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Archive for November, 2005

QotD: Candle Scent

Question: What is your favorite candle scent? My Answer: Like most guys, vanilla. And yeah, I guess that's a pretty "vanilla" answer. If I'm trying to get rid of a scent or something, though, citrus and/or pine is always a good choice. It doesn't smell up the place, but it masks really well. You are […]

Big Cocoa Project

Over the next few months, I'll have a large Cocoa project with which I'll need some help. In fact, I may need someone to do a good bit of the work. This is a paying gig - $25 to $30k for six months of work (that's padded from what it should take - about four). […]

Freeplay Music for the Podcast

I found all the Freeplay music on my hard drive (once someone reminded me what it was called), and man is it going to be hard to choose the appropriate sounds for the different show segments! There are so many good choices. 1.77 GB of choices! Of course, the Finder didn't help me out very […]

QotD: Video Podcasts

Question: I'm not sure what a video podcast is named (vcast? vidcast? video podcast), but do you subscribe to or watch any? My Answer: I surmised in an upcoming MacZealots podcast that one of the biggest things the new video iPod may be used for is video podcasts. I currently subscribe to two: the Photoshop […]

Updated Snapshots

I took a few minutes to update the snapshots that appear in the right-hand column on this site. They're random, so… reload a bunch or look at the include file.

Official VW/iPod Adapter Delayed

As I posted in a Touareg forum, the guy I bought my Touareg from had this to say: I am on the phone with the parts dept now. I will not have the adapters here until late December because of the insanely high demand for the parts right now. Basically, the demand is several times […]

Three Video iPod Problems

My first day as a video iPod owner and I've got problems. I've spent about as much time investigating them as I can, and I've solved a few. Here, then, are the unresolved issues: Problem One: Why Not? For whatever reason, a few of the photos I have in iPhoto (JPEGs) won't synchronize to the […]

And lots of people are complaining. In related news, the icon for The Sand Trap's Podcast now appears properly.

Until I read this, I wasn't aware of the fact that RAW support for the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT had been added. Nifty!

Internet Speed Tests

I had been using DSL Reports for 'net speed tests, but this speakeasy test is quite nice.

iTunes Labels

You know what would be nice in iTunes? Labels. That's right, I may want to color some of my songs blue and others red. Mostly for sorting things I have processed against those I haven't, but there could be other reasons. Yes, I could use one of the "extra" fields in the ID3 tags to […]

VaderPod Lands

I suppose it's fitting that the day Star Wars III comes out, I get my black iPod. I'm not the largest (or even the "mediumest") SW fan out there, not by a long stretch, but I've christened the new 60 GB black video iPod "VaderPod." Seeing the animation as it synchronized the first time, I […]

QotD: 1 Million Videos

Question: Did you think Apple would sell 1 million videos in less than three weeks? My Answer: I did not. It just shows how many people have begun using the iTunes Music Store, I suppose. I've yet to buy a video (though I have been converting many of the videos I already have to iPod […]