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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Birthday, U.S. of A. We went to the beach, to Sara's, the parade, and a few other little things. Fun day.

Lost Luggage

On June 29, I departed Erie International Airport to fly to San Diego. I arrived in San Diego at 9pm local time. The sole purpose of my trip was to meet with a golf equipment company and then to play golf. I checked a total of one bag - a golf travel bag with my […]

Off to California

I'm off to California for a very, very short trip today. I've been watching the weather in Carlsbad, CA for a few weeks now, and it's true what they say about San Diego weather: 75 and sunny. Every. Day.

Enemies? Good

I'm not sure where I first saw this quote, but I like it: "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill

Forgetting the Swing

A few years ago I assistant coached the boys golf team at my high school alma mater. Only one of the kids on the team was worth the time, money, and effort, and I've maintained a relationship with the kid. We golf together a few times a month and, more interestingly, I continue to help […]

Starting on Monday, I'm going to be running the EDGA Junior Match Play tournament. I'll be around to help decide rulings, to make sure the kids know who plays who (and when), and so on. One of the kids I've been working with has seen a lot of his swing changes come together recently, and […]

Another Forum Pet Peeve

This one's a bit more general than the one from a few days ago, as I hear people in real life saying it, too: "I could care less." If you could care less, that means you care! Try "I couldn't care less" next time, okay?

Frankly, I'm not sure what you call it, but I'm talking about the fly, the flap, the opening, the hole, the "split," or whatever that's found on the front of men's underwear. The purpose is to allow you to pull out your junk to take a leak without having to push your underwear down, but […]

Cold Stone Creamery

I'm sorry, but $4 for two small scoops of ice cream and a tiny bit of "mixed-in" candy is a rip-off. FAIL.


Rabbits, when confronted by a possible predator1, often simply sit still. If they don't move, they must figure, they won't be spotted. It works against a tree. It works in brush or wooded areas. Clue to the rabbits: it doesn't work in the yard. The grass is green, and you're a big brown splotch. It […]

Oh come on. How about we just make home run fences that aren't so ambiguous? Either a ball leaves the field of play or it doesn't Eliminate these stupid lines painted on things. Eliminate the "shelves" that some home run fences have. Move the fans back a few feet so they can't interfere. Instant replay […]

Wrong Numbers

It strikes me as funny the number of people who, upon reaching me at a wrong number, react "poorly." Most of the "poor" reactions are a simple "click" as they hang up. How about saying "Oh, sorry. Goodbye." Some will ask if this is 555-1234 (which is fine), and then argue with me that it […]

We just purchased a little keyboard, and after "oohing" and "ahhhing" at the number of songs that are included, the various instruments, etc. I checked what I'd long ago heard was an important thing in choosing an electronic keyboard for learning: "velocity." It's my understanding that "velocity" is a measure of how hard you hit […]

Versus Network

Versus is owned by Comcast. Comcast is headquartered in Philadelphia and owns the Flyers. Now it all makes a lot more sense. Update: Worth a read.

Potato Chips

I can't be the only person who enjoys a potato chip… … on top of some pizzas. … on burgers. … on a hot dog. … with ice cream, preferably chocolate. Okay, maybe the last one, but I know enough people that eat them with the others. Are you one? What unusual combos do you […]