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Must note URL for later: I tried it just now with a golf shirt I bought, and it worked wonderfully in PulpFiction.


I'm going to start calling utterly crappy interfaces "Winderfaces." I've munged the words "Windows" and "Interfaces." You pronounce the word with a short "i," not a long "i." As in "windows" and "interface." Since nearly all bad interfaces find their home on Windows, it seems a natural fit. Microsoft is coming out with some anti-spyware […]

XP and Routers

A few months ago my dad bought a cheapo PC to watch some videos he couldn't watch on a Mac (some super-secret WMP encoded files or something) and to use some CDs encoded with HTML that only Windows IE could decipher. Recently, I've acquired Business Plan Pro and installed it, and I bought a $15 […]

Dvorak Schmorak (Whore-ak)

Judi is still jumping up and down over John Dvorak. I haven't cared about what Dvorak's said in awhile. Call it a growing maturity, lack of time, or the wisdom that comes with having fought the battle before. As others are comfortable with their sexuality, masculinity, femininity - whatever - I am comfortable with my […]

Another Reason Not to Use Amazon

Every time the page finishes loading, the damn window comes to the front. This includes being in another tab, in another window, and having minimized the window with in it. I type a search, flip to a new tab, and a few seconds later, BLAM, there's again. If you could flip a website […]


It's practically unbelievable how much I despise Microsoft Word. The simplest things - no idea how to do 'em. I click in one section and look at the ruler. I click somewhere else and the ruler completely changes. The numbers are closer together, etc. On the same page!!! Who freakin' knows anymore.

Is there no equivalent to Business Plan Pro for the Mac? Process is the only thing that comes up on MacUpdate when you search for "business plan" (well, and another one that's not even close). Gee, look, a huge hole in the Mac market: business plan software!

PayPal and iTMS

PayPal can now be used to purchase songs with iTMS. In fact, the first 500,000 people to sign up with a PayPal account get 5 free songs. Are there still 500,000 people with iTunes who haven't yet created an Apple ID and have a PayPal account? And can I - a long-time customer who also […]

Yahoo Email

This is what happens when you forget that you have a Yahoo email account you've never actually used for anything. Gee, and only 43% of it is spam? Idontthinkso.

RSS Spam

One thing I don't see happening: RSS Spam. Unlike email, with RSS/Atom you must explicitly ask for content. It's easy to tell who "sent" it to you. The anonymity spammers enjoy is not available in RSS.

Criminals: Get a Mac

"If you're a bad guy and you want to frustrate law enforcement, use a Mac."

PureJPEG for Mac OS X?

Joel (on Software) points to a little CLI app for Windows called "PureJPEG" that removes a bunch of unnecessary data from JPEGs to reduce their size. I'm wondering if there's something like this that I can run on Mac OS X, CLI or Drag-n-Drop or whatever. I typically just save all of my JPEGs with […]

Canadian iTMS

The Canadian iTMS is open, and songs are only $0.99. In Canadian dollars. That's like, what, $0.75 in US dollars? I guess that's Apple's way of saying "sorry it took us so long, eh?" P.S. I just found out that the only songs available in the Canadian iTMS are those by Celine Dion. Bummer, eh? […]

10 Persistent Design Bugs

I find Tog's list of ten persistent design bugs interesting, if only for the reason that he puts the list's inception as "1 Dec 2004." Funny, my clock must be a bit behind… Power Failure Crash - I don't agree that we need "automatic saving." Save early, save often. So much of what the people […]

Dumbass Spam

I don't remember sending myself this email… Dear user of e-mail server gateway, Your e-mail account will be disabled because of improper using in next three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your account information. Further details can be obtained from attached file. Have a good day,The team […]