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Archive for December, 2008

The Desktops Conundrum

Though the Desktops I offer were initially well-received, they've not exactly been downloaded at a steady clip. Some aren't downloaded at all, and even the "popular" ones have tailed off dramatically. I haven't been promoting them much, and after the initial batch, I only refreshed the listing once. That, no doubt, led to some of […]

Literally a sign! I took this picture at my local bank, a National City branch on 26th Street. We were there to close out a mortgage line (we're consolidating) and noticed this sign. National City was recently bought out by PNC - the final approvals just occurred, as far as I know, and many of […]

Anyone else out there have Animal Crossing: City Folk? I'm looking to add some friends. I'll post my friend code as soon as my wife gets off the game. She's already logged about 10 hours (with assistance from the gift's recipient). 🙂 Update: Here it is. Don't you just love my little Apple shirt? Oh, […]

Macs that Fail

Over at 37 Signals I read about a guy who says every one of his Macs has failed. I've had my own computers - always Macs and almost always two to three at a time - and, knock on wood, every single one of them has worked without any sort of "failure." The worst I've […]

Chocolate Covered Cherries

By far, one of my favorite things about the holidays are chocolate covered cherries. And peppermint ice cream, but less so. For $0.99, you can pick up some truly awful chocolate covered cherries, but even those are good in limited quantities. The really good ones you pay for, naturally. I have but one question, though: […]

Listening to Podcasts


Another Strobed Christmas

Yes, like last year, I put the Alien Bee 400s in the living room and took photos of the present-opening. I haven't gone through the images from this year yet, but I should have re-read last year's settings: f/4 at ISO 200. I think most of the shots from this year were at ISO 200 […]


I think I might like to try my hand at learning to ride a unicycle. It can't hurt anything and it might be kind of fun.

Office Finally Done

When we moved into this house back at the end of May 2005, the one thing we knew was that we'd be painting virtually every room and taking down every bit of wallpaper. We started in one bedroom, painting it a bright green. Next we painted the master suite: bathroom and bedroom. Then we moved […]

On-(Web)Site Video

A project I'm going to be working on in the next few months will require the use of video online. The videos will be accessible only to certain people, and I'd like to do my normal amount ((My normal amount stems from the fact that I've never cared to expend a bunch of energy to […]

Scorecard 1.5.1 for Mac OS X and Windows is now available. Download demo copies or updates at The biggest feature in this release is syncing with a companion iPhone (and iPod Touch) application. You can now download this, for free, from the AppStore here. And we went with the next-to-last icon, btw. P.S. Nice […]

The "Vanguard" - a college-age vigilante justice group - was featured in the plot of last night's episode of Numb3rs on CBS. Looks an awful lot like the Rivet icon, no? I joked with Brad that we should sue CBS for copyright infringement, but hey, at least we were kind of on the "good side."

Lasik and PRK

I'm likely a candidate for LASIK surgery if I ever wanted it I've never felt the need. Why let someone cut my eye when wearing glasses and contacts don't bother me? There's too much risk for the upside. A friend of mine recently had PRK ((Photorefractive Keratectomy)), a procedure that doesn't involve cutting the eye, […]

iPhone Pic: Except Debit Cards

From my friend Aaron, who thought I'd appreciate this image:

UDSLR in Motion

The idea has been rolling around in my head for several years, but now we have a three-person team attacking the idea with ferocity, and UDSLR is set to become a reality. UDSLR is a new site geared towards learning photography. It takes an approach no one has taken before. If you're interested in working […]