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Archive for December, 2009

Some Blog Stats

As I recently pointed out, I started this blog over seven years ago and have made a post every day. The vast majority are about technology, computing, and photography - geek stuff. A few are about golf or whatnot. The blog has 5,139 posts, 16 categories, 7 pages, and 27,530 comments. I've had Akismet running […]

If you had to buy a laptop to run Windows - just Windows, and not even anything particularly high-tech (like games or a CAD program or some high-end video editor or something) - would you buy a MacBook or a non-Apple computer? I may be in need of a dedicated Windows machine soon.

Dragon Speech for iPhone

Love it. Seriously - it does a great job. But how much more awesome would it be if this were an input mode? Currently, here's an example workflow. Take video or picture. Click "Share" and choose email. Type in the to: field and maybe even a subject. The video's there already. Think "awww, shucks, I […]

Bruce Arians Likely Gone?

File this under duh.

Considering a PS3

I'm considering replacing my DVD player with a PS3. I doubt I'll play any games on it, but it'll give me a DVD player in roughly the same dimensions AND an inexpensive Blu-Ray player. It has WiFi built in (unlike the stupid Xbox 360 - for which I had to buy a little ethernet hub […]


I'm giving MondoMouse a try. Unfortunately what I'd hoped to do - map my unused "Find" button on my Logitech MX Revolution to a complex sequence of keys - isn't possible because USB Overdrive doesn't seem to have the capability to press modifier keys without pressing, say, the "p" or "l" or other keys1. You […]

Blog Anniversary #7

Today my blog is seven years old. Yeesh! I've posted every day for seven years. I have no plans to stop. I'm also looking forward to the return of some content that's been missing for awhile.

Own a Kindle or nook?

Do you own or plan to buy a Kindle or nook? Nope. Yes, I own one. I plan to buy one soon. I own another e-reader and am going to stick with just it. View Results I like my Kindle more and more. I'll probably like it more again when the Mac app is released […]

iPhone 3GS

My wife cracked the screen of her (formerly my) first-gen iPhone, and she's eligible for an upgrade, so it looks as though we're going to upgrade her phone to an iPhone 3GS. Which I'll promptly swap for my iPhone 3G… yes, she gets the tech hand-me-downs. She'll notice the EDGE -> 3G difference. I'll notice… […]

Five Guys – Good Burgers?

I talked before about restaurants I wish Erie had, and today yet again Lindburgers (which still doesn't have an actual website) came up in conversation with a friend. He recommended a burger place called "Five Guys." The nearest is in Meadville, a 30-minute drive. The menu looks perfect and though it seems to be a […]

LumaLoop Camera Carrier

Just as I was interested in the Spider Holster and Cotton Carrier, I find myself interested in the LumaLoop as well. Unfortunately, you can't demo any of these things anywhere, and the indecision is causing me to sit around and do nothing instead. I have two L-brackets on my 5Ds and they don't offer D-rings […]

DSLRU – Private Beta

DSLRU is in private beta, stage one right now. A second private beta is planned before the public release.

Yesterday I wrote about replacing a fan with a light bulb. Today I took down the ceiling fan and one of the sets of track lighting to see what the possibilities might be on replacing it all in one fell swoop. The bulbs burn out all the time, they're hot, and we might like to […]

Are you using Google's new DNS service? Yes No View Results Why or why not? Answer and share your thoughts below in the comments.

In the great room I have three switches, all of them dimmers (the five-button kind: off, 1/4 power, half power, 3/4, and full). Two of the switches each control one set of lights. The third controls a fan that's in the middle of the room. I'd like to replace the fan with a compact fluorescent […]