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Archive for July, 2007

Squish it! I remember when I actually had a bug in my LCD display. I couldn't squish it (I tried to in a corner - really not very wise) but it was behind the LCD layer (duh). So I unplugged the display, put it so the vents (this was the old plastic 23" Cinema) were […]

Ankle Exercises?

I'm playing hockey this winter and, since we have limited ice time available to us (90 minutes once a week) for the next month and a half, I'm wondering: are there any ankle strengthening exercises I can do? I've always found ankle strength to be one of the keys to skating well. I went for […]

Kayaking Near Erie, PA

I have two open-top kayaks from when I lived in Florida (12' and 14' Wilderness Systems kayaks). I'm looking for a few places to kayak around Erie, PA. I'd go on the lake or in the bay, but I'm looking for some easier paddles so the wife can go along. I don't think she'll want […]

Visited Pymatuning

Today we took a trip to Pymatuning State Park to visit the spillway (i.e. the place where the carp are so think you could almost walk on them) and the Deer Park nearby. Here are some photos from that journey. This is the first time in awhile I've gotten the chance to use the camera […]

New Apple Keyboard

Is this the new Apple keyboard (story here)? A few questions arise from looking at the picture linked to in particular: Why would you replace the "help" key with a "fn" key on a full-size keyboard? Why would you interrupt the sequence of f-keys with an eject key in the middle? What purpose will the […]

Meet the Robinsons - Relatively clean humor and plenty of humor that appeals to adults as well. A good message for young'uns. Nice animation, interesting characters, and a good sci-fi/reality mix. RT The Barnyard - Excessive potty and slapstick humor (probably 95% of the humor in the movie). An obfuscated message. Horribly unrealistic and downright […]

Cyndicate will be released on August 1. All that means is that I've got a lot of work to do on Sunday writing the user guide. 🙂

Mid-Am Results

The results of the 2007 EDGA Mid-Am have been posted. I shot 84 in the first round, then came back with a 76 in the second round, including what were "almost" three-putt bogeys on the last two holes (the first putts were from off the green, and both had good speed but a bad line). […]

In the Finder, if I select all the items in a list view, how can I de-select all the items and select only the top or bottom item? I can type a few letters, and the "clear" button near my number pad seems to work, but why don't the up and down arrow keys? This […]

You Park Like An

I sometimes wish I had a few of these cards handy, but I would only use them in really bad cases (unlike many of those in the gallery), and even then I'd be too chicken to use 'em. Spread the love, not the hate, people. But get a good laugh where you can, too. 🙂

Haircuts at Home

Does anyone get haircuts at home? I don't know a hairdresser, but Carey and I are considering buying one of those machines (like the "Flowbee"). My current barber almost never cuts my hair as short as I like and he never gets the fade in the back correct, and I'd rather not pay $15 to […]

Carey and I watched some home-flipping show on HGTV. A woman there claimed her job title was "Director of First Impressions" for a few Nashville-area radio stations. In other words, she's a receptionist. 😛

Freedom Writers

"Freedom Writers" gets four stars (out of five) for me at NetFlix. I like a good teacher story as much as anyone. I particularly liked the reactions of the doubter woman (Mrs. Campbell in the movie). I also didn't know that Miep Gies was still alive (she housed Anne Frank). Meanwhile, "Big Nothing" (for Carey) […]

EDGA Mid-Am at Kahkwa

It appears I tee off at 8:24 on Monday in the EDGA Mid-Am at Kahkwa. Not that anyone cares, but my handicap has dropped two strokes this year to a 3.1. I've had a few rounds in the 1.x range and a few others in the 2.x range. My ballstriking has improved, my driving is […]

Away Status

I don't mind when people on chat clients mark themselves as away when they're really there. I sometimes do this when I don't really want to be bothered but might still want to initiate a conversation or two. I do mind when people are marked as available and yet aren't actually there at their computer. […]