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Archive for November, 2005

QotD: 9 to X and Popup Folders

Question: Do you miss Mac OS 9's "popup folders"? Have you done anything to get them back? My Answer: I missed them originally because I often kept some commonly-used folders down there. Since customizing the Finder's sidebar, I don't miss them anymore… and I can have more than one of them open at once. You […]

Pirates in Need of Makeover

And Mark Cuban is the answer? So they say: Colorful Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban grew up a Pirates fan; so he has served notice: If owner Kevin McClatchy ever puts the team up for sale, he wants to bid on it.And Pirates fans are pulling for him. This ball club hasn't posted a winning […]

Ecto 2.4 Linebreak Bug

Recently released ecto 2.4 has a bug re: linebreaks. I submit an article that looks like this and it comes back as being formatted like this. In MovableType, the original linebreaks are preserved. However, re-publishing the "broken" entry changes removes the duplicate line breaks (you know, the ones that insert paragraph breaks). This is 100% […]

The ‘feed://’ Protocol

When a user encounters a 404 on this site (and a few others I run), I run MovableType's search and show the results to the user (or forward them to the appropriate entry if there's only one match). I also send an email to myself, and lately they've been illustrated that a good many users […]

The Steelers @ Indy

We'll see about this: Smith, Starks, and Farrior all should be back for Monday night's donnybrook. And finally a healthy backfield of Willie, Jerome, Duce, and Verron will be backing up Big Ben. Look for the Steelers to shockingly dominate and pistol-whip Peyton in a 34-20 laugher. I think Peyton is over-rated, but I think […]

QotD: 9 to X and Interface Sounds

Question: Do you miss Mac OS 9's "interface sounds"? Have you done anything to get them back? My Answer: Mac OS 9's sound effects when choosing menus, dragging windows, etc. may be one of my most missed features, in fact. I ran Xounds for awhile, but removed it when my software company began making bug […]

QotD: 9 to X and Windowshade

Question: Do you miss Mac OS 9's "windowshade" functionality? Have you done anything to get it back? My Answer: I miss it somewhat. I think that with Exposé (which I rarely use simply because I've never forced myself to get into the habit of using it), cmd-tab, and cmd-tilde, windowshading is something that was a […]

XBox 360 Doomed?

Someone pointed me to a thread on IGN's forums about how the XBox 360 will be a failure because… of who knows. I forget - the points they made were just weak. I posted a quick response that will probably be met with flames. Essentially, as a Mac user, I feel I have a unique […]

10 Tips for Great Pictures

You too can take better pictures with these 10 tips.

Not so: While no "green" person would ever advocate buying a hybrid for purely economic reasons, it is painfully obvious that existing hybrids lack the ability to make up for their steep prices with gas savings. Read more here.

Safari Secrets

The only one of the ten I found useful was the one to turn off PDF viewing: defaults write WebKitOmitPDFSupport -bool YES FWIW, I already use SAFT and consider it a lifesaver for one purpose: saving tabs when Safari crashes.

QotD: Thanksgiving Off

Question: Did you honestly think that I would go one day without a QotD? My Answer: I didn't, but then again, I'm me. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

QotD: iSight Usage

Question: Do you own an iSight or a Webcam? How often do you use it? My Answer: Yes, and next to never. I bought an iSight for my parents as well but they never wanted to use it… You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

iTunes Problems Today?

Anyone else having problems today? I can't buy a movie I put in my shopping cart yesterday.

CSS Rules and Browser Support

This is a handy guide to which browsers apply which CSS rules.