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Archive for November, 2005

I, Robot Not So Bad

I watched I, Robot last night, and contrary to what I'd heard, I kinda liked the movie. The concept was sound. The plot and acting left a little to be desired, as always, but the idea, the concept, and what I have to imagine was Isaac Asimov's true intent, lesson, purpose, etc. stood out as […]

Erie County Election Results

I didn't vote, partly because I didn't know where to vote and partly because I don't care and no Republicans ever win anything in Erie. Then again, I think it's better not to have voted. We get Pittsburgh local channels on DirecTV and I don't read the local news anyway, so my votes would have […]

QotD: iDoom

Question: Have you played iDoom? My Answer: No. I'm afraid it will break something. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

Question: Do you think that Wine will triple the Mac's marketshare in two years? My Answer: I, like Wil, think it could triple. However, I don't think it'll happen unless Apple gets involved with the Wine project and makes it at least a semi-official or pre-installed option, and I don't see them doing that, because […]

Yo-Yo, Ma!

The most incredible yo-yo work I've ever seen.

Dojo Rich Text Editing

I'll have to check back in with Dojo in the next few days or weeks. It's getting interesting.

QotD: Politically Incorrect

Question: What's the most politically incorrect thing you believe but are too hesitant to say? My Answer: I was reading an article in Maxim that talks about military guys coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan and complaining that they're "not properly trained to enter civilian life." I couldn't help but think that these people wouldn't […]


Question: RAID on every consumer-level Mac or no? My Answer: Sure, why not? Give everyone a RAID system. Though fitting the second drive in may create a problem for Ives and his team, I'm sure they can manage to find some place to stick it. Bear in mind it's not only a size but a […]

Bleeker St

Recently I read Redesign/Realign at ALA, and today I stumbled onto ColorSchemer/Realign. One of the themes there, Bleeker St, appealed to me, and I've created a mockup of NSLog(); using the Bleeker tones. You can view the full-size JPEG by clicking the image below (in the individual entry page). I don't particularly care for it, […]

Me on MacZealots

I forgot to mention… Mike Zornek and I talk a little bit about Backup, the iPod Video Music Store, and the Mac OS x86 project. Grab the show here.


Hey look, my name is on TUAW. Yippee. BTW, commenter #9 has some nifty ideas.

QotD: Dashcode

Question: Is this real? Fake? Something to be used internally only? Would you use it? My Answer: It looks real, and it looks like something we could see at MWSF. I hope so, too - it looks nice. You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on […]

IE/Win and Forum Problems

I upgraded the Sand Trap golf forum yesterday to vBulletin 3.5.1. The upgrade went fairly smoothly (I still have a few templates to fix to include some of the new AJAX-y stuff), except that people using Internet Explorer for Windows seem to get the standard "this page cannot be loaded" crap. Supposedly, after clearing cookies, […]

Bing on Mac OS X

Thanks to Aaron Linville, I've compiled bing for Mac OS X: Grab the source: Edit Makefile. Uncomment lines 24, 25 regarding the COMPAT_INCS includes. Edit bing.c (line 110) , bing_probes.c (line 11), and bing_stats.c (line 13) and change <malloc.h> to <malloc/malloc.h> It'll build with several warning (they appear to be innocuous, but I haven't […]

Sheer Computing Bliss

I take about 1% of the credit for switching Jeff to the Mac, and I'm happy he's found sheer computing bliss. Plus, it's funny hearing a youth pastor talk about demons and being posessed.