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Archive for November, 2005

Ridding Two Spaces

I think a previous version of MovableType liked creating double underscores "__" in URLs, typically when titles were of the "word + another" variety (two spaces separated by something that was stripped during "dirification"). I've gone through and re-created all the posts that had "__" in them to remove those double underscores. These double underscores […]

Is it just me, or are the Weavers on the Amazing Race some of the most obnoxious, annoying, and ignorant people you've ever seen on reality TV? They constantly make fun of other teams, then wonder aloud why they're unliked, which then prompts them to make fun of the other teams again. They are supposedly […]

Mario Kartfest 2K5

Mario Kart for Apple Geeks Invitational, Monday, November 28, 9:30pm EST. I'll try to be there, I guess. I hereby christen the event "Mario Kartfest 2K5." If we manage to squeeze another one in, why, it'll be 2K5.1. 🙂

Hey look, they crash like crazy! Go figure!

VW Vibe

Look, it's a Volkswagen Vibe! Or a VW Matrix, if you're more the Toyota type. In other VW news, the $100k, 12-cylinder Phaeton is done in the U.S. market. VW has only sold about 700 so far this year.

Roses are FF0000

Spotted on the Web somewhere: Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF, All my base are belong to you. See now if it were me, I'd have written "#f00" and "#00f." I really like CSS shorthand and I dislike capital letter hex, for some reason.

Quick Mod_Rewrite Question

If I have a URL like this: And I want to redirect users to: (swapping out /direc/ for /folder/), how would I write the mod_rewrite rule? I really should learn regular expressions one of these days.

QotD: Home Page

Question: From a pal, who will probably answer first, comes this: does the phrase "Home Page" as a euphemism for "web page" bother you? My Answer: Not really, but I think I've gotten over it. It used to bother me. What bothers me more now is when people attempt to describe, for example, The Sand […]

TrackBacks: The Utility

Today I stumbled onto an article I wrote quite awhile ago (Mar/03!). It's called "TrackBacks Tough to Understand?" In 2004 TrackBack spamming swelled like crazy. As a result, many people turned TrackBacks off entirely, and their utility is still being debated by many.

For later reference, "Building an Automator Action."

XBox 360s in Erie

Erie must not be a big gaming town. There aren't many EBs or GameStops, and Best Buy (we have one) had 72 XBox 360s (54 Pro, 18 Core). I visited Best Buy this morning at 9:55 (they opened at 9am) and saw two XBox 360s get scooped up by people who had pulled in and […]

Help with Throttling, Please?

I don't have any new information to add to the topic I've previously mentioned here and here, but I've not yet found a solution. This blog is hosted under a virtual private account with Interland, but the problems only really seem to have started with MovableType 3.2 (though I could be wrong about this). If […]

QotD: Finder Problems

Question: What is the most infuriating Finder problem (as of Mac OS X 10.4.3)? My Answer: This one is at the top of my list. Also included on that list is accidentally hitting cmd-F and then having to type something just to click the "X" in the search box to get back to my normal […]

Kevin McClatchy the Turkey

Couldn't have said it better myself: The Pirates owner has been the biggest whiner about baseball's economic system - and the biggest culprit in terms of taking advantage of it to the disadvantage of Pittsburgh's fans. Thanks to the city-financed PNC Park, the Pirates have increased in value from the $90 million McClatchy paid for […]

TiVo ToGo but Not for Me

Look, TiVo ToGo is going to offer "TiVo-to-iPod" conversion from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4. It's too bad that my DirecTiVo: has disabled USB ports, meaning I can't network it or connect it to a computer. doesn't really work with Macs can't handle HDTV, not that DirecTV is all that great for HDTV anyway. I suppose I […]