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Speed Download does what it does. I think it does it well, which is why I keep it around. But earlier today I was downloading some things from a site which protects everything with a password. Some files (.wmv files) downloaded within Safari, so they had no problems. Others (.zip files of the promotional JPEGs […]

For the past few days, I've tried to upgrade a few iTunes songs to iTunes Plus tracks. Each time I try, I'm told this: Dear Erik, Your iTunes Plus music upgrade could not be successfully completed because there was a problem with one of the items that was to be upgraded. Please return to your […]

This tip got a little coverage on Twitter as being one of the best tips ever. I don't remember the last time I wanted to "paste and match style," though, so I'm leaving my settings alone. You may feel differently, of course.

Stopping the MacBook Half-Dim

My MacBook Pro has an annoying habit of "half dimming" even though I've turned off the screen saver and most everything else appropriate. Fortunately, others have managed to solve the problem. pmset -g lists the "halfdim" parameter's value, often 1. To set it to 0, use sudo pmset -a halfdim 0. The "a" specifies all […]

Snow Leopard Features

Which of the, I don't know, hundred or so Snow Leopard Enhancements and Refinements are you most looking forward to? My short list includes a few things in the Finder (couldn't really care less that it's written in Cocoa at this point, but that may change and is a role in some of the other […]

This article mentions Rivet: People have often asked me why I don’t have an Apple TV, and the simple answer is because I don’t need one. I have an Xbox 360, and it can serve up digital photos, video, and audio from networked Macs using software like… Rivet from Cynical Peak Software. (I use similar […]

I'm fairly certain this is new to the most recent Safari 4 beta (the second version - the one you can download after installing Mac OS X 10.5.7), but when I drag a file named "image.jpg" from a website, it names it "image.jpg.jpeg." If I use the contextual menu or view the image and hit […]

May 2009 SpamSieve Stats

Filtered Mail 195,695 Good Messages 404,498 Spam Messages (67%) 235 Spam Messages Per Day SpamSieve Accuracy 517 False Positives 3,229 False Negatives (86%) 99.4% Correct Corpus 8,048 Good Messages 9,836 Spam Messages (55%) 606,438 Total Words Rules 34 Blocklist Rules 15 Whitelist Rules Showing Statistics Since 8/24/04 8:00pm Last time I checked was back here. […]

Simple Blog or Journal

I'm a self-taught golfer to this point, but I've hit a wall or ceiling and this summer I'm looking at taking some lessons. I'd like to set up a "journal" to house my notes, images, and perhaps some videos. If it's online, great - I can easily share parts with my instructor(s) - but a […]

Remember When: Launch Time

Remember when we'd measure an app's launch time by counting the number of bounces in the Dock?

iMovie fails at something: the ability to work with non-standard sized video. I've got video that's 720 x 1280 - and that's 720 wide by 1280 tall, as it needs to be rotated 90° - and iMovie can't even begin to handle the video properly. I've worked around it by just using QuickTime Player, though […]

iPod Shuffle Sweet Spot

I agree with this article: the new Shuffle misses the sweet spot. You shouldn't need an "adapter" to be able to listen to an MP3 player. It's not like the previous generation Shuffle was a cumbersome beast. Apple's gone too far here. The old Shuffle was perhaps perfect. The new one is a big step […]

Safari 4 Caching Issues

Safari 4 (beta) seems to have an issue with caching. Once an image (or whatever) fails to load, it never seems to load again until you quit Safari and re-launch it (and perhaps clear the cache - cmd-opt-e). I've even tried loading up the image directly (it works), then reloading the page that contains it […]

Mac Mini and Blu-Ray

I know Blu-Ray is currently a big ol' world of hurt. But you know, if the new Mac Mini had a Blu-Ray drive, I'd have bought one instantly ((My friend Josh makes the point that Apple wants you to buy HD movies from them, not on disc - the OS doesn't even support Blu-Ray drives.)).

I don't use Mail, but my wife does… All of the below deals with a POP account I created for her to use with some school project she's doing. Basically, my wife needs all mail sent to and from this account to be routed to a folder. The "to" part is easy and I've already […]