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Archive for April, 2010

Today I begin a free one-month Amazon Prime trial. I'm still not sure it's worth $79 - but it's worth a free one-month trial to get the electric razor I just ordered in two days. I've set a reminder in BusyCal to prompt me in 25 days to cancel (or keep) Amazon Prime. P.S. Philips […]

Off the FileMaker Train

Today I'm off the Filemaker train. The only thing for which I've used FileMaker in the past decade has been to archive some email. I have email dating back to 1996 in FileMaker databases. Do you know how often I've looked at the emails? Never. Monday to Friday I open a single FileMaker database and […]

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car. 100 miles on a single charge isn't bad. The price ($30k) isn't bad. The fact that you need to have a charging station installed in your home may put some people off. But the thing with electric cars is this: you still get your energy somewhere. Batteries still have to […]

Casio’s EX-F1 Jumps $300?

For a few months now, Casio's EX-F1 camera - a camera which shoots pretty reasonably sized video at 300 FPS - was selling for $699. Now it's jumped back up to $999 for seemingly no reason. What's up with that? Is a replacement coming? Have they stopped producing the camera?

Anyone out there use DiskWarrior for preventative maintenance or simple optimization? Disk Utility just found some errors in my boot volume that will necessitate a restart (and likely Firewire disk mode simply so I can run Disk Utility repair on the other volumes too), so I'll probably also run DiskWarrior when that's done just to […]

So imagine a drawing application which maintains a library of your drawings on the left (kinda like iTunes) with a standard NSToolbar at the top which contains items for things like "Print" or "New Drawing" or "Import" or whatever... but which also ideally contains drawing tools - a rectangle, oval, and line tool, for example […]

Holy crap, when did eSellerate get so freakin' expensive? What is up with that? I'm going to be launching an application in a few months and now is the time to start looking around for licensing schemes and account managers. Back in the day I remember thinking the 5% eSellerate took was reasonable. Maybe even […]

Seriously, wasn't that supposed to be available by now? Look, I don't really have a problem with AT&T. I don't have dropped calls, 3G coverage is pretty good in my area (probably because not many people have iPhones - Erie isn't NYC, after all), and the rates they bill seem to be in line with […]

Protected: Opportunity vs. Opportunity Cost

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Trash Picking

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Pittsburgh Aviary

Today we drove to Pittsburgh and spent the morning checking out the birds at the National Aviary. The aviary is quite small - you could walk through the entire thing in five minutes - but the proximity to the birds is incredible. I shot the below image - a sea eagle - from only a […]

Beginning my PGA Coursework

I've begun my PGA Pre-Qualifying level course work. This consists of reading the PDFs and, eventually (and within six months), taking a test at an ACT test center. I won't likely do so before May 7, however, because that's when I play my PAT (playing aptitude test). INTRODUCTION TO THE PGA PROFESSIONAL GOLF MANAGEMENT PROGRAM […]

iPad Launch Day

It's iPad Launch Day, and I remain 100% entirely unenthused. Between my combination of Mac Pro upstairs, iPhone with me always, and MacBook Pro downstairs by the couch, I have no need at all for an iPad. I will buy one - likely very quickly - when I can get most of my magazine subscriptions […]

DSLRU Open - the "DSLR University" - is now open. The site is free, has a free forum and blog, and several free classes. Other classes are available for as little as $0.99. Drop by, sign up, post in the forum, and peruse some of the classes. It's been a long time coming, but it's here […]

10.6.3 and AppleScript Error

Still not fixed. I'm afraid to try the Spaces bug, but I have a hunch that's still broken too. Update: Nope, not fixed. Booo. Update #2: These bugs.