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Design: Meet the Team

As usual, Apple creates one of the best looking "Our Staff" or "Meet the Team" designs I've ever seen.

The Masters is supposed to be embracing technology by including a live look at the Practice Tee. You can hit up and click the "Live Video from the Practice Tee." It don't work. I try Safari, I try Firefox, I try Camino, I try OmniWeb. I try different browser settings and user agents. I […]

I like AAC files. I import 192kpbs AAC files. Why, then, must I change my import settings, convert AAC files to MP3, and then burn an MP3 CD? Attempting to burn an MP3 CD with a playlist full of AAC files results in an error dialog stating that none of the items can be burned. […]

Photoshop CS 2 in April?

It would seem so: Photoshop CS 2 is due in April. I'm not so happy about that - Photoshop CS isn't that old, and Adobe seems to love to get people in that upgrade cycle. Heck, I'm still waiting for Adobe's Camera RAW to support the RAW files from my Rebel XT. We shall see… […]

Printing Google Maps

Google Maps is still kinda crappy at one thing: printing. It's actually a Safari issue. The transparent PNG that's used to draw the route from one place to another doesn't print transparently from within Safari. Oh well. I found where I needed to go, and Google Maps was still great at finding the address quickly. […]

Switching Firefox Profiles

I created a second Firefox profile today, and despite holding down option as I'm told to at, no profile manager appears, and there doesn't seem to be any way to force it to appear after the application has launched already. What's up with that? At least the Linux method - ./firefox-bin -profilemanager - worked.

Rounded CSS Corners

Rounded CSS corners without rounded images? Yep!


Stupid server. I have no idea what '-DPHP' means, but I do know that whenever I see it - in conjunction with 152 processes - that my server is not working. Were it my own server, to which I have root access, I'd apachectl restart or reboot the whole box. It's not. It's a shared […]

Got my Shuffle Today

I got my iPod shuffle today. In the first hour with it: Thanks, José, for setting the volume to the loudest setting. I shall get you yet! 😀 It's small, it's light. Duh. I wish the slider on the back had a little notch for extra traction. USB 2.0 is so slow I double-checked to […]

Need a New Printer

My Canon S900 has, increasingly so over the past few months, printed like shit. I've cleaned the print heads and yet it simply refuses to dispense ink or thread paper properly. You can't even read 14-point text as whole letters and streaks of lines are missing. I almost never, ever print color. Is it time […]

RIP Microsoft

ABC News has an article called "R.I.P. Microsoft": Great, healthy companies not only dominate the market, but share of mind. Look at Apple these days. But when was the last time you thought about Microsoft, except in frustration or anger? The company just announced a powerful new search engine, designed to take on Google -- […]

IDN Spoofing

I don't understand how IDN Spoofing works. I see that the link text goes to http://www.paypа, but why that resolves so unusually is beyond me. Safari properly renders the а as "a" in the link, but also does so in the URL. Why is Safari so lax when it comes to standard domain names, and […]

Windows Design Issue

If anyone with some CSS skills and access to a PC would like a free copy of Rock Star, iWipe, and Booklet (or any other single FSS product), I have a challenge. Have a look at On the Mac, with the font one cmd-+ larger than I'd normally view the page, the menu looks […]

Here's an email I sent to the makers of Business Plan Pro: I have Business Plan Pro on a relatively inexpensive PC running Windows XP Home. I have a Mac with the latest version of Office. The Mac is my primary machine. I would like to export from Business Plan Pro to Microsoft Word format, […]

Ancient Browser Sniffing

Check this out. Hit up and get to the page pictured below (they're running a free trial currently). Look at the mess of JavaScript. This is the PGA Tour's "TourCast" system - a Flash-based "thingy" that can show you (almost live) a player's progress as he plays a round of golf on the PGA […]