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Archive for September, 2003

MT Pro

Where oh where is MovableType Pro? Announced February 13, the thing has yet to materialize. TypePad is off and running.

On Being a Guy

This one is certainly worth watching. It's funny and contains more than a shred of truth, which only makes it funnier. I'll try not to spoil anything, but I will say that my favorite part was when he walked past the fat stick figure. P.S. Please note that .asf files will play just fine in […]

Season Premieres

Ed and The West Wing premiered this evening. I didn't like either. Ed - what are they going to do now that Ed and Carol are together? The whole damn show was about how they were meant to be together but couldn't be. Now (next week) they're throwing potato chip bags at each other and […]

New River

Went to New River today. Launched at high tide (8am), returned in the middle of the incoming tide. Yeah, that's a bit backwards as far as travel goes, but oh well - exercise is good for ya right? Paddled up New River to that S bend and the fork. Talked to a groundskeeper on the […]

QotD: Now

Question: What are you thinking? My Answer: That Florida is really hot, and that I wouldn't notice so much if my air conditioning hadn't gone out while I was fishing today. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Un-Beaching a Manatee

Last week I went to Jupiter because I had no other place to go. This week, I couldn't decide where to go, so I went to Jupiter again. This time I went the proper direction - I didn't paddle 8 miles out of my way. Stupid me. I'm still kicking myself over that one last […]

QotD: Retiring

Question: If you could retire at any age, what age would you choose and why? My Answer: 40. I think it's good to put in 20 years of work, then put in 40 years doing what you love and helping others, and I think that's about what I'd do if I could. You are encouraged […]

Great Instructions

What does this mean? Be tights part D with part H together by fitting M. Like a step No. 1. And may be installation handle in this side too. That's the winner of the 2003 "Worst Manual Contest." Other notable steps include "Test stranger & use on" and, well, just go have a look for […]


Perhaps the citizens of the United States are not the laziest in the world. Take what I display here as a lovely counter-argument. Heck, order one for yourself at this site for only 35,800 yen. How much does that cost in US Dollars? Etan wants to know. My guess is that it'd be cheaper to […]

Good Clients

It's really great when you can find a "cool client" now and then. Mike Uleski of is one of them. About a month ago I contacted Mike about doing a site for him in exchange for a guided fishing trip every now and then. In other words, we'd each trade our services. It's been […]


This looks awesome: SideTrack is a replacement driver for the trackpad (touchpad) found on Apple PowerBooks. It brings many of the trackpad scrolling features found on Windows laptops to MacOS X. Most Windows laptops implement trackpad scrolling using drivers made by Synaptics. Although Apple PowerBooks also use custom Synaptics trackpads, the standard Apple driver uses […]

Copy-Protected CDs

I too like to buy CDs, and as Jeff points out, copy-protected CDs punish the people the record industry should be rewarding - the people who buy CDs! Furthermore, the whole idea behind these copy controlled discs is absolutely absurd to begin with. With this method you are actually punishing those who are willing to […]

Todd Did

A friend of mine played a joke on another friend of mine today. I am. We Todd did! I am sofa king. We Todd did! Heh heh heh, sorry Rob. You walked right into it. Twice! Oh, and sorry 'bout them Jets, eh?

Pittsburgh 17, Cincinnati 10

Ahh, the Bungles. Regardless of their record over the past, oh, since whenever the hell Boomer Esiason retired, the Bungles typically put up a pretty good show against the Steelers. Today was not a day for that show. Today was a day for Steeler football a bit like the way it used to be: 138 […]

QotD: Exes

Question: How many of your ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends do you continue to talk to regularly? My Answer: Over half. The first requested we stop talking so that she could "get over me." Another short "fling" of a thing ended when the woman (girl) got childish. The others (and it's a stretch to call anyone but […]