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Archive for November, 2005

QotD: Text Editor

Question: What text editor do you prefer (CLI, GUI, whatever)? My Answer: BBEdit. Just about always have. Wish the tab implementation didn't suck… but it'll do. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Spamments with No Spam?

In the past minute, this blog has seen spamments from a and an email address that contain the content: I can't believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $60006. Isn't that crazy! … and … Have you seen this before? It's a number guessing game: [url snipped]. I guessed 80584, and […]

QotD: Least Favorite Songs

Question: What are your least favorite songs that, for whatever reason, are still in your iTunes library?? My Answer: Anything by Lauryn Hill. Her voice is more grating than nails on a chalkboard. I keep them because some people like them and I'm not exactly low on disk space. But boy do I skip them […]

Improving the 404 Search

I last wrote about the 404 Search in February 2003 (both here and here. Since that time, I've been using the 404 search code quite heavily on every site with MovableType (or any other blogging package). It's undergone some improvements, however, and the version currently used on The Sand Trap looks like this. An explanation […]

My Own Abstract Art

Carey and I painted our bedroom a pale blue color recently and with a vaulted ceiling, we had a lot of solid, pale blue over the headboard. To save some money (six-foot-wide pictures run, oh, $400 and up) and to make something that we were sure would look good, we purchased three 18 x 24" […]

QotD: Leaves

Question: What's your favorite thing to do with leaves? My Answer: When I was a kid, I used to make leaf rubbings all the time. Just a few colorful crayons, a few leaves, and some paper and I could create some pretty nifty little pieces of art. Well, for an eight-year old, they weren't too […]

Millcreek Leaf Trash Bags

So Millcreek Township dictates that all residents who are looking to dispose of leaves from their yards (and we have plenty) must use biodegradable green trash bags. They put a large article in the paper on Saturday reminding residents of this fact. Carey and I purchase a leaf vacuum/blower/mulcher from Lowe's and stop by the […]

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the news: Q: "If you bought the Pirates would you give up day-to-day operation of the Mavericks?"A: "No."Q: "Are you really interested in buying the Pirates or are you just a long-time frustrated fan who's disappointed with the way the team is being run?"A: "Both."Q: "You told the Associated Press the […]

QotD: Current Book

Question: What book are you currently reading? If you're not reading one, why not? My Answer: A book called "Hogan." It's about Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers of all time. I'm also reading (when I can figure out where I left it) a book called "Little Children." I don't like it very much, […]

Bad Link Test

This is a bad link. I'm using it to test my 404 Search Code. Just ignore this entry, ok?

QotD: Needles and Flu Shots

Question: Are you afraid of needles? Do you get a flu shot every year? My Answer: No, and no. But I just got one today. Carey made me. 🙂 You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

vBulletin TrackBack

vBulletin 3.5.x (I use it here) now includes an easier way to make plugins. Great… but I haven't seen a ton of useful plugins lately. You know what would be a nifty plugin? One that allowed you to send and receive TrackBacks. Then, I could ping the blog ( from the forum and vice versa […]

Soundtrack Pro for Podcasts

I'm not an audio technician. I can get around an audio application, I know what waveforms represent, and so forth, but when it comes to editing audio my skills are limited. I've begun using Soundtrack pro to produce my weekly podcast and I have a few questions. Perhaps some people out there can answer them […]

QotD: Camera Phone Craze

Question: Has the camera phone craze peaked? My Answer: I think so. Usage may still be increasing, but I don't know that I'd call it a "craze" anymore. Since I almost always have my cell phone with me, I don't mind the convergence of cell phones and cameras. What I do mind is the altogether […]

Learning Photography

My thoughts mirror Khoi's. I don't want to know how to manipulate pictures, and I already know how to download pictures: what I want is a class that teaches me how to take good pictures to begin with. I should check into local colleges. Not that there are too many great ones nearby, but it […]