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Archive for April, 2008

Received the Mexican Coke

I'd like to thank the two folks with whom I worked out a deal for some smuggled Mexican Coke. I received my first set and, well, it's great. Not only is it nice to drink from a bottle again, but the taste is very, very clean. There's no syrupy after-taste. Mmmmmm.

Apathy in Blogging

In case you haven't noticed, I've been a bit apathetic lately in blogging. Actually, a mild case of apathy has met with spring weather (i.e. "Erik is out golfing and reviewing golf equipment a lot") and a few little projects here and there. As such, I've started several little entries, but never gotten around to […]

Lying in Photography

Move your mouse over the image here to see what I'm talking about: The flower is, in reality, some sort of purple flower. But blue and yellow are complementary colors, so shifting the magenta channel in Aperture towards blue results in what I believe is a "more pleasing" picture. I've posted this picture for tomorrow's […]

Notify Me, Dammit

Latest pet peeve: websites that lack a "notify me of follow-up comments" functionality. I have one installed here and at The Sand Trap and virtually every other site I manage. If you're using WordPress, I recommend Subscribe to Comments.

Mario Kart Wii

My Wii Code is still online. My Mario Kart code is 3179-6464-7813. Tomorrow, I'll be picking up my copy of Mario Kart for the Wii. I'll spend a fair amount of time playing single player games, but I'd like to play some friends too. If you're a friend, let me know. Comment, email, IM, or […]

Stand-Up Comedians

Carey, her mom, my grandma, and I went to Jr.'s last night. I think the biggest difference between bad comedians and good ones are that the bad comics tell jokes. They start, they end, and you know exactly where those breaks are. Good comedians weave jokes into a running monologue, with no real beginning or […]

Grandma on DVRs

My grandma is visiting, and after we were done watching one of her soaps today, I used the remote to play her second soap ((The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.)). When she was done with that show, she asked me how to rewind it so she could tape her shows […]

Charging at Presque Isle

Is there a law that prevents the city of Erie from charging people to enter Presque Isle State Park? I think Erie - if allowed - should put a booth up at the entrance. Charge $1 per car. Let anyone who walks, skates, or rides (on a bicycle) in for free. Sell season passes for […]

Global Warming

{democracy:37} Golf Digest published a series of articles and interviews in its May issue under the "How Green is Golf?" heading. It's come under fire (and received some support) as noted here and here.

Jared Kuolt has published a good, in-depth review of Rivet. The conclusion is the best part in my opinion <grin>: It's not often that I spend money on software, but products like Rivet that show an unrivaled level of polish make the decision easy. I want it to work without hassle, and Rivet delivers just […]

Coming out of Cracker Barrel today, Carey saw an older, larger woman getting out of the back seat of a car parked next to our VW Touareg. She made a noise like "oh!" as the woman's door came within an inch of hitting our car, then made no noise as the woman pushed the door […]

The downside to sweeping an opponent? Waiting for the next opponent. Pens fans were pretty confident they'd play the Rangers, but the way the playoffs are going, who knows. I tuned the Bruins-Habs game on with about 8:30 left in the third. The score was 3-2. Within the next six minutes, four goals had been […]

Yet another thing to buy for the home: a gas-powered pressure washer. I went with a 3000 PSI model from Toro (at Lowe's). Four nozzles, three different cleaning solutions, separate gas/oil compartments (I don't like mixing gas and oil - the leaf blower requires that), and a fair amount of noise. At least it's fun […]

What I’m Listening To

Remember when everyone's blog included a "what I'm listening to" section? I even had a script and some files that uploaded my playlist to my website so you could see the last 20 or 100 songs I had listened to. Oh, those silly days of… 2004 or 2005 or whenever that was. 🙂

Mexican Coke

Can anyone send me some Mexican Coke at a reasonable price? You know, I guess what I don't get is this: why doesn't Coke sell "cane sugar" Coke themselves? They could sell it for 2x the price or something and then everyone would be happy. What's stopping them from doing that? Why not? Or 3x […]