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Archive for June, 2010

Round 4, National Club Pro

66 or Bust! Okay, so it was a bust, but we played a good version of Mad Monkey Golf all day today and ended up shooting 74. On the bright side, we improved our score each of the three days we played the Dye course. On the darker side, we still didn't get much luck. […]

Round 3, National Club Pro

Today didn't go quite as well as we expected, but didn't go any worse, either. I will say this, though: if we didn't have bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all. I don't think we've gotten one good break in three rounds. But some of the luck was our own making. On the […]

Round 2, National Club Pro

We start off #10 at the Donald Ross course, and bogey two of the first four holes. After yesterday's 77, we need to come home strong in order to make the cut. There are some 340 players here, and yet the cut is still the top 70 and ties. It may be the toughest cut […]

Round 1, National Club Pro

Round One of the national club pro was supposed to begin at about 2:05. We showed up at about 12:30 to begin warming up only to find that, oof, there was a 100-minute delay due to some threatening weather. We got in some good practice time and then headed back to the hotel. Our mistake. […]

Light practice today - lots of short game work, some bunker work, etc. Dave's ball position was changed a little in the bunkers - it had gotten too far back - and we're working on adding a little more "pop" to his stroke coming through the ball with his putter. One of the drills involves […]

French Lick, Indiana

Carey and I arrived in French Lick, Indiana last night at about 11. We found our room - a spacious room in the French Lick Resort Hotel (not the far fancier and pricier West Baden Springs Resort Hotel). French Lick is known for two things, but only one of them recently. The first is of […]

Shot with a Canon 7D.

Vimeo Plus

My Vimeo Plus membership is about to expire. For $59, I can't see myself renewing. Heck, at $29 I'm not sure I'd renew. Like it or not, YouTube has won. It's free, has HD, embeds, and has just enough privacy controls (Vimeo lets you control on which sites your videos can be embedded, YouTube does […]

2006 Mac Pro Video Card Dies

A few years ago I replaced the piece-of-shit ATI Radeon X1900 XT in my Mac Pro. Lately, following reboots and other things which cause the display to go black (I've not tried sleep), the display will remain black. The white LED is on, the computer boots normally, and the display simply remains dark. Rebooting a […]

A few years ago when Carey and I first began painting the rooms in our house, we picked up a Pelican Paint Bucket from either Lowe's or Home Depot. The other day we looked at both stores for some more liners only to find out that our bucket has been discontinued or is at least […]

MacRabbit Rocks

Just a shout out to a good guy in the Mac world - MacRabbit rocks. I use CSSEdit nearly every day and Espresso is a great tool for web development. Give Jan's products a try and I'm sure you'll be impressed with the style and functionality.

The 10.6.3 update may have fixed the AppleEvents Timing Out bug, but one bug that's still around is the Spaces bug I described here. Essentially, if I use ctrl-1 to ctrl-3 to move between my Spaces, quite often the keyboard will stop accepting input (or the OS will stop accepting input from the keyboard) until […]

Steve Jobs at D8 Conference

Steve Jobs is almost mind-blowingly, well, Jobsian in his D8 conference. The full 100-minute video is a free download from iTunes.

WordPress 3.0

Installed. For a major version upgrade, things (the UI, the functionality, etc.) remained surprisingly consistent. A lot of back end tweaks.

Every instance - every single one - of the ligatures in the book "Unplayable: An Inside Account of Tiger's Most Tumultuous Season" for my Kindle has an issue with ligatures. Most commonly this is "fl" - lowercase "F" and an "L" character next to each other (or "fi" - "F" and "I"). As you can […]