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Archive for July, 2010

TIPS is not an Acronym

"To insure proper service?" I don't think so. If "tips" ((As in the money you give to a waiter or waitress.)) was an acronym it would be "teps" because "ensure" is the proper word there, not "insure." For years one of the club (membership required) restaurants nearby has automatically added a 15% gratuity to the […]

In incredibly limited testing, it seems to work really well. You can download it from here. I've tried a few others, but this one seems to be the best. I like the separation of source and location lists, but it doesn't seem to work. I've added "" to the location list and yet Flash will […]

Let's suppose you've got an application. The application has a search box that you use to search several collections of things below. The search is more of a filter that narrows down the results below from "all" to "whatever matches." In addition to showing you recent searches in the search menu, the application also allows […]

Whispering Woods 2011 Rates

They've gone up a bit, but "special offers are available to all current 2010 members." That deal is "if you pay in 2010, you pay the 2010 rates." 2010 rates were roughly the same as the 2009 rates. 2011 Membership Rates Individual (25-59): $2,200 Family: $3,000 Senior: $2,000 Senior Couple: $2,650 Junior: $800 (cart not […]

Apple Ignited

Scott McNulty noticed that Apple has changed their boilerplate language to remove the bit about "igniting the personal computer revolution." On one hand, it's about time. Seriously, who cares about the Apple II anymore? On the other hand, I'm at least a little sad to see it go.

Windshield Replacement

Windshields - particularly the heated ones (that will defrost your wipers are apparently incredibly expensive. Carey recently had a crack develop in her windshield and the cost to replace it was phenomenally expensive - $800 or so. A friend had a tiny window the size of his hand replaced and it came to $470 or […]

When we had the bonus room built above our garage, I wrote this post. Unfortunately, we've again run into the same problem - getting a contractor to call us back. This time it's the wood flooring guy(s). They need to drop off the wood so it can adjust to our house. They need to schedule […]

I really like the opening credits for Covert Affairs on USA. The song feels rather "spy-like" and the opening animation is reminiscent of some old-school spy type stuff. The song and animation go well together. And yes, I do watch the show. It's bad, but it passes the time when my wife's asleep and I'm […]

Oldie but a Goodie

Steve Jobs in 1997.

Accent Wall

Note to future self: When creating an accent wall, choose a color that is about ten times more different than the one you initially want to choose. Interestingly, in the video above, you can see what an effect the color temperature of the light has. Though the iPhone camera doesn't render the colors quite correctly […]


Real Wood Floors

Well, the little one is getting real wood flooring in her bedroom. After considering it earlier this year, we found out that some hardwood floors are actually not much more expensive than laminate flooring. We decided to purchase the following: Century Flooring Style: Cabot Oak Species: Oak Color: Amber Oak Item Number: AO3C Construction: Solid […]

Do Eye-Fi Cards Work?

These things have been out for awhile and they still exist, so they must work… but do they work well? An 8 GB card costs ~$125. What happens to video (it does work with video too, right?) files that you record but aren't within range of your computer? Do they automatically sync over when you […]

I have a fairly simple (though, apparently not) BusyCal arrangement. My main computer (Bunny) maintains a few calendars - "Erik" and "Kiddo" and "Chores." I share all three calendars over the LAN, and the "Kiddo" and "Chores" calendars are read/write while "Erik" is read only. Bunny's BusyCal also syncs with three Google Calendars with read/write […]

rsync Out, SuperDuper In

For weeks now my nightly schedule rsync copy would fail mysteriously, quietly. The command was simply two lines: /usr/sbin/diskutil repairPermissions /; /usr/local/bin/rsync -axq --delete / /Volumes/Roger In other words, I repaired permissions and then archived (which enables a few options), quietly, and deleted files/folders which no longer existed. But rsync would launch three processes, and […]