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Archive for April, 2005

QotD: Hell

Question: Do you believe that Hell, as traditionally described, exists? My Answer: Hell exists in one's mind. I'm asking this question because a friend of mine recently told me that there are a lot of religious people who believe that "Hell" as everyone describes it is a myth, a fairy tale designed to teach children […]

Residence After Close

The folks currently living in the home Carey and I bought asked for "15/DAC" or "15 days after close" before possession is turned over. We asked our realtor if that was unusual, and she said "yeah, you don't see it very much, but people often do that because they're not sure they can find a […]

QotD: Investments

Question: Daniel, in a comment on a previous entry, suggested that given the low mortgage rate, it's better to invest your money than to pay off a mortgage early. Today's question is simply this: what investments safely yield an 8% or higher return, can be easily withdrawn for large purchases (car, etc.), and require little […]


Imagine an American man of 30. He has a young family, he's been married for a few years, and he's looking at buying a home very soon to raise his family. He'll change diapers and put money into a college savings account. He'll watch school plays and mow his lawn. He may never own a […]

Mortgage a Done Deal

Carey and I went to sign the mortgage today after first stopping by to sign the contract. It's now about as official as it can get. Just a few steps remain: Get a home inspection (home, pest, radon). Scheduled for 3:30 on Thursday. Get home insurance. Carey and I will call around today. Get the […]

Photoshop CS 2 the Jackass

Right, cuz Macs have always been the ones with the funny file naming conventions. Particularly when displaying images in Web browsers. Uhhhh, no. Nice little slap, there, Adobe, but I'll gladly uncheck the "Mac OS 9" and "Windows" checkboxes (after I found them - what a pain) and leave the "UNIX" box checked.

Some House Pictures

So here's where I'll be living come June 12, 2005. Right there on that little bend in the street. The "x" marks the location of a picture (see the extended entry) and the black lines mark the land that's ours (Update: this isn't accurate - we're right against the street. Duh.). The black rectangle is […]

House Ready to Go

Quick update. The couple that owns the house now counter-offered at $192,000 and no washer and dryer (a $3,000 pair or so) and we accepted. Why someone would bother to risk offending someone for a measly thousand bucks is beyond me.

QotD: When to Mac

Question: If you weren't always a Mac user, how did you come to be a Mac user? My Answer: I've always been a Mac user, though for a few months my freshman year of college I used my roommate's PC. Then I bought my own Mac. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the […]

More on House #2

The house Carey and I are interested in came on the market on Monday at $194,900. We saw it on Thursday as part of a five-house tour, though we left off one house that didn't look appealing and cut other visits short after seeing the house we liked. The house is in a nice little […]

QotD: QotD

Question: If you could write one question of the day for me, with the guarantee that I'll use it if it's usable (and hasn't already been used), what would it be? My Answer: If you could write one question of the day for me, with the guarantee that I'll use it if it's usable (and […]

Offer Down

Carey and I put an offer in on the house we're interested in. Not the first one, again, but the second one. I'll draw up a floor plan and some other things later. We'll know by tomorrow at 5pm what the deal is. Wowee!

QotD: Home Essentials

Question: Carey and I are looking to make a list of home essentials. We've got a lot of everything already - furniture, cooking stuff, etc. - but we're curious as to what we may be forgetting. What things do you consider home essentials that two people who have lived on their own are unlikely to […]

Did We Find Our Home?

A listing came up on Monday, and Carey and I added it to the list of houses we wanted to see today. We looked at one house, then visited the new one. It may be our future home. It's nearly 2000 square feet with only six rooms. A front "playroom," a massive family/living room, a […]

QotD: Anger

Question: When you're angry with someone, how do you handle it? My Answer: I usually tell them in a straight-forward fashion that they're making me angry, though I do have a bit of a passive-aggressive streak sometimes. But it really takes quite a bit to make me angry. I'm intense, and sometimes people think I'm […]