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Archive for January, 2004

QotD: Question

Question: If you could ask me one question, what would it be? My Answer: I'll answer them too so long as they're halfway serious. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Beer

Question: Do you like beer? My Answer: Not particularly. I like mixed drinks more. If that makes me a girly-mon, so be it. Most beer is akin to carbonated Mexican piss (you can ask my friends Juan, Paco, and Carlos about that one) - the few that aren't include Guinness, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, and […]


I plan to go to WWDC this year, but my ADC membership is up for renewal at the end of February. I wrote this letter to ADC today: In years past, you've offered for $1500 a "WWDC + Select Renewal" deal. For the $1500, you got your Select Renewal, a hardware discount, a WWDC coupon, […]

QotD: Haircutting

Question: How much do you pay for a haircut? My Answer: $15, and I tip $5 because my barber is a nice guy. He doesn't talk too much, he doesn't talk about annoying things, and he doesn't shove my head around like a, uhhh, better left unsaid. I could go to MasterCuts and pay $12, […]

The Illiteracy are Appalling

I kid you not, from Then you wake up at the high school level and find out that the illiteracy level of our children are appalling. Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh. Quadruple ugh. Let's hope the ugh doesn't extend four more years.

QotD: Age of Consent

Question: Should there be a legal "age of consent?" If so, what should it be? If not, why not? My Answer: Without some age of consent, it would not be illegal for a 30 year-old to screw a ten year-old. That's wrong. This question comes on the heels of my question of the day about […]

Recent Tunes 2.0 is ready for download. You can grab a copy - free as always - from the freeware page at Freshly Squeezed Software. Recent Tunes 2.0 adds the abilities to post to your blog via SSH1, SSH2, FTP, or for those who like using databases, HTTP GET. Of course, you can turn that […]

QotD: Gambling

Question: What's the most you've ever lost gambling? My Answer: $20 tonight. I lost the majority of it playing Acey-Deucy, a game which I contest has absolutely no skill and is purely luck. I want to play cards and people, dammit, not just lucky or unlucky cards! Especially when all I could get was 5-6 […]

Tabs in a Drawer

Greg, of the Omni Group, is talking about OmniWeb 5 in a forum: 2) It is true that scrolling vertically is a lot more "comfortable" than scrolling horizontally, so while horizontal real estate is generally more available, you do want to make sure that you don't use up too much of it and force a […]

Phone Support

One side of a phone support conversation: press command-R… yes, no, the one beside the space bar no, not in the Finder no, the trackpad the thing above the button near the latch you move your finger around on it next to the space bar it has an apple on it no, not the Finder! […]


I am so sick of morons (especially those named "Scoble"): When you hear DRM think "lockin." So, when you buy music off of Napster or Apple's iTunes, you're locked into the DRM systems that those applications decided on. Really you are choosing between two competing lockin schemes. But, not all lockin schemes are alike, I […]

QotD: Adults

Question: Should people under the age of 18 be tried as adults? My Answer: A six year old that commits murder may not know any better, but what about a sixteen year old? Where do you draw the line? I think the courts system does its best, but a black and white line may make […]


So much for getting anything done today… Update @ 2pm: Toldja so. Update @ 11pm: Wow, I'm finally done. And how appropriate that the last story I read ended with this paragraph: Finally she came across a floral symbol that was used in Sweden to indicate an interesting feature or attraction in a campground. She […]

QotD: Open Book

Question: How do you feel about open book tests? My Answer: I despised them. 10% of what I learned in college came from books. They didn't encourage you to study - instead, the encouraged you to literally memorize what information can be found next to what pictures. The high grades went to the people that […]

Rock Star, Build 12

It's been a few days since we posted Rock StarBuild 11, but here now is build 12. Download it from the usual location (1.3 MB). Check the longer entry for the list of changes, improvements, etc. Expected release date: February 10. Expected price: still not sure, but somewhere between $9 and $19 with an introductory […]