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I'm not sure what BlogShares are, really, but here's mine. I used to play a fantasy sports thing where you bought stock in athletes, and their stock rose and fell, and you sold shares in Michael Jordan to pick up shares of Mark McGwire. This might be fun, but, more investigation is necessary… 😐


Is this too blunt? 🙂

Blog Spam

On my previous note about TrackBack spam, here's an article to which I wished to link for a few days now. It's not TrackBack spam, but it is comment spam - another function of blogging that I enjoy tremendously. The day all of this stuff is ruined is the day I'll stop. I think that […]

TrackBack Tom

Tom Coates made me wonder how long TrackBacks will exist before they become useless and spammed, just like our inboxes. My own thoughts also include these: I like TrackBacks. They're one of the best things about blogging. The day they become even slightly more than the hassle they can be now (deleting multiple TrackBacks, timeouts, […]

Kasia is looking to start a blog list for Connecticut. I've emailed her (no repsonse yet) regarding my own plans (I think I can call them that) to start a site for Florida bloggers and suggested that perhaps she and I (and others) could create a national database and site. We'd filter on zip or […]

F*** Filters?

In the past few hours, MovableType has logged a number of searches for "archives/imgs/fonts_panel_****up.gif". Bear in mind that my 404 page automatically searches for things (allowing me to type, for example, aiken and see the results. Thing is, the image is located at archives/imgs/fonts_panel_fuckup.gif. I guess someone's filtering software is going crazy? Fine. But […]

“Duh” in Retrospect

This one falls into the "Duh" category. As I was reading through this article I saw an archive format like this: <MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%m/%d"> How had I been doing that very same thing? <MTArchiveDate format="%Y">/<MTArchiveDate format="%m">/<MTArchiveDate format="%d"> I'm not sure why I was doing it this way. Maybe the manual suggested it. Maybe I wasn't sure […]

Florida Blogs: Requirements

I've given some more thought to my idea of starting a Florida Blogs directory site. Mainly, in the absence of finding other regional ones (call me lazy, sure), I've come up with a list of what I feel the "requirements" for the site should be. I've listed them below. Please comment (preferably via email) and […]

TrackBacks for Pirillo

The man behind, or rather, right in front of Rent My Chest .com has added TrackBack to his blog. Not much more to say about that at this point. As for sugar, well, I like it!


Some of the banners at are pretty funny. Among my favorites, "I blogged your mom" and the one you see to the right. I've put the one to the right in my "critical info" section on the left for shits and giggles. If you're a fan of what that site has to offer, and […]

Everyone and their brother's got a blog now, and when I was starting out, I had to learn some things the hard way. So, I've compiled a few of the best tips I could find into a couple of hints. Many of them deal with MovableType, but they can be applied to any CMS or […]

Florida Blogs

I've got a bit of time and the necessary skills: I want to start a "Florida Blogs" directory site. I've seen some others - I think Texas has one, New York has one, etc. I'd like to start a Florida blog. You could find people nearby with zip or area codes, by name, by interest, […]

My Blog, My Rules

This is about right: My blog, my rules. Same here. I try to be fair, and I have no problems with opposing viewpoints, but if you're a jackass and abuse privileges, I might yank your comment or block your IP (or whatever).

Blogging at the Dohi

Hi. I am blogging from the Dohi (IHOP spun 180 degrees). I'm blogging from my HipTop. Just seeing how long this took. About five minutes, start to finish. Not bad.

Puma Pete Phoned Home

A Puma representative named Pete (I won't post his last name) from Boston phoned me this morning and asked me to take down the image I formerly had posted to my entry entitled "More on that Vodka Ad." Pete denied that the ad was an official Puma ad or that it was running in Maxim […]