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Snow Leopard Features

Which of the, I don't know, hundred or so Snow Leopard Enhancements and Refinements are you most looking forward to? My short list includes a few things in the Finder (couldn't really care less that it's written in Cocoa at this point, but that may change and is a role in some of the other […]

This article mentions Rivet: People have often asked me why I don’t have an Apple TV, and the simple answer is because I don’t need one. I have an Xbox 360, and it can serve up digital photos, video, and audio from networked Macs using software like… Rivet from Cynical Peak Software. (I use similar […]

I'm fairly certain this is new to the most recent Safari 4 beta (the second version - the one you can download after installing Mac OS X 10.5.7), but when I drag a file named "image.jpg" from a website, it names it "image.jpg.jpeg." If I use the contextual menu or view the image and hit […]

May 2009 SpamSieve Stats

Filtered Mail 195,695 Good Messages 404,498 Spam Messages (67%) 235 Spam Messages Per Day SpamSieve Accuracy 517 False Positives 3,229 False Negatives (86%) 99.4% Correct Corpus 8,048 Good Messages 9,836 Spam Messages (55%) 606,438 Total Words Rules 34 Blocklist Rules 15 Whitelist Rules Showing Statistics Since 8/24/04 8:00pm Last time I checked was back here. […]

Simple Blog or Journal

I'm a self-taught golfer to this point, but I've hit a wall or ceiling and this summer I'm looking at taking some lessons. I'd like to set up a "journal" to house my notes, images, and perhaps some videos. If it's online, great - I can easily share parts with my instructor(s) - but a […]

Remember When: Launch Time

Remember when we'd measure an app's launch time by counting the number of bounces in the Dock?

iMovie fails at something: the ability to work with non-standard sized video. I've got video that's 720 x 1280 - and that's 720 wide by 1280 tall, as it needs to be rotated 90° - and iMovie can't even begin to handle the video properly. I've worked around it by just using QuickTime Player, though […]

iPod Shuffle Sweet Spot

I agree with this article: the new Shuffle misses the sweet spot. You shouldn't need an "adapter" to be able to listen to an MP3 player. It's not like the previous generation Shuffle was a cumbersome beast. Apple's gone too far here. The old Shuffle was perhaps perfect. The new one is a big step […]

Safari 4 Caching Issues

Safari 4 (beta) seems to have an issue with caching. Once an image (or whatever) fails to load, it never seems to load again until you quit Safari and re-launch it (and perhaps clear the cache - cmd-opt-e). I've even tried loading up the image directly (it works), then reloading the page that contains it […]

Mac Mini and Blu-Ray

I know Blu-Ray is currently a big ol' world of hurt. But you know, if the new Mac Mini had a Blu-Ray drive, I'd have bought one instantly1. My friend Josh makes the point that Apple wants you to buy HD movies from them, not on disc - the OS doesn't even support Blu-Ray drives. […]

I don't use Mail, but my wife does… All of the below deals with a POP account I created for her to use with some school project she's doing. Basically, my wife needs all mail sent to and from this account to be routed to a folder. The "to" part is easy and I've already […]

Dashboard Widget Sync

For the most part, MobileMe's (née .Mac) "sync" features work well. They keep my calendars, my contacts, my preferences, and more just as I like them on multiple machines1. Unfortunately, the Dashboard sync is seemingly hopelessly broken. For two weeks I've been battling this dialog box: On my Mac Pro, I created four "Delivery Status" […]

The Case Against Gmail?

I concur. Of course, there's more to it than that… And I still use Entourage. I like the colored labels and I like the unified inbox. Screw Mail.

WebKit vs. Safari

John Gruber writes up a method for invoking the same AppleScript on Safari and WebKit. That's all well and good, but it reminds me of one of my annoyances. You see, I wouldn't mind running WebKit nightly builds, but I don't want to run Safari and WebKit at the same time. It'd be nice if […]

Who Develops This Shit?

Today I received two 8 GB SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash cards. As has become custom lately, they came with a CD that has some file recovery software on it should you, I dunno, format your card before you import your images or something. I've never had a need for them, but since the apps tend […]