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Dashboard Widget Sync

For the most part, MobileMe's (née .Mac) "sync" features work well. They keep my calendars, my contacts, my preferences, and more just as I like them on multiple machines ((About the only additional thing I wish it could do is to synchronize folders (like ~/Library/Scripts/) across machines.)). Unfortunately, the Dashboard sync is seemingly hopelessly broken. […]

The Case Against Gmail?

I concur. Of course, there's more to it than that… And I still use Entourage. I like the colored labels and I like the unified inbox. Screw Mail.

WebKit vs. Safari

John Gruber writes up a method for invoking the same AppleScript on Safari and WebKit. That's all well and good, but it reminds me of one of my annoyances. You see, I wouldn't mind running WebKit nightly builds, but I don't want to run Safari and WebKit at the same time. It'd be nice if […]

Who Develops This Shit?

Today I received two 8 GB SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash cards. As has become custom lately, they came with a CD that has some file recovery software on it should you, I dunno, format your card before you import your images or something. I've never had a need for them, but since the apps tend […]

iPhoto ’09 and Faces

iLife '09 arrived today. I "paid" only for the free FedEx Ground shipping, but Apple nicely upgraded me to overnight shipping. So far, I've tagged about 1250 photos ((All of our point-and-shoot images go there, as well as a few thousand I took with my Digital Rebel(s).)) with names, and my random observations are: iPhoto […]

Happy 25th, Mac

Somehow, "25 years of the Mac" isn't anywhere near as surprising as "over eight years of Mac OS X." I say eight years because, like many people, I was using DP4 as my main OS. I think I kept Classic around for awhile, but resisted the urge to use it for anything but the occasional […]

ClickToFlash for Safari

I'd like to thank Steven Frank for posting the link to ClickToFlash ClickToFlash, a Safari plugin that prevents the loading of Flash content until you click it. I shared this plugin's location with John Gruber and he noted that he was seeing low single-percentage CPU usage with 30 Safari tabs open. In my own tests, […]

Two Annoying Time Machine Habits

On My PowerMacBook Pro, when I wake it up, it takes a little while to grab the 802.11n connection from the Time Capsule that serves as its base station and its place of backup. Unfortunately, in the ten seconds acquisition takes, Time Machine tries - and fails - to start a backup. Why can't it […]

Final MWSF Thoughts

iLife '09: Couldn't care less about iMovie. Don't use it. Haven't for years. iPhoto - I use Aperture for my "serious" shots - iPhoto is the dumping ground for the photos Carey takes with the P&S. Will I have to go back and add "places" and "faces" to everything? I hope not. How many cameras […]

Macs that Fail

Over at 37 Signals I read about a guy who says every one of his Macs has failed. I've had my own computers - always Macs and almost always two to three at a time - and, knock on wood, every single one of them has worked without any sort of "failure." The worst I've […]

It happened again. And by "it" I mean that Rivet stopped showing images properly. The screenshot to the right shows the media browser in Pages ((The same browser can be found in Keynote and a few other Apple apps.)). Note that images made after the Cinci Zoo album don't show up. Lovely.

Today, after wasting a little time thinking that my Safari installation had gone awry, I tracked down a bug with CoolIris and Safari 3.2.1 regarding the latter's phishing/malware protection. The bug manifests itself in a bit of an odd way:

Vote Nah and Yeah Scripts for JPG

In my downtime today and yesterday, I spent a few moments clicking through a bunch of submissions to JPG magazine's three Issue 20 themes. Because the position of the "Nah" and "Yeah" buttons change depending on the size of the image, it became a slow, tedious process that felt a lot more like work. I […]

Having learned that the Drobo slows down only when it hits 95% capacity, not 90%, I decided to up the maximum size of my backup drive slightly ((I originally sized it at 1225 GB. 1.33 TB * 1024 GB/TB * 0.95 ~= 1293 - so I settled on 1275 GB to be safe.)). I figured […]

Mac OS X 10.5.5 and Screen Sharing

Ever since updating to Mac OS X 10.5.5 (I believe), several buttons have been missing from the toolbar in my Screen Sharing application. The only three buttons in my toolbar now are "fit to window" and the two clipboard ones. I know there used to be one for full screen, one for locking the screen, […]