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Archive for October, 2005

Daring the Membership

John Gruber talks about reasons why his blog's subscribers (just over 1000) may not have re-subscribed (only 551 so far), but he leaves one out. Last year, when John was soliciting subscribers ("members"), he talked about how revenue from his blog would help to guarantee that he would regularly publish full, detailed articles. Last year, […]

QotD: No Steve Jobs

Question: If Steve Jobs had died of pancreatic cancer six months ago, where would Apple be now? In a year? My Answer: I think we'd they'd be at about the same place now, though with far less optimism. The products and plans Apple had six months ago probably dictated that we'd still be at about […]

Trailers to iTunes

Yesterday I posted quite a few things about iPods, video, and the iTunes Music Store. I spent most of the afternoon attempting to find some way to automate the process of downloading movie trailers, encoding them in the iPod video format, and copying them into iTunes (so that they would be synchronized to the iPod). […]

$100k OBO

According to Technorati, this blog is worth $100,000. If anyone is interested, I offer flexible financing and am willing to barter. 😉

iTunes 6 Loses ‘Sheen’

Scott points out that iTunes 6 has lost the "sheen" or reflection added in iTunes 5, and he's correct.

iTunes Could Use CoreVideo

The iTunes Music store employs a lovely little reflection on its videos in preview mode, but the video loses the reflectivity when playing: What a great opportunity to use CoreVideo! I mean, c'mon Apple, put some effort into it! The videos in the store would look so much better with that lovely little reflection.

Fixing Broken DV Files in iMovie

Since my resource forks were blown away by Backup, a lot of the iMovies I've kept on disk failed to work because all of the "Clip"s in the Media folder were wiped of their creator code and file type. If I added ".dv" to the files, iMovie complained that it could not locate the files. […]

NerdTV, The Video Feed

Does NerdTV not have a video podcast feed you can use in iTunes? When I try to subscribe to in iTunes I'm told that I cannot. I think having multiple enclosures (entire show, nerdy bit, juicy bit) confuses iTunes. Do each have their own feed as well?

Movie Trailers in iTMS

Well, it's officially an iTunes Music Store, Video Edition lunch for me today. Another question: why can't I download trailers via the store for play on my iPod? It seems like a logical extension. I can download movies from and convert them for use on the iPod. Why can't Apple provide "iPod Trailers" within […]

Question: Have you bought any iTunes videos yet? My Answer: I have not. I was tempted to grab the Pixar shorts, but I don't really want to look at my iPod to see them. I don't have any commutes, so the TV shows don't interest me (and I only watch one of them regularly anyway). […]

Music Videos on iTMS

I can see people buying TV shows for their iPod. Heck, if I had a commute, I'd buy some TV shows to watch going and coming to work. But I think music videos may be the bigger catch, the bigger draw. They're dual-purpose, in fact: if the music video comes up in a random playlist […]

It's now available.

Last night Carey and I watched an international edition of "House Hunters." It featured some guy living with his girlfriend while looking for a small flat or home in the UK somewhere near her. The show explained that there are two options for home ownership in the UK: "free hold" where you own the house […]


While requesting my (lost) license for Trans Lucy so that I could watch Lords of Dogtown today, I saw that CE Software is now called "Startly Technologies" (eh?) and that they had a product called "Docktopus" that could basically put useful little badges on your dock icons. I was very interested in two of the […]

LaunchBar iTMS Search Template

Today I attempted to use the Apple iTMS Link Maker to make a search template for LaunchBar and the iTunes Music Store, but that didn't go anywhere. Then I remembered that I had blogged about itms:// links. That post contained the information I needed. So, here for those who care is a LaunchBar template for […]