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If you're interested in beta testing Scorecard 2, please leave comments on this post. I'm looking for both Mac OS X and Windows users. A bit more information is posted here, but if you're not a member of the forum, please just post here in the comments. Please include this information: Name: Licensed Owner of […]

Lot of stuff here for an x.x.x release, but here goes: Added support for mt2s and vob files on the PS3. Added French localization. Thanks to Eric Morand for the translations. Fixed ordering of playlists and albums on the PS3. Fixed the display when showing only unplayed podcasts. Fixed an Aperture parsing issue with projects. […]

Scorecard UI Problem

One of Scorecard 1.x's weaker points is nine-hole support. We're beefing this up tremendously with our 2.0 release, but are facing some crucial decisions when it comes to data entry and the user interface for such. Below are two windows. The left is version 1.x, the right something I mocked up for version 2.0. Both […]

Scorecard has been a relatively successful application. It's sold well and been well liked by customers. It's even cross-platform, with full license and data file compatibility between Windows and Mac OS X. When the iTunes App Store was announced, it seemed only natural that we'd build an iPhone application to allow the geek golfers to […]

The 50% savings we're offering at Cynical Peak ends today.

As long as I've been aware of professional sports teams, I've been a Pittsburgh sports fan: Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers. I watched the Pirates lose in the playoffs three years in a row. I watched the Pens lose in the post-season a few times, including last year, but also watched them snag two Stanley Cups. […]

I'm pleased to announce the release of Rivet 2.0, a free upgrade to all Rivet 1.0 customers and a product that's holding steady at its $18.95 price despite the doubling of its feature set. Rivet 2.0 supports both the Xbox 360 and the PS3! In addition to supporting the PS3, this release has several other […]

For awhile now, we've noticed that iTunes Plus songs - despite being "AAC files" according to Apple - will not play on the Xbox 360 when streamed from Rivet. There were work-arounds. Primary among these was choosing "Convert to AAC" from within iTunes. This method has the unfortunate side effects of re-encoding and re-compressing the […]

Scorecard 1.5.1 for Mac OS X and Windows is now available. Download demo copies or updates at The biggest feature in this release is syncing with a companion iPhone (and iPod Touch) application. You can now download this, for free, from the AppStore here. And we went with the next-to-last icon, btw. P.S. Nice […]

Brad and I will soon be pushing out a free iPhone application, a companion to the desktop Scorecard software. Because it's free (and a bit of a trial balloon), we plan to immediately start work on Scorecard 2.0, and it's a "companion" application, we wanted to keep the same general icon we're already using on […]

If you're a Mac user and you've got a PS3, and you'd like to beta test some software that helps tie the two together, please leave a comment with your preferred email address below. And yes, if you'd like to put 2 and 2 together, be my guest. P.S. No time frame on this. Could […]

What's the best forum solution written in Ruby on Rails? The best blog solution? By "best" I mean a good combination of "fully featured," "robuts/stable," and "extensible/modifiable."

Josh (a friend) and I are currently seeking a web developer (design skills are a plus) for a startup company with photography overtones and tremendous potential. The position offers no pay, but does offer an ownership stake in the enterprise and fairly loose time requirements. Josh and I are looking at this as a "sweat […]

Good news everybody! Preliminary testing shows that the current version of Rivet works with the New Xbox Experience (NXE) update that came out this morning. All of the files I've attempted to play so far have played correctly. I haven't tried every file type yet, but I've tested all the most likely ones without a […]

If you're a Scorecard customer and you'd like to test the iPhone application we're developing, please leave a comment below. Use at least a valid email address, too, mmmmkay? Note: By "Scorecard customer," I mean you've got a license to Scorecard. The iPhone app will not be a stand-alone application - it pairs with the […]