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Archive for October, 2005

Here's a loud, loud vote in favor of Saft adding an "unsupported" mode - and the option to invoke it following a software update that bumps Safari. I'm tired of waiting up to 24 hours just to get a new version of Saft that more than likely does nothing new but support a slightly newer […]

NetFlix History Analyzer

From iodine, I found the NetFlix History Analyzer. I'll update this post when NetFlix sends me my history. I wonder if it will be tainted by the few months when I had unsubscribed… My previous run wasn't too spectacular. I quit when I realized the pricing had gone up to $21.95. It's now back down […]

Some 31 pages of information. No doubt the digital models can use just about all of the advice.

Compressing a Movie

At The Sand Trap, we're looking to start a new column. Someone will send us their video, we'll critique their swing, and post our thoughts to the site. It'll be similar to the help given on this site (which I set up for my high school golf team). Like the second link above, I'd like […]

Ever since moving to MovableType 3.2 on both this blog and The Sand Trap, ecto has failed to work properly when setting the Publish/Draft setting. Ecto seems to preserve what's set on the server most of the time, and when a new entry is created in ecto, it's marked as published. Even if the mode […]

WWW Required

I've written about this before… a Web site configured such that "www" (or its absence) causes the site to fail to work. Today I found another: times out while works quickly. Silly! FWIW, I hate "www." I think it's redundant and useless. "" should go to the same place as "" and, particularly […]

QotD: ‘Chilly’ Weather

Question: "Chilly" is a relative term, but generally speaking, what temperature is "cold" for you? My Answer: In September, 50°F (10°C) is cold for me, but in the spring that's almost shorts weather. In general, anything beginning with the number "5" or is chilly. Anything beginning with a "3" is "cold." You are encouraged to […]

QotD: Keyboard

Question: Which keyboard do you use and prefer? My Answer: Fortunately for me, they're on and the same: the keyboard Apple ships with its desktops. I used the black ones for a long time and held on to them even though I had a white one, but I finally gave in when I moved here […]

Creating Music for My Podcast

Aaron pointed me towards the podsafe music network, but I figure there are other options, too. One is all that royalty-free music Apple had posted a long time ago to .Mac (I should still have those files somewhere, but I've gotta look for them, as they no longer seem to be on .Mac). The final […]

First (Sand Trap) Podcast Now Up

Today I published that Podcast I've been talking about. I've also submitted it to iTunes - I wonder how long it will take until it appears? If anyone at Apple wants to push it through quickly, by all means, go ahead… 😉 Before next week's Podcast, I'm going to round up a bunch of sound […]

QotD: Suggestions for the iPod

Question: What would you change about the current iPod? There are a lot of suggestions here if you're interested. My Answer: I think that the ability to store and play back higher-quality (NTSC at least) movies would be nice, because I could carry around a little cord and play funny things on a TV for […]

Question: What third-party software you still miss from Mac OS 7, 8, or 9? My Answer: You know what I really wish I had? Gravité! Dang that was an awesome control panel. If someone were to write it for Mac OS X, why, I'd give them a hundred bucks (so long as they gave me […]

Podcast Problems – Help?

Today, Jeff (from The Sand Trap) and I attempted to record our first podcast. Armed with a copy of Audio Hijack Pro and Skype, I connected and we could hear each other. I was routing the conversation (both sides) through headphones plugged into the front of my G5 and using an iSight as my microphone. […]

Learning from Dora

It's true: So's the part about Verizon crippling their Bluetooth phones.

To My Wife On Her Birthday

Oh, how I love the older woman. Just the one, actually, my wife. Sometimes, I still cannot quite believe that I married HER. That girl. I have to pinch myself (or at least turn on the heated seat in my car) to make sure I'm not dreaming. I really am married to Carey. Carey's not […]