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Nick says it about the cut, and I'd previously predicted it (I give myself little to no credit for that, and consider it a "common sense" thing): nobody was booted from American Idol due to the Corey thing.

I had the pleasure once again of watching American Idol with Jamie last night, and her presence goes a long ways towards explaining the delay on my commentary. Nick beat me to it once again, and even David Hyatt beat me. I've not read their commentary yet. Here is mine (and Jamie's).

Bye Corey

Given that Corey Clark was disqualified from American Idol today for beating up his 15-year-old sister and bouncing checks, I wonder if they'll actually vote anyone off tonight or whether they'll just let them sing. Perhaps they should consider voting off Trenyce as well, given her dubious past as a felony-level thief. Regardless, I'm going […]

USA Today has an article titled Yo, can u plz help me write English? that I found interesting as a fan of English, a pursuant of proper grammar, and a person who has never, never typed three letters to indicate audible laughter.

War vs. Invasion

"War" is something that, in my country, only our Congress can declare. As such, we are not at "war" with Iraq. Yet Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC refer to the "war" in Iraq. By dictionary definition, yes, there is a war going on. By that same definition, I suppose that, in fact, America has […]

Edwin Schlossberg

Good writing gets people to think. It may get them to react violently - and I don't mean physically violently - or it may get them to react pensively. It doesn't matter much - it gets a reaction that involves thought. Many times throughout my writing career I've even said this. When discussing John Dvorak […]

Bush the Dolt

Buzz takes issue with my previous mention of Shrub*, calling it a "withering assault." Frankly, I thought it was rather glib for a quickie post, and anyone who knows me understands that I care very little for most politicians (or politics). Would Al Gore have made a better President? I don't know. That's neither here […]

From Mac Net Journal comes this: CNET notes that Salon has received more funding to the tune of $800 million, which hopefully will be enough to keep the online magazine alive for a while. Now let's hope the site can reach its goal of breaking even, which would be a win for selling quality writing […]

Krispy Kreme + Cool Whip

I bought Cool Whip and some glazed Krispy Kreme donuts last night, and dipped the latter into the former. Mmmmm that's good.


From inluminent comes a pretty nifty résumé. These are the kinds of résumés you can put together when you're unemployed for a week or two, I guess. 🙂 I interviewed with Apple yesterday and realized my own résumé hasn't been updated in about a year. Since then, I've added quite a bit of knowledge and […]

Do Not Call

I previously wrote about the national "do not call" list for telemarketers, and today I found an update on Ars Technica: In case you didn't know, the FTC is setting up a national Do-Not-Call Registry that telemarketers must consult before compiling their call list, and despite legal attacks, the Registry is still on track. Good […]

Pet Peeve: Rubbernecking

I hate rubbernecking. On a 35 mile drive home from a pal's place this morning, I encountered two separate incidences of RubberNecking™. Both caused 4-mile backups that took delayed me by 10 minutes apiece. On a 35 mile trip. Both times the cars involved in an "accident" were 100 feet from the road in the […]

Olivia Newton-John looks better now than she did in the 80s. Wasn't this supposed to be disco week? What the hell? How the heck is country-rock supposed to fit into American Idol? I hate this. I hate twang, I hate it hate it hate it. I'm tempted to simply not comment like Nick but then […]

Invader Zim

Just as Josh gets me to watch Invader Zim they cancel the damn show. I'm not big into animé, and I don't typically care for cartoons, but the whopping two episodes of Invader Zim were amusing, funny, and witty. Hrmph. As Well

Jeremy writes about's customer service. I too cancelled my account his morning, prior to having read his entry, and faced the same bullcrap. In fact, I'd have cancelled in January but I never got around to calling them back. What bullshit! They have no problem at all allowing me to increase my charges by […]