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QotD: Lies

Question: How many times per day do you lie (to anyone, including yourself)?

My Answer: About two. I usually "lie" about how much I get done in a day (to myself), and I usually lie about how much food I've eaten (again, to myself). I really should eat more (and not set my goals so unreasonably). Hmmm.

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Barry White is Dead

No, seriously. I've got his greatest hits, and while I've never used them to seduce anyone, I don't doubt that many other people have.

QotD: Shopping

Question: If you could shop in only one store for the rest of your life, where would you shop?

My Answer: Does Victoria's Secret count? Hmm, probably wouldn't get much nourishment in there, nor anything with which to keep warm. I'm going to have to go with either a sporting goods store or a grocery store… You can buy sporting goods online, but buying Coke online is tough, so I'm gonna go with the grocery store.

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New Goggles

I picked up my new glasses today. The ones I thought were Express were actually Esprit, and you can "see" them online here. Kinda. Esprit essentially has zero web presence, and only a postcard site for US residents. Pathetic.

I'm going to put these glasses through the stress test throughout the day (by wearing them) - though I guess I should take my old ones along just in case I start to get a headache or feel a bit odd. They're only a tad different than my last prescription, but that may be enough to cause some discomfort until I adjust.

Incidentally, I'm happy with the place I chose. They're very "homey" in a good way. They're very efficient, very polite, and very "real." They're not like some prefabricated "Lens Express" or "Eyeglasses World" or whatever. It's a doctor, his secretary, his assistant. The kind of people with which you feel like you could develop a (patient/doctor) relationship. That's a good thing.

Project Greenlight II (ep. 2)

I caught the last half of Project Greenlight on HBO last year, but this year I made a note to watch it from the get-go. There are no commercials, so the show packs into an hour what most shows seem to pack into a month of half-hour sit coms.

If I had to pick one word to describe the show, that word would be "intense." The winners are under intense pressure to do the right thing, to immediately "get it" and step up. The writer seems to get it - the directors are total fuck-ups so far.

The Best Part of any Programming Project

Kasia says that the worst part of any programming project is the beginning. I disagree - the worst part is the "middle."

At the beginning, you say massive improvements. On the Mac, you can design your entire UI. Then you can wire things up. You see immediate, large leaps in your program. Sure, you don't do any bounds- or sanity-checking, and when you click your "Do Something" button you may just NSBeep();, but things move along.

At the end, you fine-tune things. You add nifty animations or really nail down the specifics. It's exciting because you're fixing bugs left and right, stitching up the last of your features, and really putting the spit and finish on.

The middle? Bah, that's just the meat of your app. Boring, difficult to test, and… the middle. I like the beginning. I like the end. The middle is where all the work occurs. Kinda like sex. :-) Just kidding…


touareg.jpgVolkswagen now has an SUV-type car. It costs about $35,000, mind you, but I find it quite nifty. It's got a lot of standard features, should hold its value pretty well, and has that typical VW austerity and elegance.

Given my recent hunt (though calling it that implies that I was actually seriously contemplating trading off of my Aztek), I feel safe in saying that this may be my next car in a few years, who knows? Find more out about the SUV with the funny name, the Touareg, at

QotD: Sexual Stages

Question: What is your favorite part of sex?

My Answer: The beginning. The teasing. I loooooove to be a tease. To drive someone nuts before they've even taken their socks off, that sort of thing. Kissing is probably one of the most erotic acts conceivable, and it happens a lot during the foreplay. I like to think that foreplay can occur 24/7. It can occur at a movie theater, and it need not be physical. A little tease here, a sideways glance and a grin there… It's all good!

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Quake 3 Framerates

Heh heh heh:


The human eye can only really see about 60 fps. I chuckle when I see things like this. Yeah, I know they're useful as "benchmarks" of some sort or another, but they're still pretty funny. Heck, some of my console games don't consistently hit 60 fps, and soon I'll have a machine that may very well average 250 fps in high resolution, effects-up-all-the-way glory! (Image from here.)

QotD: Cartoon Life

Question: If you could live your life in any cartoon, which would it be, and why?

My Answer: I definitely would not be a Smurf: they were always being captured and they all had to share one female Smurf! Life as a Care Bear would suck, what with everyone being happy all the time, and so on. I think I'm going to have to go with Gummi Bears. They had drugs in a jar (Gummi Bear Juice) and a decent theme song that encouraged the use thereof ("bouncing here and there and everywhere, high adventure that's beyond compare…"). What a life!

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June 2003 Zeitgeist

Every month (since February) I post my site's referral search terms (not what people search for on my site). It's an interesting peek that illustrates "how people are finding me." Here's June's…

QotD: Expensive Hobbies

Question: What hobby would you have if money was no object?

My Answer: I think golf would become an even bigger fascination. I'd play more - I'd fly to place at various courses. I'd hobby-ize my whole life, perhaps developing golf software or attempting to study golf course architecture. I'd be a golf nut. More so than I am already, that is. As it stands, golf is a pricey hobby, no doubt about that.

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BBEdit: Now $249

Not quite, but if you want every commercial release of BBEdit, you can have it for $249 on a special collector's item type CD-ROM (ad spied at


So, not only is this text editor over-priced at $149 (or whatever it costs these days), they actually think they'll sell a thousand copies of a CD-ROM that contains every commercial release of their over-priced text editor?

I love Bare Bones, and I don't mind paying the upgrade pricing for BBEdit as I use it every day, but it seems to me the folks over there are slipping more and more out of the grasp of reality…

QotD: Singing Voice

Question: If you could have the singing voice of anyone, whose voice would you have?

My Answer: I have no idea - I like bands, and my favorite is R.E.M., but there's nothing terribly spectacular about Michael Stipe's voice. I'll go with "Josh Groban" because I know more than a few lady friends would pretty much do him after only a few notes, and hey, if I'm going to have a gift, I may as well use it for good. My own good, that is. :-)

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I Didn’t Miss Him

Less than a day later, and the site is back up.

Some people just don't get it.

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