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Has anyone seen a method for embedding a google map into a vBulletin forum via bbcode? I've yet to see one, and the ones I've tried to make myself fail miserably. Either they're too complex, you can only have one per page (which messes up people who might quote the map or wish to embed […]

Received the Mexican Coke

I'd like to thank the two folks with whom I worked out a deal for some smuggled Mexican Coke. I received my first set and, well, it's great. Not only is it nice to drink from a bottle again, but the taste is very, very clean. There's no syrupy after-taste. Mmmmmm.

Stand-Up Comedians

Carey, her mom, my grandma, and I went to Jr.'s last night. I think the biggest difference between bad comedians and good ones are that the bad comics tell jokes. They start, they end, and you know exactly where those breaks are. Good comedians weave jokes into a running monologue, with no real beginning or […]

Coming out of Cracker Barrel today, Carey saw an older, larger woman getting out of the back seat of a car parked next to our VW Touareg. She made a noise like "oh!" as the woman's door came within an inch of hitting our car, then made no noise as the woman pushed the door […]

What I’m Listening To

Remember when everyone's blog included a "what I'm listening to" section? I even had a script and some files that uploaded my playlist to my website so you could see the last 20 or 100 songs I had listened to. Oh, those silly days of… 2004 or 2005 or whenever that was. 🙂

Mexican Coke

Can anyone send me some Mexican Coke at a reasonable price? You know, I guess what I don't get is this: why doesn't Coke sell "cane sugar" Coke themselves? They could sell it for 2x the price or something and then everyone would be happy. What's stopping them from doing that? Why not? Or 3x […]

Got Your Taxes Done?

Got your taxes done? It astounds me the number of people who put off their taxes, file extensions, and so on. Sure, the accountants are busy, but most people's tax returns aren't that complex. Thankfully this year we're getting a small refund - a direct result of receiving a check on December 29, 2006 rather […]

Running Behind

Lately here at the blog I've been running a bit behind. Now that I've got the MacBook Pro and I can do things like check my email from downstairs (using Screen Sharing to my Mac Pro here upstairs) I haven't been sitting in front of my "main" computer quite as frequently. I wonder if that's […]

Bad Zoo Design

The Erie Zoo is small. That's nice simply because you can get closer to the animals (but not so great for the animals themselves). It has a clear path that you can follow (though you may need to visit a time or two first), and at virtually every point along the path there are animals […]

Buildings Go Down

As impressed as I am with the engineers responsible for erecting buildings, I'm almost more impressed with the engineers in charge of bringing down buildings. Two days ago the old St. Francis hospital in Pittsburgh was imploded so that construction on the new Penguins arena (set to open in, oh, about 47 years) could begin. […]

Credit Card Debt

Do you have credit card debt? Yes No View Results I haven't had credit card debt since… well, since I paid it off shortly before buying my house. It wasn't even that much back then. Today I heard of someone who has $140,000 of credit card debt. I figure once you hit $60k, the urge […]

Penguins Without Crosby

This Post-Gazette article points out that the Penguins have a better record without Sidney Crosby in the lineup than with him. Whaaaa??? One paragraph that stood out to me, part of a quote from Brooks Orpik: "That being said, no one wants him out of the lineup. Maybe guys kind of sit back [when Crosby […]

Nice Parking

This car remained parked in the same location for nearly an hour. Behind it, an empty driveway. Further behind it, 200 feet of treelawn (and no intersections).

To the right, you'll see a lovely radio button. I think the designers meant to use a checkbox. There was no other option - no "I do NOT want to receive" option, and no way to disable or deselect the choice. Lurvely. I was going to drive to Cleveland today to pick up a Think […]

No, I still haven't used the 300/2.8. We've had lousy weather and I haven't gotten out to use it yet. I've added a Photo Gear section to this site. Big whoop. I've signed up for the April 7 "Captivated by the Light" seminar in Buffalo, NY. It's only $19 if you use the coupon code […]