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Deadwood and Sopranos

Sopranos was better last week - one of the best episodes ever. I've really only caught bits and pieces of Sopranos, but I did like this week's episode, and it spurred me to read up on "Wild Bill" Hickok. I thought Deadwood was a fake name until I read that page! Ha. Now I know. […]

I returned some walkie talkies that didn't work yesterday to Sports Authority and they asked for my driver's license. They swiped the driver's license, then, and the whole thing made me wonder "why the hell do they need it?" I'm still not sure why. Perhaps I'll try refusing next time… On the way home, I […]

Doggy Style

20:58:25 friend: and contrary to her mom's story, the cat was not a kitten but was rather ~11 20:58:27 me: you don't want that person's offspring pooping in your gene pool 20:58:34 friend: no 20:58:43 friend: her grandma thinks it's normal to have sex with dogs 20:58:47 me: uhhh 20:58:59 me: i think i should […]

One Domain

A while ago I had two domains to get rid of. Now I have only one: Want it? Make an offer. I'm not doing anything with it and I'd gladly find it a home. Offers need not be monetary, though please understand that I have to do some work to give it to you, […]

Design Contest

I'm having a design contest. It'll last until I say it's over. (This means it'll last a few days - say until Friday or so?). Yes, that's short notice. The rules are very simple: deliver to me a mockup of a redesign for this site. An 800 x 600 TIFF or PSD would be fine.


I'm working on a little project (it doesn't even tie into anything right now - just a goofing around type of thing) involving OPML files. Yes, everyone and their brother has an OPML generator. This is mine (because my sister's brother didn't have one yet). It's currently located here (but sure to move eventually): […]

PHP Project

I'm looking for someone to create a site for me in PHP/MySQL. Yes, this is exactly my area of expertise (well, skill anyway), but I've just not got the time. I'll pay $1000 (far too little, this much I know) to some aspiring (bored) college student if they'd like to list what I hope will […]

Tired Math

My brain has unusual thought patterns when I'm tired. Today, for example, after I got my speeding ticket I remembered that 0-15 MPH over the speeding limit gets you 3 points, but 15-30 (I think) gets you 4. 15, you'll note, is included twice, but it'd be rather inaccurate to say "16-30" because then if […]

Eisner is an Idiot

Eisner is an idiot. "He created the computer, or at least Windows, or whatever he created, and did a good job," Eisner said to peals of laughter from analysts attending the company conference in Orlando, Florida. Eisner was addressing the collapse of talks between Disney and Pixar on extending their partnership, which has generated five […]

Bush, George W.

GEORGE W. BUSH RÉSUMÉ I was arrested in Kennebunkport, Maine, in 1976 for driving under the influence of alcohol. I pled guilty, paid a fine, and had my driver's license suspended for 30 days. My Texas driving record has been "lost" and is not available. MILITARY: I joined the Texas Air National Guard and went […]

Helis and Guns

Back Story: Person A guy owns an aerial photography and video company which uses R/C helicopters. He posts on a forum where other people such as person B also own companies or shoot photos/video post as well. $60,000 of person A's equipment was recently stolen, and in the investigation, a video made by person B […]


Heaven forbid the damn city of Lake Park give the address to their marina! Jeez! How the heck am I supposed to figure out how to get there (directions) when I've got no idea exactly where it is! I'm going to fish the grass flats of Lake Worth on Christmas morning. Let's hope Santa has […]

Two Days Before Christmas

Two days before Christmas and most all of my holiday shopping is done. I completed my Secret Santa purchase today (not a secret anymore!) and dropped by work to say hi (and to pick up some fudge-like Bourbon Balls). I visited Electronics Boutique and grabbed a copy of RC Stunt Copter and the more-than-lame RC […]

Stupid Survivor Poll

Stupid Survivor Poll on Should Burton have taken Jon on the Reward? a) Aye, they're mates b) Nay, he should've buttered up the ladies c) It may have been his undoing Could someone explain to me how I'm supposed to choose between B and C?

CDC to Scott Stevenson

I've made my decision re: Cocoa Dev Central, and I've decided to give the site to Scott Stevenson. He and I have known each other for about six years now, and we keep bumping into each other. We're active and somewhat public Mac users - it's bound to happen. Scott's a great guy with a […]

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