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Archive for March, 2010

Kindle for the Mac

I've been beta testing, but my NDA is up and Kindle for the Mac will be available shortly. Finally. 🙂 It's a rudimentary app that does what it does - display books - fairly well, and nothing more. The text controls include sizing and width of the page - I like one size up from […]

Apparently a secret trick to making a good hamburger: mix in about 25% ground pork. It keeps the burger nice and juicy. We found, though, that some extra pepper is necessary at this point or you can just barely taste the pork. I prefer a "beefier tasting" burger, but they were moist. Why restaurants can't […]

Massive Log Files

Carey's computer, her Mac Pro - which is never on overnight - stopped working earlier today. When I say "stopped working," I mean the thing ground to a halt and she couldn't save files or do much of anything else. When I managed to free 200 MB of disk space, you could literally watch the […]

Warm Weather

Warm weather has finally arrived, and it's predicted to stay in the high 40s or low to mid 50s for the next eight or nine days, so maybe - maybe (and knock on wood) - we won't get that late snowstorm that just keeps everything soggy and cold for a long time. This winter's been […]

I'm building an app that's got a library component. Frankly, it seems like a great use for a drawer, but drawers seem to have gone the way of the dodo on the Mac. Yet there's still a drawer in Pages, so… where does that leave us? Are drawers a complete no-no, generally? What other (somewhat […]

Your Zero Calorie Food?

A friend of mine says that if he could eat any food that wouldn't count towards his calories or anything, it'd be Oreos. Regular old Oreos, not the double-stuff or the peanut butter ones or anything crazy - just regular Oreos, zero calories, and he'd eat them all day. As a bit of a gag […]

Cherry Coke Zero

It's not as bad as you'd expect. The "diet aftertaste" still exists but it's not as strong. Perhaps it's masked by the cherry flavor - I highly doubt Coke Zero tastes quite as good. Am I alone in that - liking the Zero variant of some Coke more than the Diet version? Regular (all the […]

ClickToFlash Behaving Oddly

I've disabled ClickToFlash because it's been behaving oddly lately (and development seems to have come to a standstill). I'll often attempt to display a YouTube video, and a movie file will download. Whitelisting sites doesn't always work, and sometimes I spend five minutes just trying to get a flash movie to play in Flash instead […]

I may be printing in color quite a bit soon, and ideally in a way that looks crisp and professional, so I'm looking at potentially buying a color laser printer. What will I be printing? Some photo content, but also some text and some charts and graphs. I haven't done the research, but something tells […]

Login Items that Don’t Stick

Why on earth won't some login items "stick" when I set them? For a few months, things were working really well, but I wasn't adding or removing any items from the list during that time. Since adding ClipMenu a few months ago, it's failed to launch every time I reboot my Mac. Which is, fortunately, […]

Award Winning Film Parody

The below video is hilarious, and in the same vein as this TV news parody video:

Who Still Uses SpamArrest?

Seriously? Who uses SpamArrest anymore? How is that thing still around? SpamArrest completely shifts the burden of spam onto legitimate people. I wrote to a company today with a great proposal, and fortunately saw the SpamArrest alert in my spam folder (oh, the irony). I'm sure it's reasonably effective at blocking spam, but at what […]

Sick of Spaces/Keyboard Bug

Yesterday and today, for some reason, have been horrible days for my computer regarding the Spaces/keyboard-go-bye-bye bug. Virtually every time I switch spaces I have to quit my Dock. I've quit TypeIt4Me, too - it's not that. I can reproduce the bug when TypeIt4Me is not running. Plus, version 5 is an application instead of […]

Digital Card Readers

{democracy:69} I can't fathom being without one. I have a Firewire 800 one for my CompactFlash cards (5D, 5D Mark II) and a USB 2.0 one for my SD cards. Why anyone would plug their cameras directly in to their computer is beyond me. Maybe on occasion for a portable I could see it, but […]

Teaching in the Open

This relates to a conversation I've had with Dave Wedzik a few times now, and we both agree and always reach the same conclusion. In the winter, Dave's been forced to teach at the Golf Dome here in Erie, PA. I've watched a few of his lessons, and I've seen a few lessons given by […]