do in life, everyone you know. If you're ethical, you're most likely an ethical parent, business person, citizen, […]

Colorblind Design Ideas

Like Vinay, my site (you're reading it right now, so no, I'm not going to make it a link) is accessible to the colorblind inhabitants of the earth. In fact, some of those color schemes gave me some interesting ideas for the next redesign… B-)

Blogging Pros

I must say that I agree with Judi on this one. Blogging is attractive because it's not canned, it's not "professional," and it's, for lack of a better word, more "personal." The distinction between "Pro" and "Amateur" can not be made based on how well someone writes. It can't be made based on how well […]

Brent is Off by 4:55?

Calling Brent Simmons. Paging Brent Smmons. Judi has uncovered a bug I believe I can confirm: feeds in NNW show up 4:55 off. Some examples (the NNW-displayed time is a link to the article in question): <dc:date>2003-03-03T17:35:17-05:00</dc:date> shows up as 12:40 PM <dc:date>2003-03-03T18:00:19-05:00</dc:date> shows up as 1:05 PM <dc:date>2003-03-03T17:44:09-05:00</dc:date> is shown as 12:49 PM Any […]

Grrr… Multiple TrackBacks

I hate multiple TrackBacks. They're like spam: the burden of time and effort is on the recipient, and besides turning TrackBacks for an entry off, there's nothing you can really do to prevent multiple TrackBacks from the same article from being attached to your entries. Once a day I have to delete a duplicate TrackBack. […]

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