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Archive for March, 2010

No Longer an Amateur Golfer

Though technically my time as an amateur golfer ended prior to this afternoon, I crossed a barrier today that cements my decision to become a golf instructor: I gave my first official lesson. I've been observing lessons given by Dave Wedzik for quite awhile now. My trip to Scottsdale, though ostensibly for the capturing of […]

Pysanki (or Pysanka)

Pysanka - also called Ukrainian Egg Decorating - is an art form that consists of building up layers of wax over progressively darker dyes before melting the wax to reveal the final design. As a kid, I learned about pysanki in about sixth grade, and that winter and part of the next year I spent […]

No Time for Podcasts Lately

I used to have plenty of time for podcasts. Two hours or so per day, at any rate - Buzz Out Loud, This Week in Photography, and a few others. When I was caught up, I'd have time to listen to This American Life. Lately, no time. I'm tired of telling iTunes to keep downloading […]

I have a small-ish project - an application icon, a document icon, and 10 or so toolbar icons (many of which are quite simple, like "line" or "oval"). Project would need to be done in about four to six weeks. I've previously used Fernando Lins, but - good for him - he's graduated and has […]

I've heard this quote a few times in the past, but for some reason, it's stuck with me lately: "Privacy is a modern invention." That's true, and yet it's not at the same time. Anonymity is a modern invention too. If someone stole chickens from you in 1200, odds are you could figure out who […]

My Sidney Crosby Moment

That's what I'm jokingly calling it. I don't have a thousandth (or perhaps a millionth, but who can measure such things?) of the hockey talent Sidney Crosby's got, but I scored the overtime game-winning goal in a 4-3 championship game, just like Crosby did at the Winter Olympics, and it feels good. The game was […]

Turning Off Entourage’s Sync

I'm turning off Entourage's sync capability with the Mac OS X Address Book. All too often it screws up the order of fields, the names of fields, or the actual existence of data in those fields. For example, for a number of months I've had a heck of a time getting one phone number to […]

Content Aware Fill

Yes, please.

Two reasons primarily, why forgetting your birthday is difficult in 2010: 1. Facebook tells everyone, so they post happy birthday wishes on your wall. 2. Every vBulletin forum to which you've ever subscribed (that's still in existence, anyway) sends you a "Happy Birthday" email. It's like a trip down memory lane… "Oh yeah, remember when […]

So, seriously, what are the good and bad parts of the Obama "Hellth" Care Thingamajig we were just given? I saw numbers that indicated that 65% of Americans didn't want the bill and 12% more were ambivalent about it. Are those the 77% of Americans that are employed and don't wish to pay for the […]

The Maple Syrup Farm

Today Carey and I took the kiddo to a local maple sugar farm to check things out, buy some sweet stuff, and learn a little bit. We learned very little, bought $18 in products, and came home fairly disappointed. Carey and I learned more using our iPhones than we did in the half-hour presentation we […]

The Millcreek Water Authority came today to install a new meter on the water line in the basement. The new one has a small wireless capability and a digital readout for rate, gallons used, etc. The wireless capability will allow them to "read" the meter while they drive down the street. No longer are we […]

I redid the Golf Evolution site for the second time in as many months just now because I wanted to install WordPress and use it for content. There are still a few pages which rely on a straight up PHP file - the newsletter and the contact us page (because there are no real good […]

As if anyone cares… 😉 Soon I'll be blogging about my cat. Guess I need to buy a cat… I picked up a pair of new shoes today. They're Skechers, "Urbantrack Forward" model 50661 shoes, and they're quite comfortable. I will use them primarily for what I wrote yesterday. They're black and brown, so I […]

A Change of Profession

I may be "changing" professions soon. When I say "soon" I mean anywhere from several months from now to three years from now, depending on how you define "changing." At the same time, my new role will still involve a lot of the things I've done for years to this point - developing and selling […]