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Archive for November, 2003

QotD: Sequels

Question: What is the best sequel ever? My Answer: Y'know, I can't really say. Star Wars had bad sequels (2 and 5). Terminator 2 is a classic and may be up there. Hmm, yeah, I'm going to have to go with T2 for $200, Alec. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day […]

More on Zinio

I've previously mentioned Zinio on this blog, and its shortcomings, but as I read through my free copy of Mac Developer Journal, I'm appalled by a few other issues. The magazine opens to a glowing review of Zinio in the form of an editorial. Derrick Story says that Zinio is the best way to distribute […]


Today I ordered from B&H Video a Sony Cybershot DSC-U60. The nicest feature of this camera: it's waterproof. To five feet, but since my kayak really isn't an underwater vehicle, that's fine. It should be able to put up with a bit of splashing. This purchase only reminded me how much I dislike the whole […]

Mac Developer Journal

I'm not sure if I should subscribe to Mac Developer Journal, but there's a discussion here that'd dissuaded me at least a little bit. Hell, I didn't even know there was a new development magazine available until I read that entry. Am I out of it? Eek! 🙂 Anyone seen the first edition? I'm not […]

I Watch the Same TV As Steve

I watch the same TV shows as Steve. Namely, West Wing. I miss Sorkin. This season, though it's not tanking, is relying on cheap drama instead of the intense, thoughtful drama of the Sorkin days. Oh well.

QotD: President

Question: If you were offered the presidency of the United States, would you take it? My Answer: Yes. Then I'd listen to my advisors, do as they said, and fire the ones that gave bad advice. It'd be one hell of an experience. They say that very few people want to be President, and though […]

My Political Compass

Inspired (poor word choice I know) by this mention at Bryan Bell's site, I took the political compass test at Economic Left/Right: -2.00 Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.28 Like Bryan, I'm largely a leftist libertarian (a mild one at that), if the results of that quiz are to be believed.

QotD: Marijuana

Question: Should Marijuana be legalized? My Answer: I don't smoke it, and I wouldn't regardless of whether it was legalized or not. So, for me, I don't care. I must then ask myself how it might affect the people with whom I associate. Many of my friends admit to occasional and sometimes daily marijuana use. […]

The Matrix

I didn't even know that the Matrix 3 was out today. That almost nobody I know knew it either illustrates just how poorly the Matrix 2 was received. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that 3 is any better: Just came from one of the first showings of Matrix: Revolutions (Germany, don't know why, but it started […]

How to Find Fish

Here are the top ways to find fish: Look for them on the surface or just under the surface of the water. Look for them on your depth finder. Go to "known good spots" and "fishy structure." Listen for fish farts. Uhmmm… But wait! It gets better! So a more likely cause was air escaping […]

Flying Ties

My dad used to tie flies, and often, a slip of the tongue would produce the phrase "flying ties" instead of "tying flies." After a few such slips, it became "the way it was." So, tonight, I went to the Bass Pro shop (mega-store) in Ft. Lauderdale to "fly some ties." Seen at right are […]

QotD: Hobby Income

Question: What percentage of your income goes towards your hobbies? My Answer: I'd estimate that anywhere from 10 to 30% of my income goes to my hobbies. I'm a work hard, play hard kinda guy, and I've got hobbies ranging from kayak fishing to gaming, from rock climbing to movies and music. The other 70-90% […]

Without Fail

From this article comes: "I tried using Musicmatch briefly with my iPod, only to discover it was extremely slow, had a very poor user interface, and caused my PC to hang or crash without fail," Harder wrote. It hung or crashed without fail. If that's not an oxymoron, it's pretty darn close. 🙂

QotD: Fonts

Question: How many fonts do you have? My Answer: About 250. 225 or so of those are left over from the times when I used to need that many (or more) - when I did more design than I do now - and the other 25 or so are pretty critical system-type fonts. And FWIW, […]

Baitcasting for Sharks

I went to the local (well, 35 minutes away) Bass Pro super-store today to pick up some tippet and leader material for the flyrod and a cheap rod and reel for the sharks. I settled on an Abu Garcia 6500C4 (the reel) and some Bass Pro collapsing (only the butt section collapses a foot) 7'6" […]