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Archive for April, 2005

Jeremy Boles and OpenTracker

I happened to glance at NSLog();s stats today, and I checked out the referrers section to see if I was getting any spam. Along with Google and Bloglines hits I saw that someone named Jeremy Boles was linking to me. Hi Jeremy! Very nice site you've got there - real nice. I am, after reading […]

QotD: New Pope

Question: If you were elected Pope, what would you make your first order of business? My Answer: I'd find the room to build a golf course somewhere in Vatican City. No, I'm kidding. I'd attempt to reunite the sciences with faith, and show that the two are not mutually exclusive in any way, and are […]

The Masters is supposed to be embracing technology by including a live look at the Practice Tee. You can hit up and click the "Live Video from the Practice Tee." It don't work. I try Safari, I try Firefox, I try Camino, I try OmniWeb. I try different browser settings and user agents. I […]

Soft Box for Photography

For various reasons, including product reviews at The Sand Trap and a growing (but still quite small) interest in macro object photography, I'm considering building a "soft box" for photography. The soft box is, in case I'm using improper terminology here, a "box" built with translucent (like white cloth) sides, into which I can place […]

QotD: Advertising

Question: Do you actively block web advertising (or do you just not pay any attention to it)? My Answer: I don't block it, but I don't pay much attention to it either. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

When ordering the Adobe Photoshop CS 2 upgrade today, I noticed that their shipping had a few options, like "Continental US" and "Alaska" and "Hawaii" for the same DHL Express service. Since when did Alaska get stuck on another continent? Might I suggest the term "contiguous" United States? Cuz, last I checked, Alaska was still […]

A project I'm working on needs a small piece of software, and I'm a tad too busy at the moment to write it myself. The software, which should run on Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 and which should ideally have a Cocoa UI, has a few simple requirements. At its core, it's a method for testing […]

April Snowstorm

Just a quick follow-up on the blizzard from a day or two ago: it's now supposed to get up to 74° by Wednesday. You know, two days from now. These two pictures were taken mid-day yesterday (we got another six inches after it) and this morning, when it had already gotten up to about 42°. […]

QotD: Developer CDs

Question: Does anyone actually use the ADC CDs/DVDs as anything but a coaster or, in my case, trash? My Answer: Nope. For some reason, I have a big ol' stack of them though. I should probably trash 'em. Question inspired by Dan. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in […]

A Well-Travelled Pope

The Pope's personal impact on my life was rather minimal. I respect the work he did, and I was only mildly frustrated that, typical of US and world news coverage, we talked more about the great things the guy did after he'd died than in the past, y'know, eight months while he was dying. However, […]


OK, so yesterday I played golf for the third day in a row. Today, we get six inches of snow in blizzard-like conditions. By Wednesday, they're predicting partly cloudy skies and 66°. Friggin' Erie!

QotD: Bacon

Question: How do you like your bacon? My Answer: Medium to pretty crispy. I don't like really greasy bacon. It just feels really, really unhealthy. Crispy bacon is almost like potato chips (which themselves feel really greasy and unhealthy). You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or […]

(Boring) Photo Friday

You know, the pictures posted to Photo Friday would be a lot easier to look at if: camera phone pictures - you know, those crappy 320 x 240 ones - were not allowed. Oh, and people should stick to the freakin' theme. This week's theme is "Hot" and there are so many entries that seem […]

I like AAC files. I import 192kpbs AAC files. Why, then, must I change my import settings, convert AAC files to MP3, and then burn an MP3 CD? Attempting to burn an MP3 CD with a playlist full of AAC files results in an error dialog stating that none of the items can be burned. […]

QotD: Juice

Question: What's your favorite flavor of juice? My Answer: Cherry when I can find it. Not the fake kind, either. Strawberry/Kiwi is good. A good white grape juice. Cranberry. Pineapple. Orange. Apple. Banana. Mango. It's funy, but my least favorite flavor of juice is fruit punch - a mixture of lots of fruits. You are […]