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Archive for November, 2003


Erik is listening to "One More Addiction" by Natalie Imbruglia from the album "Left of the Middle" (1997). Erik has rated this song 3.0 stars and last played this song Friday, June 27, 2003 7:10:51 PM. Every time that song comes on I remember working for Nintendorks. I remember staying up late at night, chatting […]

Accents in the Finder

I'm hoping that someone can explain this to me: why can't the Finder handle accents properly? It can - as you can see when I'm renaming the file - but not persistently. Heck, the Terminal shows the "é" properly in "Exposé" - why can't the Finder? Hrmph. On an unrelated note, I very much like […]

Malta Fishing

Andy sent me this picture from a vacation of his. I love it when people can't read (though I wonder somewhat why the sign is in English). If you're interested, you too can Visit Malta.

Picking up Chicks

I think Eric (the imposter) sent this to me: The Ferrett's Rules For Picking Up Chicks. The cartoon he links to is amusing, and typically not my kind of cartoon. Fap fap fap. Anyway…


I'm considering buying a copy of iRecordNow. I've just sent the authors an email asking if they'd like to trade, in fact, for a license to any Freshly Squeezed Software product. Has anyone used it? It seems rather simple (which is good) and it works with my iSight as it should. The controls could use […]

.term Files

Has the format for .term files changed in some way? In Mac OS X 10.2, you could set up a terminal window the way you'd like, hit cmd-s, and save a .term file. You could then open the file, add something to the <ExecutionString>, and then you'd have a double-clickable "application." I used these quite […]

Britney… Again

You wish: This girl can't seem to keep her clothes on. Pity.

Lake Wyman

So, I'm going to head on over to Lake Wyman tomorrow for some fishing. I've really got no idea whether there are any fish in there, but what the heck, right? It's about two or three miles from the Boca Inlet, and it's worth a shot. The wind is really whipping around outside right now. […]

Redesign: FSS

I've completed (in Photoshop CS, now that I have it) a new mockup for Freshly Squeezed Software's Web site. If you're curious, click the picture to the right. This is most easily compared with the current MailDrop page. The FSS site has received a lot of compliments over the years. Yes, it's quite true that […]

QotD: Cart

Question: This is a different kind of question, because I haven't got an answer per se, but am seeking answers. The question is this: now that I've started an ITMS Shopping Cart (I'd previously used "Buy Now" exclusively), what songs should I add to the cart? Please answer by linking to albums, artists, or specific […]

QotD: Nails

Question: How often do you clip your fingernails? My Answer: At least once a week, oftentimes two or three times. I can't stand long or even barely long nails. They hit keys as I type or otherwise bug me. I can't really scratch myself, because I have no nails, but somehow I manage to get […]

Kayak Shots

Here are a few kayak fishing shots I wanted to post - with a bit of quick commentary - before I forget that they're there. In order… Squinting is what I do best when staring into the sun. I think I look like a bug. Shark on in this one. This is the first shark […]

QotD: Pineapple Soda

Question: Have you ever had pineapple soda? My Answer: Oooh, I have recently, and it's very, very good. Just a bit tart, just a bit sweet. FWIW, I'm calling it "soda" here instead of "pop" because "pineapple pop" sounds odd to me. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in […]

Paris Hilton?

So apparently Paris Hilton banged Shannen Doherty's former husband, and the tape, like Pamela's several, was "misplaced." And apparently my grasp of pop culture has declined so low that I'm only now hearing about this today? Of course, the amount that I care has also reached new lows. Update: I'm not Paris Hilton. To the […]

QotD: Sayings

Question: What's one thing you've learned? My Answer: If someone's doing something that looks hard, they're not doing very well at it. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.