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Archive for April, 2008

Rivet 1.0 Released

Cynical Peak has released Rivet, software for your Mac that will allow you to stream movies, music, and photos to your Xbox 360. This is the 1.0 release, and our software does several things another unnamed piece of software can't do: Rivet lets you share movies from iTunes, iPhoto, and an unlimited number of specified […]

Got Your Taxes Done?

Got your taxes done? It astounds me the number of people who put off their taxes, file extensions, and so on. Sure, the accountants are busy, but most people's tax returns aren't that complex. Thankfully this year we're getting a small refund - a direct result of receiving a check on December 29, 2006 rather […]

Today concluded perhaps the most boring Masters tournament I've ever seen. Last year at least the lead changed hands several times. This year, the way they've set up the course and the winds prevented anyone from making a charge. Winning the Masters by three with a final-round 75? Zzzzzzzzzzz. Thankfully the Pens play tomorrow, and […]

So There’s a House

So there's a house that caught my interest last year. It's a few hundred square feet bigger than the house I live in now, the lot size is about the same, and the location is both slightly better and slightly worse. For the vast majority of the people, it's a worse location. For me, it's […]

Running Behind

Lately here at the blog I've been running a bit behind. Now that I've got the MacBook Pro and I can do things like check my email from downstairs (using Screen Sharing to my Mac Pro here upstairs) I haven't been sitting in front of my "main" computer quite as frequently. I wonder if that's […]

R.E.M.’s Accelerate

I've been a bit busy lately, so I haven't had the chance to listen to R.E.M.'s latest album, Accelerate. I finally managed the time to give it a dedicated listen, and I'm impressed. I've been an R.E.M. fan since long before they became popular, and I've remained one after their popularity has faded. This album […]

MacBook Pro RAM Ordered

I've ordered two 2 GB sticks of RAM from RAMJet for the MacBook Pro. This means I'll have two 1 GB sticks available. If anyone wants them, and can offer a token (shipping plus a few bucks), they're yours. I have no use for them. The RAM will work in MacBooks, Mac Minis, and MacBook […]

We need a tagline for Rivet. If you would like a free copy, suggest the winning tagline or slogan. Rivet is of course a soon-to-be-released application that streams media (photos, videos, and movies) from your Mac to your Xbox 360.

I'd like to make a pinhole camera (just something simple, out of a box or something) with instant film. I'm fairly certain I can find enough variations of pinhole camera online to suit my tastes, but I'm not so certain about the instant film: can it be found? Does it exist in larger sheets than […]

The Democracy (voting) plugin needs an update from 2.0.1 for WordPress 2.5. The un-edited 2.0.1 leaves a lot of "n" characters (presumably from the "\n" characters in the source files) in posts. Per the later comments on the page, removal of all "\n" from the two files class.php and democracy.php is a temporary work-around. Here's […]

Bad Zoo Design

The Erie Zoo is small. That's nice simply because you can get closer to the animals (but not so great for the animals themselves). It has a clear path that you can follow (though you may need to visit a time or two first), and at virtually every point along the path there are animals […]

This bug has not been fixed in WordPress 2.5. The TRAC ID 5793 hasn't been touched for awhile either, unfortunately.

Lightroom 2.0's beta adds, like Aperture 2.0, the ability to have plugins. Unlike Aperture, Lightroom manages to allow plugins to edit data non-destructively ((This may or may not be true. I've read later reports that say Lightroom's plugin architecture is much weaker than Apple's, and that some plugins may have to act the same way […]

From right to left, I have Spotlight, FUS (short username), the date/time, .Mac Sync, Time Machine, AirPort, Spaces, FastScripts, TypeIt4Me, Rivet, and occasionally Twitterrific. So, that's about ten with possibilities for an eleventh. About a year ago, I think I had about six. {democracy:36} P.S. Democracy seems to be having problems with WordPress 2.5.

Cyndicate 1.2 is now available for download from either Cyncial Peak's website or the in-application Sparkle auto-update whiz-bang-a-ma-thing. As with all Cyndicate point releases, this is a free update for all Cyndicate users. This release is mainly bug fixes with a few nice new features added in like posting to twitter and better control over […]