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September 2003 Zeitgeist

Every month (since February) I post my site's referral search terms (not what people search for on my site). It's an interesting peek that illustrates "how people are finding me." Here's September's…

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 is out now, and I don't know whether to buy it for the GameCube or the PS2. The GameCube version would allow me to play my character against my friend José's character when he buys a copy and brings over his memory card. The PS2 version would allow me to play others online.

I think I'll get the GameCube version. Just not today. I haven't been in a very "video gaming" sort of mood for months now. You can bet your ass that Mario Kart GameCube will awake me from my semi-retirement, though!


For the past year or two I've said quite a few times that I'd move to Canada if it were just a bit further south. I think Chuqi would too given his most recent rant on the government, Bush, and the billions of laws broken. Like Chuqi, people saying "love it or leave it" simply don't get it - that this country should be about the freedom of speech, opinion, etc. to say "I don't like what you're doing right now."

Why can't we recall the Presidency like they recalled the governor in California (right or wrong)? If Americans could have foreseen the current state of affairs, by how much would Gore have won the last election?

Through the years I've tended to align myself with the Republican party pretty nicely - preservation of family values, that sort of thing - but nothing could push me further away from any party than Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft.


Y'know, one of the things I miss about the old OS installer is the ability to install the OS from the CD without having to boot from the CD. You could double-click an installer and install the OS onto another disk while continuing to do your work.

Right now I've got a Firewire drive aching for an OS installation, yet I don't want to kill 45 minutes of my time booting to an installer CD and running the installers. I want to get work done during those 45 minutes.

So what gives? It's not piracy protection - a disk image, if burned properly, is just as bootable as an OS install disk. It's not that the install spans multiple CDs - several software packages handle this properly. What are the reasons that prevent me from being able to launch the installer as we did back in the days of yore?

QotD: Ripping

Question: How fast can your computer rip your MP3s or AACs?

My Answer: 20x.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

GSM in a Week

I stopped in at a Cingular store today to see what new phones were available. The answer: none. My Motorola v60t is still quite nice in comparison to the "lineup" of TDMA phones that Cingular tries to push on people. It would have been a fruitless trip had I not noticed the eight or ten new phones on the back counter, including some of the Sony-Ericsson phones (like the T610).

I asked the manager why he had those phones (they ain't TDMA!) and he said "we'll be GSM next Tuesday." I asked if he had any phones in (I'd buy one!) and he said "just these dummy phones for now." I asked if they were sharing T-Mobile's network (I'd heard that previously), and the manager emphatically denied that they would be sharing. He said "T-Mobile uses GSM 1900, and we're using the better 850 standard. Your coverage will be as good or better than it currently is on our TDMA network."

QotD: Land Line

Question: Do you have a land line or just a cell phone?

My Answer: I have a land line, and it's the only number I give out. I forward calls to my land line to my cell phone when I'm out.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.


smartcast.jpgLast week I bought a Smartcast watch and an extra radar beacon. José and I tested it in my apartment complex pond, and it worked pretty well. Early tests in saltwater were simply frustrating, and didn't work as expected. The thing will get another test on Lake Ida tomorrow morning when I try to catch some bass with some plastic worms and crankbaits. Yeah, we'll see.

The primary reason I picked this thing up is not for the same reasons Humminbird likes to advertise - that you can cast to exactly where you want to fish and get a reading. Instead, I got it because a fishfinder on a kayak would take up entirely too much room. This thing is a watch and a small floating beacon - very compact.

Others seem to like it.

Hard Drive Names

I've still yet to take the G5 out of its box (been busy, really) since I got it on Friday, but I've now got the names for its hard drives: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. These names fit perfectly, I think, and it was a stroke of brilliance for Gabe to suggest them by asking "what's your favorite movie?"

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, 250 GB SATA drives, will replace my current G4's 120 GB ATA drives, "Gaia" and "Monde" as the main holding tanks for the crap I require to function day in and day out.

Hmm, now I've got to find an appropriate icon (and only one, since I psync one drive to the other nightly). Any suggestions?

Cocoa, Burgers, and Fries

Perhaps I could eat cheesburger fries (use the user/pass "macnn") while looking over these free Cocoa frameworks from the author of Path Finder (an app I've never really liked much).

QotD: Two Points

Question: The two-point conversion in the NFL: good or bad?

My Answer: I was glad that they finally brought it back. It's a good thing, and unlike the DH in the AL, I hope that it remains for quite a long time.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Tennessee 30, Pittsburgh 13

Football is a game of numbers, and this one can be summarized pretty easily:

                Tenn      Pitt
  First Downs:  9         25
 Time of Poss:  24:10     35:50
        Plays:  39        75
Rushing Yards:  40        69
Passing Yards:  158       307

I've left one off, and it's the most important:

Interceptions:  0         2

Tommy Maddox was off today. Amos Zereoue needs to learn to run straight ahead and stop trying to juke before he's made yards. The defense played pretty well (though I'd beat some sense into Chad Scott if I could right about now). Two interceptions? That was the game. That and the safety.

P.S. At least I got to watch the Steelers go to 2 and 2, unlike Rick.

QotD: Car Features

Question: What is the most important feature in your car?

My Answer: The most important is that it "goes" of course, but that's not in the spirit of the question. The most important feature - the one that I like the most - is the stereo. I could not stand to have a car without a stereo (and a good one at that).

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: First Computer

Question: What was your first computer?

My Answer: An Apple ][e that my mom brought home from school. I was about, oh, two years old or so.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

I Have Seen The Enemy

delldigitaljukebox.jpgI have seen the enemy, and man is he ugly. I'm used to Wintellian ripoffs being ugly, clunky, cumbersome, and non-intuitive, but this one has catapulted itself to the top of the "worst of the worst" list.

"The question is, how much and how far Dell can go with it?" says Dell President Kevin Rollins. "How many new products can Dell add to its portfolio? Where does it end? We think there's a somewhat limitless number of products and services we could get into."

A friend of mine joked:

Soon they'll have their own OS: "Deldows."

Where can I get a Dell electric toothbrush with Bluetooth? Ah, never mind that, I'm still trying to figure out what "somewhat limitless" means. Either way, Dell's potential to continue developing ugly, clunky, cumbersome, and non-intuitive ripoffs is… how should I put it… "somewhat infinite."

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