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Archive for January, 2004

Full Feeds vs. Summaries

One of the discussions making the rounds (again) is "feeds: full vs. summary?" It's a good discussion, and one I've had with myself a few times. The answer I always come to: summaries. The reasons: Summaries encourage conversation because you can't comment from NNW. Summaries encourage people to visit the site. The site contains information […]

QotD: Cards

Question: What's your favorite card game? My Answer: I like Poker, but the game I've had the most fun playing has got to be Hearts. My mom, grandma, and sister had some brutal games of Hearts as recently as five years ago. Just brutal! You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for […]

Album Artwork

I'm trying to get my album artwork in order, largely due to the fact that I realize how little of my songs have album artwork. Unfortunately, iTunes offers no "has no album artwork" smart playlist option. Bummer. 🙁 So, anyway, I'm working on it. iTunes Catalog has largely proven useless - it is for […]

QotD: Computers

Question: How many computers do you currently own? How many no longer work but serve as nostalgic pieces? My Answer: Four and two. I still use an eMate 300 I've got, so it's in the first group. The latter contains two original Macs that may or may not work - I haven't tried to turn […]


Dave Hyatt talks about coding to standards accepting malformed content. I, like David, want want a browser that doesn't accept crap, or even a browser with a "No Crap" mode. Unfortunately, such a browser would limit my browsing to this blog and the FSS site (and even they wouldn't be available sometimes). iCab used to […]

I've quietly snuck onto the Web late in the evening (or early in the morning) and posted updates to FTPeel 1.1 and MailDrop 1.3.1. Change lists are here and here. You can download these updates here and here. Good night. Tomorrow morning I'll update VT, MU, and send the email to our list members.

QotD: Sidebar

Question: Now that you've had a chance to play with Panther's Finder sidebar, what do you think? My Answer: I use mine extensively. The sidebar contains my iDisk (I rarely use this), Network (again, rarely), and one of my two HDs. Beneath the bar I've got /Applications, ~/, ~/Documents/Downloads, ~/Desktop, an FSS folder, and ~/Sites. […]

FSS: Now Hiring

Freshly Squeezed Software is hiring, tentatively. Interested applicants should be well-versed in Cocoa as well as have a good understanding of networking. We accept a lot of on-the-job learning (every programmer learns on the job), but we don't want a newbie. For that matter, we're not offering a career either, so hard-core 24/7 type programmers […]

Grrrrr – iTMS “Too Full”

Yesterday I added two "Essentials" albums and the "Top 100 of 2003" from the iTunes Music Store. Ever since, when I try to access my shopping cart (for paring), I am told: Joy. When I click my shopping cart, I see "Accessing Music Store" for a few minutes before this error appears. Activity Monitor shows […]

QotD: Flat Tax

Question: If you were going to institute a flat tax, what would the terms be? If you're so against the flat tax that you can't think of any terms, why? My Answer: The first $25,000 is free. No tax. After that, income is taxed at 40%. A paycheck of $1500 every two weeks ($3k/month, so […]

Rock Star, Build 11

Yes, we just released build 10, but here is Rock Star build 11. Grab it from the same location as before. This time the file is 1.4 MB, not 11.3. What's New In Build 11 now graciously asks user to locate iTunes folder if it isn't at its expected location (~/Music/iTunes/) and stores the selected […]

The Transition to X

Some folks are discussing whether "10 million Mac OS X users" is really the same as "the transition is essentially complete." They say Apple is ignoring 60% of its market. Some simple math backs up Apple's statement. Apple ships around 500,000 computers per quarter. Macs need a G3 and USB ports to run Panther, and […]

Rock Star Preview

If you'd like to download an in-progress copy of Rock Star, you may do so here. There are quite a few things left to be done: Multiplayer game High Score Implementation (local and Web-based) A bug regarding the score at the end of the game Weeding out of some more file types (.aa, "Spoken Word" […]

QotD: Bush

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how well has Bush done? 1 = shitty, 10 = awesome. My Answer: I'm the last guy you want to ask about politics, but as much of the "policy" put into place by the current administration affects me or the things in which I am interested in (not to […]

Six Days

So, in the next month or two I will have all of about eight days off. That's what a six-day work week brings you. But hey, I asked for it and a person on my team was let go. Things will be better this way, probably for everyone involved. FWIW, Sunday is my new "day […]