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Archive for January, 2004


Now that the Freshly Squeezed Software team is four people (I won't say who was added just yet), and now that I'm moving to a management position in a way (coordination, Web design, advertisement, delegation, etc.), I'm looking at project management software. Good timing, then, that I see this. It's called "Basecamp" and it's Web-based. […]

More iTunes Errors

iTunes: Your shopping cart's contents have changed. Either the prices of some items have changed, or items have been added or removed from another computer. Please review your shopping cart and click Buy Now. I did that. I get this error every time. I've quit iTunes, removed the "$0.00 songs," and so on. I guess […]


Well, it turns out that all I had to do was reverse the throttle control on my radio to get the Storm to go forward. So, I did that, and José and I headed out to the hockey rink to finish breaking in the Storm. I hadn't planned on actually breaking the Storm. We got […]

QotD: Guns

Question: Have you ever shot a gun? My Answer: Obviously, yes. I've fired guns at targets about 10,000 times more than I've fired a gun at a living creature (birds, deer, rabbits), but that's what good hunters do - practice enough that they're confident they can make the shot. You are encouraged to answer the […]

QotD: Flying

Question: What's the most unusual thing in which you've ever flown? My Answer: I've flown in planes. I've never flown in a helicopter, blimp, or hot air balloon. What's left? I suppose you could list hang gliders, those things they drag behind boats, and so on. I've never flown in any of those either. So, […]

Can’t Buy Some iTunes

I was going to buy my whole shopping cart ($49.81) in the iTunes Music store, but two of my items (the "Fear" two-track album by Sarah McLachlan and the "Imitation of Life EP" by R.E.M.) show up as $0.00. Previews play but I can't access the album's pages in the iTMS. Search for Sarah McLachlan […]

GS Racing Storm

So now I've got a GS Racing Storm R/C car. Justin and I had a bit of an adventure last night getting it turned on, but I' think I've got a grasp of the mechanics now. For my own future knowledge: glow plugs get really freakin' hot really freakin' fast. The car, in idle, burns […]

Helis and Guns

Back Story: Person A guy owns an aerial photography and video company which uses R/C helicopters. He posts on a forum where other people such as person B also own companies or shoot photos/video post as well. $60,000 of person A's equipment was recently stolen, and in the investigation, a video made by person B […]

QotD: mipod

Question: Do you want a miniPod? My Answer: Not really. Mine never leaves my car anyway… and interchangeable face plates would have been nice for a few reasons. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: Snack Food

Question: What's your favorite snack food? My Answer: I just finished an entire bag of cheese puffs. The white cheddar kind. White cheddar popcorn gets me every time too. Pretzels sometimes. I'm not too big on potato chips, though. Hmm. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments […]

Building a Helicopter

So I'm trying to build this R/C helicopter, and let me tell you, it's one helluva bitch. It's got screws all over the place, and none of them are marked. The "manual" is a big book full of bad pictures that hardly do enough to illustrate the procedure necessary. It's a wonder even seasoned people […]

QotD: Hand Raising

Question: When a question was asked in class, what did you do? My Answer: I used to be the kid who knew all the answers (still do, dammit! :-D), so I'd raise my hand. Then it'd get to the point where the teacher knew that I knew the answer, and would call on me if […]

QotD: Built

Question: What's the most impressive thing you've ever built? My Answer: Does this blog count? Just kidding. I "built" Apple Wizards a number of years ago, and that was impressive. I built countless Lego things as a child. Right now I'm building a helicopter (from basically a bag of parts). Take your pick - any […]

OmniWeb 5

So, this here OmniWeb 5 looks a little interesting, eh? I like Safari, but the option to save browsing sessions when I restart - or better yet, when the app quits unexpectedly - could be a godsend. Unfortunately, without the crash protection, how often do you restart the computer? Might be a useless feature.

QotD: Exposing

Question: Do you actually use Exposé? My Answer: Not really. I'm so used to stacking windows in a way that makes them easily accessible that I've never really had windows overlapping. Plus, I've got a large display. I've assigned a button to it on my mouse, but nearly never use it. It still makes for […]