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Fahrenheit 9/11

I went with Arion last night to see Fahrenheit 9/11. I've previously seen only Bowling for Columbine and read some background information on both BfC and F911. One thing is now clear: Michael Moore does not produce documentaries. He produces a movie, granted, but calling either of these movies documentaries - and awarding him an […]

New New Coke

Coke C2 is a new Coke with half the carbs and half the calories. It's also got about half the taste. Yes, I can tell the difference. It's passable when you're thirsty and not nearly as bad as diet Coke, but ick. I want my calories and carbs right along with my caffeine, darnit.

Triple Crown

Scott reminded me that Florida now has an odd dominance in major sports: teams in this state hold the World Series trophy and the Stanley Cup and two years ago won Super Bowl. The only sport at which this state has not "won it all" in the past two years has been basketball, my least […]

Tedious Tiger

I just finished playing the Southern Major Championship in Tiger Woods 2004. As I lined up a 14-foot putt on the 72nd green, the announcer said "This is for the win!" Thing is, he could have said that 55 putts later. I won by 57 shots. I shot 51-52-52-52: 207 total and 77 under par. […]

.500 Ball

As I write this, the Pittsburgh Pirates have taken a doubleheader from Chicago to "leap" to 22-22. That's dead last in the NL Central, but it's a better record than thirteen other teams in both leagues and good enough to separate the Pirates from first by only 4 games. It could be an interesting year. […]

Bowling for Confusion

I watched Bowling for Columbine last night. I really have no idea what Michael Moore's point was: it seems to have been the most directionless documentary ever produced. I started off thinking "guns are bad" yet he goes to Canada, shows that they have a ton of guns and don't kill each other like we […]

Leaving Las Vegas

Ten minutes after watching what I only today found out was the series finale of Las Vegas, this song comes up: Erik is listening to "Leaving Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crow from the album "Tuesday Night Music Club" (1993). Erik has rated this song 4.0 stars and last played this song Wednesday, February 11, 2004 […]

Ice Cream Separators

I went to get the last bowl's worth of ice cream out of a carton today (one of those round Edy's cartons) and the idea struck me: ice cream should be separated like a roll of Life Savers. Thin pieces of paper or something could separate sections of ice cream, and in fact the entire […]

Motorola v60 for Sale

Is anyone in need of a Motorola v60? I've got the wall charger and a very nice plastic belt clip. The phone is in excellent condition and currently set to work on Cingular's network. The first person to make a serious offer and PayPal the cash: the phone is yours. It sold for about $300 […]

Deadwood and Sopranos

Sopranos was better last week - one of the best episodes ever. I've really only caught bits and pieces of Sopranos, but I did like this week's episode, and it spurred me to read up on "Wild Bill" Hickok. I thought Deadwood was a fake name until I read that page! Ha. Now I know. […]

I returned some walkie talkies that didn't work yesterday to Sports Authority and they asked for my driver's license. They swiped the driver's license, then, and the whole thing made me wonder "why the hell do they need it?" I'm still not sure why. Perhaps I'll try refusing next time… On the way home, I […]

Doggy Style

20:58:25 friend: and contrary to her mom's story, the cat was not a kitten but was rather ~11 20:58:27 me: you don't want that person's offspring pooping in your gene pool 20:58:34 friend: no 20:58:43 friend: her grandma thinks it's normal to have sex with dogs 20:58:47 me: uhhh 20:58:59 me: i think i should […]

One Domain

A while ago I had two domains to get rid of. Now I have only one: Want it? Make an offer. I'm not doing anything with it and I'd gladly find it a home. Offers need not be monetary, though please understand that I have to do some work to give it to you, […]

Design Contest

I'm having a design contest. It'll last until I say it's over. (This means it'll last a few days - say until Friday or so?). Yes, that's short notice. The rules are very simple: deliver to me a mockup of a redesign for this site. An 800 x 600 TIFF or PSD would be fine.


I'm working on a little project (it doesn't even tie into anything right now - just a goofing around type of thing) involving OPML files. Yes, everyone and their brother has an OPML generator. This is mine (because my sister's brother didn't have one yet). It's currently located here (but sure to move eventually): […]

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